Operation Restore Order – Girls’ Closet

Old homes aren’t usually coveted for their closet space, but one of the pleasant surprises in our nearly 100-year-old abode is the cavernous 8′ x 4′ closet space in the kids’ rooms.  With shelves along the walls and storage space clear up to the 10 foot ceiling, there’s a lot of room for stuff.  Often doubling as a mini-playroom for my little ones, this blessing can quickly turn into a curse when we don’t keep up with the clutter.  Case in point:


What a mess!  One of my New Year’s goals is to keep my home company ready.  I don’t mind the “we live here and play here” look, but a cluttered, messy home simply is not a peaceful home.  Although I don’t anticipate any company wandering into the closets, I’m shootin’ for an overall theme here.

Today we tackled the girls’ closet, moving everything off of the floor and shelves.  The kids helped decide on a few toys to put away in storage for a while (rotating toys to reduce clutter is a strategy I’ve been meaning to implement for a long time) and we even managed to find a few things to give away and/or throw away.


Oh, look! There is a floor in the closet!  (yes, a window, too… bizarre, I know)


Ah, so much better.  My next tackle is to train my children to return one toy to it’s place before taking out another.  They currently tend to prefer the “let’s make the biggest mess possible in 5 minutes” routine.  Breaking that habit should help me keep my home company-ready.

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  1. Great Tackle! I have a constant battle with keeping our home company ready…I tend to go by the way of some OCD tendencies and the need to have our home looked “staged” at all times. With four kids that is a recipe for early onset of some sort of crazy.

    Loved your post on “Staring From Where You Are” with frugality…I never got a chance to comment, but it hit home.

  2. AWESOME!!! It looks great!

  3. What a great tackle!

  4. wow! where did it all go? Now thats my kind of tackle it looks GREAT!!!! love it!
    Happy Tuesday!

  5. Wow. You guys hit the closet jackpot in your house. I grew up in an old house and my closet wasn’t anywhere close to that size. Great job on cleaning it out, it looks awesome! Aren’t wood floors the best?

  6. Wow! It looks great! We have a game/stuff closet that needs shelving. Dh finally got to measure it last night. Now hopefully we can get shelves in there. Everything is in boxes or on the floor. Ugh!

  7. Aww, the closet too? But that’s where I stow all the stuff to make the rest of the room look ‘company ready’. 🙂 Although, if I had such wonderful closets, I might be more willing to organize them so nicely. Great tackle, great post!

  8. Wow, looks great! Good luck keeping it clean!

  9. Looks great… Now once you figure out how to train your kids to put away one toy before taking the next – please share!!

  10. What a great closet. Nice tackle…looks great. If you figure out how to get kids to take one thing at a time and return it when they are done, let me know. I have been trying for years!

  11. I’m with Kristy, let us know how to do that amazing feat!!!

    Man I wish I had even one of those closets in my house and it is only 25 years old!!

  12. Wow! The closet looks great! I have made some really serious New Year’s Resolutions myself this year. I think the goal of keeping the house “company ready” is a really good idea! I’m going to make that my goal now, too! Thanks for sharing, and great work!

  13. Hi,

    Amazing!!! The closets looks Excellent. I really like that kids closet. And thanks for sharing.

    Thank you

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