On the Lookout for Box Tops

***I’ve got a few giveaways to catch up on this week.  Let’s call it Christmas in July, shall we?***

We ran into Walmart over the weekend for a couple things (it’s never just a couple things, is it?!), and had to check the clearance section for next year’s baseball gloves.  Motoring through the aisles, I thought “Whaaa Whaaa Whaaat?!” when I saw it.  The school supplies lists are out! 

I suppose it is about that time, but I’m not looking.  Yet.

While I may be in denial, school really is just around the corner.  In our neck of the recession-affected woods, schools, especially Tiny Town-esque schools, need support from the whole community to serve students well.

One way we try to help that doesn’t cost me anything out of pocket, is participating in the General Mills Box Tops 4 Education program.

For each Box Top clipped and collected at your school of choice, 10¢ is donated.  It adds up quick;  last year schools earned $49 million just from Box Tops!

Right now, WalMart is carrying up to 70 participating products that each have 4 Box Tops!  Be on the lookout during your next shopping trip, and don’t forget to save the tops for your school.

Speaking of a WalMart shopping trip, I don’t know too many people who would refuse a little help with that.  I have a $25 WalMart Gift Card for one of my readers, courtesy of WalMart and General Mills.  Want one?  Simply leave a comment:  Is back-to-school shopping a dreaded chore or a fun event for your family?  How do you make it special?

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Disclosure: The information and $25 gift card to Walmart has been provided by Walmart and General Mills through MyBlogSpark.


  1. Deena E says:

    It is fun shopping at first. The excitement of a new year. But hate the trying on of clothes.

  2. alison hoeh says:

    i don’t dread back to school shopping but i guess i don’t enjoy it either. last year i went the easy route and just got everything at walmart. this year i’ve spread it over a few stores and it’s getting frustrating. everything that’s on sale that i want is already gone by the time i go to get it. 🙁

  3. I love back to school shopping, of course we homeschool though so I am really just buying all the goodies I, uh I mean, the children, get to have fun with for the upcoming school year 🙂

  4. Well, our little one is not in school yet….but as a kid I always loved back-to-school shopping. 🙂 I was homeschooled, but we still needed supplies! Mom would always let us pick out one ‘special’ item that we wanted in our desk. Either a cool pen, pencil, markers…etc. I have to resist buying school supplies now every year because I just love new office stuff. ha ha 🙂

  5. Christy says:

    Its a fun event for my children, they love back to school shopping!!!!

  6. I love school shopping! We homeschool and I love getting fresh supplies at such great prices! I usually let the kids pick out their binders and a few other things but really enjoy going by myself so I can look for the best deals without impatient sighs 🙂

  7. This is our first year back to school shopping. My three oldest (9, 6 &4) will be going to school after being homeschooled. I plan on taking them without the two year old and making a big deal of it, probably ending the day with lunch out.

  8. Kelly Perry says:

    i’d much rather be spending my cash on fun markers and pens and notebooks for me than the 20 gluesticks for my 2 kindergarteners…not as much fun as it used to be 😉

  9. Jessica says:

    I love back to school shopping! I kinda love office supplies and fun new pencils, pens, etc!!

  10. I love it! My daughter hates it though. The school supplies she hates getting because she knows they mean there’s some work ahead 🙂 and the clothes she hates shopping for because she’s in that 12 year old wanna be 16 year old phase sothe clothes we allow her to get are all waaay to baby for her tastes.

  11. We love it! It’s always fun to see the new stuff that’s out. I do budget for it, so it’s not a shock to our wallet, and I do always let the kids pick out one or two fun things – like say a pig-shaped memory stick or a locker kit, which they enjoy a lot.

  12. I love back to school shopping! My 2 girls will be starting kindergarten and st grades this year, and have all the excitement for the upcoming school year with mom as their teacher! I think taking them along to pick their own personal, special things they want to make their school year great, is something special I do for them! 🙂

  13. I love back to school shopping! Seeing all the new gadgets is pretty cool

  14. I will say its a bit of a chore.. just look for the bargains and try and get away without spending too much.

  15. Definitely a fun trip, love talking about all the new school year has to offer in the car- which classes they are taking, clubs, sports ect.

  16. Stephanie Dailey says:

    would LOVE to win this gift card!!! Pick me, pick me 🙂

  17. We love back-to-school shopping. It gets my little guy excited to start. I always pick up extra supplies and include them in our Christmas donation shoebox.

  18. Lenetta says:

    Still fun, esp since i don’t have to pack my little one on the bus yet. 🙂

  19. We are just getting started; however, I generally find that it’s a little overwhelming. I like to be prepared, but don’t want a ton of extras. I want to buy on sale, but don’t want to actually spend 2 months shopping. That said, i try to make it fun, because I remember those great trips with my mom and sibblings to pick out everything from shoes to glue to underwear. I also remember lining it up all across the kitchen to show my dad- lots of excitement!! I hope to create these memories for my children as well.

  20. eunice b says:

    We don’t have children, but I think I’d dread it a bit…we have a month of summer vacation yet, and it’s back to school sales….I like to enjoy summer! 🙂

    ~eunice b
    tigergal01 @gmail .com

  21. eunice b says:



    ~eunice b
    tigergal01 @gmail .com

  22. Kendyll says:

    We love back to school shopping! My boys loved picking out new bookbags this year! I loved it because we caught some awesome sales!

  23. I don’t have children of my own but I have a younger brother still in school and two small nieces (one starting school this year). I think it’s fun to buy them school supplies I find on sale!

  24. I love back to school shopping. I love new (to us) clothes and school supplies. Being a single mom I could use the gift card. thanks for the giveaway

  25. We love the back to school supplies shopping. We highly dislike the back to school clothes shopping that SERIOUSLY needs to happen this year. All of the sudden my daughter is a tween and has not only an opinion but an awkwardly shaped, constantly growing body. I can no longer just pick up a size X and it fit. She has to try it on. She HATES trying on. Do you hear the stress… yes, there is stress this year. Would love the gift card though!

  26. We are so little that it is a fun, cheap way to stock up on some of the things that we blow through like crazy…crayons, glue, etc. I also grab extra things to use in birthday gifts since I personally think that the consumable restocking type of gifts are awesome!

    Thanks for the great giveaways,

  27. Unfortunately, this year it’s a dreaded chore because there’s not going to be enough money to buy all the things school requires…

  28. Sandi P. says:

    I used to dread it because even with the list there was always reason to go back on the first or second day of school – along with everyone else in the county – LOL. Now my son is in college and I dread it because of the cost of the things he needs like books and special supplies.
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  29. I don’t have my own children, but I used to love shopping for school supplies when I was homeschooled and all throughout college.

  30. One if my sons is starting school this year so it’s exciting for me, actually went to Walmart and got it done this weekend. Being kindergarten it really wasn’t that big of a list or very exciting for him besides picking out colors of scissors and pencil case. He is excited for picking out his back pack but we decided to go elsewhere, didn’t care for Walmarts selection!

  31. Tiffany says:

    My baby girl starts kindgerdaren this year! Mixed emotions of course! I told her that I am going to have someone watch her lil brother and take her out for a mommy daughter day and go school shopping! I do not dread it at all, we are excited…who doesn’t love school supplies? Lol

  32. Carla O says:

    I LOVE back to school shopping! I think my kids love it because I do! I love all the deals this time of year!

  33. Jessie C. says:

    We love back-to-school shopping, it’s a fun event and family time for us.

  34. Jessie C. says:
  35. Jessie C. says:
  36. Jessie C. says:
  37. Michelle Y says:

    As a kid I loved it! Even in college I loved buying my textbooks. Yeah, a little weird I know.

    Now that i’m a “grown up” I understand why my parents weren’t so enthusiastic about it (ie-$$$). Our little boy isn’t big enough for back to school shopping yet.

  38. Well, I don’t have kids yet, so I don’t actually do B2S shopping. I imagine that I won’t care for it, though, since I don’t like shopping in general! I think I will spread the B2S shopping out over a few months (or all year?) to spare me some pain – when that time comes. 🙂

    I can always use a Walmart gift card, though!

  39. I like it! the kids are excited and we love picking out backpacks, school boxes and pencils that show their personalities. Thanks to all for the contest.

  40. We homeschool, but still love “back to school” supply shopping. I also have a two-year-old who is presently in a “glue puddles” stage…meaning we require lots of glue. Ha.

    Thanks for this opportunity.

  41. Christie says:

    Always FUN!! For the first time in our marriage, neither my husband nor I are in school now, and we have no kids, but I still can’t resist filling my desk with new, *cheap* supplies!!!

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  43. Mami2jcn says:

    Back to school shopping is fun for the most part. We make it special by letting the kids pick out their own stuff.

  44. Mami2jcn says:


  45. I love Back to School shopping! I don’t have kids of my own, but every year, I go out and purchase a couple new outfits for each of my nephews and nieces. It takes a little pressure off of my sister-in-law, I enjoy the shopping, and the kids look forward to their school box!

  46. My boys and I love back to school shopping although we usually don’t buy much … I buy at thrift or on clearance through out the year for clothing and such, we just usually get shoes and whatever paper type stuff we need that we dont have reusable from last year…We go through all our stuff and make a list of what we need and go shopping…

  47. I am in the dread mode – love summer and easy living! – I do like how everyone looks so clean and fresh on the first day – remember how excited you were as a kid?? I love the smell of new sneakers too –

  48. Sarah R says:

    I love back to school shopping and I did as a kid also!

  49. It’s fun for us! I have my son be in charge of the shopping list – he loves the responsability!

  50. Well, it is dreaded for the wallet, but much anticipated for the kiddos!

  51. I love back to school shopping! Ever since I was a kid, I loved freshly sharpened pencils and new crayons. Fortunately, my kids love it too!

  52. Jennifer says:

    My kids love it and want to start in June! I don’t love it as much and do it in one large trip at Walmart, rather than cherry-picking all the sales.

    The latent student in me does love all the new stuff.

  53. Caroline says:

    I don’t have any school-age kids yet- but I always LOVED getting new school supplies as a kid!

  54. LOVE IT! Maybe it’s because I’m a secret school/office supply junkie.

  55. My children are still pretty young so they get excited about new notebooks and markers.

    Great giveaway!

  56. Like you, I refuse to think about summer ending, but we do get excited about back-to-school shopping!

  57. I LOVE back to school shopping!

  58. Nancy H says:

    My girls are still young enough that it’s a very exciting thing at our house!

  59. Tiffany Miner says:

    We like to do back to school shopping….it is fun to revamp our homeschool supplies. Have to have brand new crayons, pencils and cool pens to help start the school year off right!

  60. Shopping for school supplies is usually a fun event. The kids have fun picking out new backpacks (if needed) and binders. Shopping for new shoes or jeans for either of my kids is definitely a chore! Thanks for the giveaway!

  61. It’s a love/hate relationship … in the past I’ve always shopped for other children – this year, I’ll be shopping for one of MINE – my first little Kindergartener:(

  62. I’m a teacher and I always love the supply buying part of it. There’s something about the smell of new crayons and the look of notebooks stacked in a row. Plus there’s the added thrill of trying to get the best deals possible since I have to buy 24 of everything! I kind of dread this time too though b/c it means my summer with my WeeMan is almost over and it’s back to the sitter for him and work for me.

  63. Fun! But trying on clothes, not so fun! Best tip? Don’t shop last minute.

  64. Amy Schaffer says:

    My oldest son and I look forward to it each year. We get excited the first time we see the school supplies out at Wal-Mart each year. 🙂 happy shopping!

  65. sarah v. says:

    Bought ours today! Glad it’s done, walmart was crazy!

  66. i love back to school shopping! i’m an OCD organizer, so labeling everything with names is my favorite! color coordinating the folders/notebooks, for each class, etc

  67. loved it when I was in school…liked it OK when my kids were in school…miss it now that they’re grown and I do the Rent-A-Kid thing (spoiling other people’s kids and sending them home) and don’t have any grandkids to buy for.

  68. Carolsue says:

    Most of the time, it’s fun looking for new clothes for the kids. After awhile, everybody gets exhausted and grouchy — then it’s no fun!
    Digicats {at} Sbcglobal {dot} Net

  69. Carolsue says:

    Your giveaway is posted on my blog
    digicats {at} sbcglobal {dot} net

  70. My kids aren’t in school yet, so no back to school shopping for us. But when I was in school I loved it. Everything was fresh and new. The exception was college, when we had to go to the school bookstore. That was an expensive chore.

  71. Angie Riggs says:

    There are only two things I dont like about back to school shopping, trying on all the clothes and the cost other than that getting ready for the new year is very exciting! This gift card would really come in handy:)

  72. I just started back to school shopping this year. I can’t believe that my oldest daughter is going to Kindergarten!!

  73. jeannie says:

    Back to School shopping is a mixed feelings event in our home. I found that if I wait until mid August to get them involved in the shopping they are more excited about it. I like to start now (the end of July) and get all the deals . We also dont do alot of clothes shopping since they can wear their summer clothes until for a while into the school year. But I do take each one and have them pick out one special new outfit for the first day.

  74. Back to school shopping always seems to sneak up on me each year!

  75. Back to school, already? Life goes by so quickly.

  76. I enjoy looking around for the best deals on school supplies.

  77. My little boy is still too young for school but I’m looking forward to some deals on supplies — he loves to draw/color/scribble and so new crayons, paper, and markers are exciting (enough to be potty training rewards!).

  78. I always enjoyed ‘school shopping’ even though my children were homeschooled. There was less pressure on us. Now that our last child is a senior, she doesn’t need those things and I really miss it. I think I will pick up a box of crayons and some glue sticks just for old-times sake!!

  79. I love love love shopping for new school supplies!

  80. My son really does not like school supply shopping. It’s worse for school clothes shopping! I’ve learned to do much of it online – makes it so much easier and he will take a few minutes to say he likes this shirt or that shirt rather than walk through a bunch of stores! Plus I can hit the clearance sections and get some really good deals on jeans right now! Being a 13 year old boy must be so hard! ; )

  81. Oooh, back to school shopping is great! For about the first hour, that is. Haha, then I get kinda swamped feeling. Good thing I can take more than one trip to get it all organized!

  82. Melanie Brownsberger says:

    not ready for back to school shopping. Like some of the sales. wish the prices were a little better. found a lot of things last year for $.25, this year not the case so far. 🙁 Would love a gift card!

  83. I don’t dread back to school shopping, but I don’t look forward to it either! 🙂

  84. We don’t do a big shopping trip in stores. I buy things all year at rock-bottom prices that I know he’ll need, then let him “shop” in my stash!

  85. A little of both. It is kind of exciting, but also you begin to dread getting children (and mom) back into the routine.

  86. Kristen says:

    Looking so forward to school shopping this year!!

  87. I dread back-to-school shopping. No matter what they put on the supply list, it changes when you go to Open House the night before school starts. And of course the kids are required to have the items for the first day of school! At least I know the basics won’t change, and I go ahead and stock up on those.

  88. There is always an excitement around starting a new school year, getting back into the “groove” and seeing old friends after a long summer vacation.

  89. Anne Marie says:

    It is so fun – like a new beginning.

  90. I have an 8 year old boy with a tennis shoe fetish, so back to school means a nice new pair of shoes! This part of the trip is always fun, shopping for school supplies on the other hand not so fun, he could care less! 🙂

  91. Sorry I left the 3 out of my email address!

    • I have an 8 year old boy with a tennis shoe fetish, so back to school means a new pair of tennis shoes. This part of the trip is always fun, the shopping for school supplies not so much, he could care less about this part.

  92. MichelleH says:

    Very fun! We homeschool so we get some new books and take the kids shopping for new supplies. The first day of school I surprise them with some silly things that I’ve picked up for them. Sushi shaped erasers were a big hit last year.

  93. Angela Benson says:

    I’m done school supply shopping (my kids start in 2 weeks), but there’s always something that comes up that the teachers need. Would love to win this gift card!

  94. Carolyn says:

    My twins will be juniors (!) this year, so they don’t get the “fun” supplies anymore – they get the expensive stuff! – but I do think they enjoy the newness of the notebooks and pencils, etc. I do wish the high school published a supply list so we could shop the sales instead of a frantic first-day-of-school shopping trip. Last year my daughter decided ahead of time to use a 5-subject notebook, which we bought on sale, only to come home the first day and say that each subject needed a separate notebook to be able to turn in occasionally to be graded. That would have been nice to know ahead of time. Thanks for the giveaway!

  95. We love it! It is fun to see the kids get excited about school starting!

  96. Suzanne says:

    School supply shopping was always a fun time for our kids and now with my grandkids. We love the “hunt of the bargain” – you know what I mean? The 10 cent pkg of pens, folders, notebooks?

  97. Back-to-school shopping is fun except when the stores are too crowded.

  98. It’s fun! We got my son’s backpack and lunchbox this weekend. He is super excited about it (he even slept with them the first night 🙂 )!! As far as the rest of supplies go, I simply pick them up when the price is right. We don’t make a big deal out of the supplies. I haven’t even started thinking about clothes – I stocked up when Old Navy had their big clearance sale in Jan, so I’m hoping we don’t have to buy much in the way of clothes.

  99. Back to school shopping this year is bittersweet – it’s my oldest daughter’s first year of school! Although as a mommy it’s a sad milestone, she is so excited to pick out her all pink school supplies! It’s been fun to see her so excited to begin this new stage.

  100. I love the feeling of buying new notebooks, paper, and pens and thinking about what will be written in them…like a clean slate. I don’t like the crowds and rushing and end to summer laziness. So I guess I have a love/hate relationship with back to school!

  101. Well, this year it is since my husband just lost his job on Saturday. Could use a gift card now more than ever!

  102. We love to back to school shop. It is always fun to get new things. I even still buy for my 2 college kids. Having 2 in college and one going into high school, this years supplies are going to add up fast.

  103. Sue Klingseis says:

    As a teacher I always shopped at Walmart for supplies for my students.

  104. We love back to school shopping. As homeschoolers we only worry about the paper/crayon/pencil supply things not the clothes. Although, when the budget allows, now is a good time to stock up on some of the clothing items too.

  105. Hit submit before I remembered I was going to add that I heard that homeschoolers can also turn in BOX TOPS for “their” school too. Haven’t tried it yet, but I am working on collecting them.

  106. Wahoo! I would love to win. Thank you for this opportunity!

  107. Like earlier comments, I enjoy it at first, but when we get later in the “season” and I realize the things I still need to get, I can get discouraged at the volume of “little” things needed.

  108. I don’t really like shopping for any reason, but the back-to-school shopping has to be my least favorite. Now that my kids are in their teens I have them make a list of clothing needs, and print out the school supply list. They have to give us a cost estimate, which we discuss, and then we give them the money to do their own shopping. If they don’t get what they need they have to earn the money to buy those things.

  109. Hmm, Just matters how packed the store is and how many kids I have with me….its amazing what little hands can add to the cart when u turn the other way! 😉

  110. I do my back-to-school shopping all year, in preparation for a new year of teaching in our piano studio. If I can use coupons, I enjoy it.

    One mom in our community had 3 little girls to outfit for school. She began a yearly tradition of making creamsticks with the girls’ help, selling the doughnuts to the neighbors, and using the money to go shopping for school clothes. Now she has only one daughter left in school, but they still love this mother-daughter bonding time. Last year she said they made about 44 dozen creamsticks!

  111. Angela B. says:

    My kids and I love to go school supply shopping..it’s so much fun to let them pick out their stuff every year. This year I also love the couponing part, but that’s just me……

  112. School shopping is fun!(but I am not ready yet) I try to spread out the clothes shopping. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  113. I’ve always loved new pencils and crayons. We love to shop for back to school. I save the clothes shopping for when the weather really changes, but usually my kids have enough hand me downs. Sneaker shopping can get frustrating, though, since my kids have narrow feet.

  114. Back to school shopping is changing as my girls get older…. a very mixed blessing!! I am trying to hold on to the together time as I know it will be over before I am ready. I try to do back to school shopping on days when we don’t have anything else planned. It is exhausting! LOL

    Thanks for the chance to win the gift card!

  115. Love back to school shopping. My kids aren’t even old enough for school yet…but I love that feeling of fall being on it’s way. And I always loved picking out supplies as a kid!

  116. My oldest is heading off to Kindergarten (sniff, sniff, tear) this September. We received his school supply list in the mail. Being newbies, we thought we would get a jump on it and off the to do list early. 100 DOLLARS later and I can not believe it! I used to LOVE back to school shopping when I was the student now it is still fun but who in the world needs 120 Crayola crayons??? Oh well, that is way it goes!!

  117. We’re home schooling for the first time this year so I’m excited about back-to-school shopping!!

  118. Heather S. says:

    Back to school shopping is both fun and dreaded for our family. We love shopping, so that part is okay. The kids love picking out their new backpack, lunch box, and folders. It’s just a little sad because it reminds us that our summer fun is close to an end and how we wished we had a few more weeks 🙂

  119. Thanks for sharing the info about Box Tops for Education. It is a great program and I always try to save my Box Tops to support our local schools.

  120. Abigail says:

    We will be shopping for school supplies for the first time this year as my oldest will be starting kindergarten! I am not sure what I think of this new phase of life.

  121. We love back to school shopping and did so even before having kids. Our kids still aren’t school-aged, but we go buy supplies to donate to a local “Tools for Schools” drive.

  122. It is fun shopping for us. my little one loves it.

  123. Cassidy says:

    We love back to school shopping! I have 2 girls and they love clothes and shoes! I am doing a really good job sticking to my budget this year!:)

  124. Theresa says:

    I don’t have any kiddies, yet. So, no back-to-school shopping here. But I always enjoyed the shopping for school supplies when I was growing up.

  125. We have a great time shopping the back to school sales, but we homeschool, and it’s more of an opportunity to stock up.

  126. And I shared the link on Facebook. 😀

  127. Back to school shopping is not bad here because the school does not “require” any special supplies. I just pick up a few things I know the kids will need through the year!

  128. Rebecca says:

    We homeschool, so I don’t have to shop for new clothes, but it’s fun to buy new supplies. Who doesn’t love new pencils, crayons, and glue sticks that aren’t all sticky and smushed! Plus Walmarts’ super sales on supplies makes it easy to stock up without spending much.

  129. I love shopping for school supplies, love to see new pencils and notebooks. My son loves shopping for crayons more than anything!

  130. School supply shopping is always looked upon with excitement. My children love choosing their school supplies from Walmart. So many choices in colors and variety at inexpensive prices.

  131. We homeschool and enjoy shopping for supplies for the new school year. I take my girls with me and pick up the best deals at 3 or 4 stores. They each get to pick a special notebook of their choice (a welcome change from my “boring” pick of the plain jane el-cheapo $.15 ones!) Then when we’re done, we go for a small treat at Tim Horton’s.

  132. Angela Harrison says:

    I love back to school shopping. I have a 9 & 6 we get most of the clothes at garage sales.

  133. Heather says:

    Since we stockpile all things in our home, school shopping is not usually a chore. In fact, the major back to school shopping we do will to let the girls each pick out one new outfit for the first day.
    Thanks for hosting the give-away

  134. We love back to school shopping. We try to give the children as many reasonable choices as possible.

  135. It’s usually fun for us! Thanks for the giveaway!

  136. We make it fun by planning ahead so we don’t have to fight the crowds last minute. Thanks for the chance to win!
    gina.m.maddox (at) gmail (dot) com

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  139. Rebecca Necessary says:

    I love shopping for back to school items. My goal is to see how many free school supplies I can get through sales, coupons and rebates. It is like a game. Of course I try not to drive all over town to get free pens; the store has to be on my way to something. So far this summer I have gotten free red and black pens, highlighters and sharpies.

  140. Shopping for back to school can be a dreaded thing for me if I can’t find what I need at prices that are good for my budget! It’s fun if we don’t wait until the last minute!

  141. It’s a fun event for our family. My kid enjoys shopping for school items.

  142. miltonmom says:

    This year should be interesting a I have a Senior who is taking dual enrollment classes at a local college and one entering the 7th grade…..I have always took the lists and bought everything they needed without their input but as they will not really have a “list” this year,,,maybe I will give them a certain amount of $$ and tell them that is all they have to buy their supplies…wonder how creative they will get???

  143. We don’t have any official back-to-school shopping since my oldest is only 4, but we still love to stock up on the good deals this time of year. Also, my husband just finished 6 years of grad school, so we used to have to do back to school shopping for him! 🙂

  144. I consider back to school shopping to be a fun excursion, but my son hates it! However, once we get home he gets excited about all of his new school supplies.

  145. I think I’m too late? But if not, I’ve ALWAYS loved back to school shopping! I especially love the feel of brand spankin’ new notebooks.