Personal Shopping – For Me?

If you have the means, but are lacking in time and resources, my friend Betty has a fabulous new Personal Shopping business.  Look at the cuteness she pulled together for a 4th of July event + reunion + 40th birthday party for a friend + whatever other casual event comes up this summer.  (Why yes, when I do fork over the cash for an outfit, I wear it.  A lot.)

Shirt ~ Pants ~ Shoes ~ Earrings ~ Headband

You know, in my pre-child days I liked to hit the clearance racks, spending hours treasure hunting.  I found some pretty fabulous deals, but also ended up with a lot of cheap junk in my closet that I never wore or that looked silly when I did.

My life now?  I’ve bought clothes twice this year.  Twice. One of those times I quick ran in a store with my 7 month old on my hip, said “I have exactly 30 minutes to find one outfit that will work for this, this, and this,” grabbed a couple things from the rack to try on while he stared at himself in the big mirror, and went with it.

That worked, but it doesn’t always.  Shopping has completely lost its allure for me, and I’d just as soon someone else do all the work.

Will I buy everything listed above?  Likely not, simply because it makes me sweat thinking of spending all that money at once.  The hair ribbon?  Surely I can find something like that at a fabric store?  The earrings?  Oh, I’m pretty sure those were made just for me!  The shoes?  Uh… Love them.  So cute.  But can I walk in 3 inch heels with a baby on my hip?  Am I brave enough to try?  That remains to be seen!

If you had the means, what’s a task you’d just as soon pay someone else to do?  Clean?  Shop? Organize?  Do tell!

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  1. Clean. I would love to have a housekeeper.

  2. Oh, heavens, there’s just no question: CLEAN. I could cook and mend and shop and fold laundry all day if I knew someone else would tackle the cleaning. Of course, if I were living in a new city, I’d pick “chauffeur”… because I’m always nervous finding my way around a new place. 🙂

  3. This has been on my mind a lot. I feel like I never look good. I’d totally pay someone to tell me the right things to wear.

    • I hear ya. I will say, the ONE store we have in a neighboring town is a good one. I can go in, say “here’s my money, dress me” and if the manager is there, she does it! It’s awesome!

  4. It would be all the big cleaning stuff…I don’t mind the daily stuff (dishes/laundry/etc), but I hate cleaning the bathtubs, mopping the floors, dusting baseboards, etc. I would pay someone to do that in a minute!

    • That’s the stuff I never seem to “get around to” because I’m forever doing the dishes, sweeping floors, doing laundry… 😉

  5. My secret goal in life is to be wealthy enough to afford a driver. But, since that is unlikely, I’d settle for a house cleaner! To have that chunk of tasks taken care of weekly would be awesome!

  6. I would have someone cook for me. I’m a total dunce in the kitchen.

  7. I would also pick a chef to cook for me. I’m not a fan of cooking (though I don’t mind baking) so I’d rather like to clean.

  8. Uhmmm…I think I’d pay somebody to (can we only pick one thing???) take care of my yard and wash my car. Yes. That would be so nice…but if only one is allowed, I’d say take care of my yard. Sometimes it gets to looking like nobody lives here and nobody is thinking of moving in any time soon either. Thankfully my husband takes care of the big stuff (tractor type stuff), but it’s SUPPOSED to be my job to keep the yard in the immediate vicinity of the house in order. Too much time spent on crafts, I reckon. *sigh*

    • Oh, golly. We desperately need someone to come in and landscape our yard. Pretty drab around here. (But it’s big and the kids have plenty of room to run and play, so there is that!)

  9. I like that shirt! It looks like it would be flattering – not too tight, but not too loose either.

    I would definitely hire a personal shopper if I could. I like the idea of stating my sizes and personal preferences…and sending someone else out to make the selections.


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