Smothered Beans and Rice Burritos

No one will complain about "beans 'n rice night" when these are the star of the meal.  Delicious, frugal, and so easy to throw together! [print_recipe] Smothered Beans and Rice Burritos Meat topping 1 pound hamburger 1 medium onion, … [Continue reading]

Nutiva Coconut Oil on Sale at

I was slow to take the coconut oilplunge.  Didn't even know about the stuff until almost 3 years ago, but the cost scared me away.  The more I learn about real food and nutrition, though?  Coconut oil has become a must have in my pantry, and I snag … [Continue reading]

Ideal Child Spacing

I'm thrilled with the discussion generated by last week's Why Didn't Anyone Tell Me? reader question:  When's the best time to start a family? The consensus:  yes, there are valid reasons to postpone or try to "schedule" the arrival of children, … [Continue reading]

For You on Mother’s Day

For my friends who are missing their own mom, separated by too many miles. For my friends who have recently buried their mother, and have to face this day without her for the first time. For my friends who are mourning the unbearable loss of a … [Continue reading]

Weekend Wanderings

"The God who has made you does not expect you to do it all because He knows you cannot."  The Art of NOT Multi-tasking. How to get rid of a Facebook virus. I know many of you are on Facebook.  Surely you've seen some of the crazy links that pop … [Continue reading]