Party with DOLE Banana Dippers

It’s hard to schedule a Girls Only Party in the summer!  I was on a compensated mission for DOLE Banana Dippers, though, and when party night arrived right in the middle of Sweet Corn Harvest, we partied anyway!

sweet corn

Girl’s Night In is the perfect time to catch up with your girlfriends, relax and take a breather from the stresses of your daily routine (even if that breather is between rounds of blanching, slicing, and bagging). To make this night even sweeter, indulge in a sweet treat that won’t leave you worrying about your waistline.

  • New DOLE Banana Dippers bring together the goodness of real DOLE bananas and the rich, indulgent taste of dark chocolate. You no longer have to worry about feeling guilty after satisfying your sweet tooth.
  • With only 120 calories or less per serving, these are the perfect pairing of fruit and chocolate. You can enjoy DOLE Banana Dippers as a midday snack or as a wonderful way to end a meal.
  • DOLE Banana Dippers can be found  in the frozen fruit aisle of retailers nationwide for only $3.49 – $3.99 for a box, which contains six individual servings.

dole food

We set up shop with a snack spread and had fun trying the different dippers and gabbing as girls are wont to do.  There are plain dark chocolate covered dippers and some with chopped almonds in the mix.  With our group, the Almond Dippers were a clear winner!  We liked the added texture and crunch.


We all decided that in order to be enjoyable, DOLE Banana Dippers must be very frozen, and the chocolate must cover them well.  Have you ever seen a frozen banana that’s no longer really frozen?  Not so very appetizing.  😉

We also figured that we could probably make these on our own pretty easily.  Slice and “flash freeze” a bunch of bananas, then dip them in melted dark chocolate while frozen, and freeze them again.  Easy peasy!  From a convenience food standpoint, though, it doesn’t get any easier than to grab a package out of the freezer, and from a real food standpoint, I am happy to see convenience and quality meet head on in the freezer section!

dole masks

Thanks, DOLE Banana Dippers, for a fun party!  And thanks for the cold “Super Mom” gel masks.  My daughter is hoping the mask will help me get rid of the bags under my eyes.  Ahem.

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Thanks to DOLE Banana Dippers for sponsoring my party and participation in this campaign!  DOLE provided free coupons for my guests, product samples, and party favors.  I’ve also been compensated for my participation in this campaign via the Mom It Forward Blogger Network.  Opinions about frozen bananas and mushy ones remain my own!  Now if only they could REALLY do something about the bags under my eyes…


  1. Yum! I want a party like that! Just wanted to let you know that I love the new blog look! Have a great Wednesday!

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