Pick Five {A Fresh Start}

A Fresh Start ~  from AmysFinerThings.com

Are you overwhelmed yet? The new year tends to bring so much ambition, so much desire for change and improvement, that many of us tend to go overboard and end up crashing by about January 20.

Improving our health is always a valiant goal, but gosh, where does one even start with that? The options are are limitless. Truth? I think anything will create positive change, as long as we dosomething. How about we start with 5 small things?

1. Drink more water.

It’s no secret. Our body works better when it’s well hydrated, and water is the superior choice. Drink more to satiate your appetite, care for your skin, and keep your body functioning well. Hopefully, drinking more water will keep us from drinking junk, too!

2. Think green.

I’ve changed a lot in our diet over the past 5 years. One thing I think we still lack is greens in quality and quantity. Though I truly enjoy a variety of salads, I’m not a big fan of making them. What a pain to get all that stuff out and chopped up. I need to streamline and find a good system so we can eat green more often.

3. Sleep.

Yes, sleep more, says the crazy lady who’s been burning the midnight oil more often than not already this year. We live what we prioritize, and I desperately need to make going to bed earlier a priority!

4. Get moving.

Dance. Run. Jump. Play. Box. Our body works better when we move! We look better, we feel better, we have more energy. Lord knows I could use more energy!


5. Embrace the 80/20 rule.

To work toward change without completely burning out, don’t shoot for 100% all or nothing success. That’s hard! 80/20 is more reasonable. 80% of the time watch your habits. Eat that salad. Run that mile. Give yourself a break on the other 20%!

That’s where Quaker® PoppedTM comes in for me. It may not be the fresh fruits and veggies that I offer the kids after school on a daily basis, but when we’re on the road or at a ballgame I do rely on kid-friendly snacks to keep us satisfied. Beats the drive thru and concession stand prices!

What 5 small steps are you taking toward a healthier lifestyle in the new year? Are you planning to drink more water? Tell us how you are planning a healthier lifestyle in 2013.

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