Okay, fine. I can’t blame it all on the kids.

I blame the kids for most of my absence here. Hands down. Six kids. Keeping them fed, clothed, shuffled to activities, and living in a home that doesn’t become a feature on Hoarders is no joke. And loved. I like to love on my kids. To hold my littles and laugh with my bigs. I like feeding their friends, too, and I giggle when chaos ensues outside while they all play kickball, basketball, and baseball after school. Simultaneously.

I love to go to their weekend baseball tournaments and weekday track meets. So fun! But the prepping and the sandwich making and the TIME involved. Mercy.

And then there’s my husband. Poor guy has taken a backseat many times for lots of years, but he deserves my time and attention, too.

So, yes. All the people. All the responsibilities. It makes for just some sporadic reviving of the blog.

But it’s not only my people.

I can’t fault them for everything. I have another love, too.


As of today, there are 624 people on my oily team. Yes, when you become a member of Young Living to experience all the benefits of essential oils, you become a member of a team. Hopefully your team provides resources, education, community, and conversation. I work hard to provide that for my team because I am not a store. I am a person. A very busy person, but busy people get things done! 😉

It has become a part-time job, yes. And part-time is still time that has to come from somewhere. A job I can do from home, with my children at my side! A job that draws me in to community and allows me to have adult conversation daily (in person, on the phone, and online)! {Amen.} A job that allows me to visit my first love, teaching, often. A job that has paved a way for many blog readers to become true friends! It’s a great fit. And the funds it provides to make life a little easier for our growing family? Well, that’s pretty fantastic, too.

So, yes. I’ve been sucked in by the oils, and I’m lovin’ it!

fb event

If you’ve been curious but haven’t taken the plunge into essential oils (or even if you have! all are welcome!) my friend and teammate Jennifer has prepared an informative, fun Facebook class that I encourage you to attend! The class ran last night (you can see all of the posts here) and will run again live on Sunday night. I have a huge (70 guests coming so far!) local event to host with my team on Sunday afternoon, but I’m still planning to be at the computer Sunday evening at 9 EST (8 CST) to chat with everyone at Jennifer’s class. Join us if you can!

Do you have questions about essential oils or Young Living that I can answer for you? Email me! (amysfinerthings@gmail.com) Are you ready to take the plunge? Details can be found here. (And if you’ve found a “best deal on the internet” for Young Living, let me know. I’ll do what I can to match it, because I want you on my team!)

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  1. Have fun!! 🙂

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