Picking My Battles

Three.  This crazy kid had a birthday last week.  He knows what he wants, knows how he wants it, and knows that he wants it rightthisveryminute.  He’s spunky and talkative and smarter than mom, for sure, but he still doesn’t always get his way.

Lucky for him (and all the rest of us!) I’ve matured a bit in my last 10 years of parenthood.  I’ve learned to pick my battles, and I don’t pick them nearly as often now.  We gave the congregation something to giggle about in church yesterday because mama wanted to get there on time without tears.  And we did.  In these shoes.


Don’t sweat the small stuff.  Or the “big” stuff, if the big stuff is a favorite pair of shoes from a hand me down gift box.  Mr. 3’s usual crocs were buried in a closet avalanche, so he decided “I’ll wear my big shoes, Mom!” to church.  No other shoes would do for my pint-sized problem solver.


He marched right in and was good as gold throughout Mass.  No complaints here, and big grins and compliments from all of the people who noticed the shoes while we were walking out.

three years old

Ten years ago I likely would have dragged a teary, red-eyed child into church with a proper pair of shoes, five minutes late.  Yesterday I held this smiling boy’s hand with time to spare.  We all win.  🙂


What battles are important to family function?  Which can you let go of, just for today? 


  1. Cheryl Armstrong says:

    As a mom learning to pick your battles should be something taught in the hospital shortly after birthing your child! Thanks for sharing Amy.


  2. Done that, been there and now I can sit back and laugh. He’s too stinkin’ cute!

  3. I love so much about this. And I, too, am so grateful for the lessons I’ve learned in my eight years of parenting. My 4yo is pretty good at matching these days, but the outfits she put together at 2 and 3? I’m so glad I’ve got them on film. And I’m so glad I didn’t rain on that parade. 🙂 (And look at his face!!! So CUTE! So much pride!)

  4. Shoes are a battle I do not fight (unless its like Easter or Christmas), flip flops or Crocs to church, sure why not?? God doesn’t care what shoes you wear, its important that you are there!

  5. Haha! My just turned 5 son wore blue plaid shorts and a green w/white pin stripes polo to church yesterday. In the grand scheme of things, it’s not important. 🙂

  6. I have matured as well. My older ones are 20 and 17 and then we have a12 years old and 3year old and 5 month.. blended but blessed 🙂 I learned from what I did with my two oldest for my two youngest which are no comparison in personality.. and my oldest ones say the two babies are spoiled… ( no) lol 😉

  7. Oh, I had to laugh. The twins do this too. My daughter chooses her own outfits nearly every Sunday….some match, while others, uhm…don’t. And my son has his “Sunday Shoes” he wears (black, dress), and even insists on wearing them when he is clearly wearing an outfit that begs for his brown sandals! :~) I’d like to say that I am a seasoned parent, but I am only 3 years in (or can I count it as 6 since I have 2 at a time??). However….I have paid close attention to other parents before me. Many of my friends had kids long before me and I was able to watch…and learn. And choosing the battles….that is an IMPORTANT one! :~)

    Thanks for sharing your BIG shoe story….glad to know we are not alone!

    • Well you are learning QUICKLY. And I’m most certainly still a work in progress. I regret some yelling from last night, even. Ugh.

  8. And my youngest decided to go to school in his “sandals” this morning..After I had already dug out the black socks with the neon bottoms, bad morning one Neon green & one Orange..Yeah it was one of those mornings…I just stuck his tennis shoes in his bag…Not worth the fight! Save that battle for bath time!! 😉

  9. When mine was about that age, he decided that he ONLY wanted to wear shorts–and made that decision in the middle of winter. We generally have fairly mild winters in Louisiana, but even here we do have non-shorts-wearing weather during the winter months. He also loved to play outside, so my battle was that if he wanted to go outside, he had to wear long pants, but indoors, off could come the long pants and on could go the shorts. Thank goodness for central heat!

  10. I definitely feel like the further along in parenting I get the more chill I am. There’s too much to do to worry about Libbie wearing a green tank top, a jean skirt, white leggings, white socks, black shoes, a cream sweater, a ponytail, AND a headband to school. Which of course she did today. As long as it’s semi-weather appropriate I usually bite my tongue.

    • Hahaha! We can totally be THAT mother (because you know they say “who’s the mom letting her kid wear that?!”) TOGETHER!!!

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