On Living Brave


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“What does being here today with your girls mean to you?” the reporter asked me, flanked by two curly red-headed (wigged) beauties and a little blondie on my hip.

It was our first day ~ ever ~ at Magic Kingdom.  Our Disney Social Media Moms event lanyards gave us key to front row seats.  We had just witnessed Merida’s Princess Ceremony at Cinderella’s Castle in the Magic Kingdom, a true once in a lifetime event.

I was completely overwhelmed with emotion, wrecklessly hidden by cheap sunglasses.  Being here today? means living Brave.

Living brave means celebrating yourself in a world of status quos.

Living brave means facing down the checkbook and three months of unresolved numbers until every last dime is accounted for.

Living brave means being vulnerable to new experiences and the emotions that come with them.

Living brave means cooking dinner, changing diapers, and reading to the children after a sleepless night.

Living brave means letting go of the nitpicky mold and letting our children be who they are perfectly made to be.

Living brave means standing up to Goliath when you are a David.

Living brave means not crying over spilled milk, but shedding unashamed tears over things that matter, and knowing the difference. 

Living brave means swinging the bat, eyes wide open, praying for contact.

Living brave means distinguishing between contentment and complacency and taking action.

Living brave means raising children in an uncertain world, embracing the trials and all the Finer moments.

Living brave means rockin’ your curly red mane, long-striding swagger, and thick brogue among all the dainty ladies.

.merida wig

How will you live brave today?


Disclosure:  I attended the Disney Social Media Moms Conference and received discounted rates and tickets to various events and attractions. All opinions are my own.


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