Peanut Butter ~ Just Like Me

The other day I was frustrated over peanut butter. A tablespoon of peanut butter that one of the children left in a bowl after a snack. For the second day in a row.

I called that child into the kitchen for a reminder. “This can’t happen. It’s wasteful and it’s messy. I don’t mind you eating peanut butter with your snack (apple slices or banana) but scrape the bowl and eat all of it. Okay?”

This morning, while doing dishes, I found this on the counter. {Sigh} Want to know whose it was?

peanut butter

Mine. Guess I needed one more apple slice last night.


Surely I’m not alone. Do you find yourself frustrated with your children for being just like you?!

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  1. Absolutely. And, of course, there’s one child more like me than the others. So I find her both enchanting and maddening. Ha!

  2. Esther L. says:

    Goodness this rings true! My daughter is my mini-me which can be absolutely infuriating. I love her dearly, but she reflects back some of my more unfortunate qualities (like being strong willed and stubborn) which can make for some definite trials. Thank goodness my son is the polar opposite and incredibly laid back–it sure helps balance things out!

  3. Yes, sigh.

  4. Doesn’t the Lord have a great sense of humor?

  5. Yep! There are too many of those wonderful (haha) traits to even list!

  6. No you aren’t alone, but you admit it more freely than I do.

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