Day in the Life {October 15}

I think it was about September 21 or so when I had an "Oh, no!" moment last month, realizing I had totally whiffed last month on the 15th. Oops! You can catch up on this year's Day in the Life posts here. (The ones that are done, anyway. ;)  … [Continue reading]

Someone’s Missing

A couple weeks ago on a Thursday night at 10pm (because that's when all the good ideas surface, right?!), I decided it was time to make a family portrait appointment. It had been 2 years. I messaged a local photographer, and she replied right away … [Continue reading]

Fall BINGO {FREE Customizable Printable}

[pinit count="horizontal"] After using my Summer Bingo Boards, several of you have asked for a fall version. Ask and you shall receive! Printable Fall Bingo Board   There are two different sizes for different ages, activities, and … [Continue reading]

Nap Time

Nearly every afternoon and most evenings, when it's time for a nap or bedtime, she asks, "Mom, can you sleep wif me just a wittle bit?" Many times I don't. I can't. I have other children who need my attention.  A kitchen that needs cleaned. Supper … [Continue reading]

Off and Running!

We are already a week into our new school year! It was time, friends. I was under no delusions that the summer chaos would end, of course. I know it just shifts to school year chaos. But school year chaos comes with earlier bedtimes at our house! (If … [Continue reading]