Oh! I have a phone!

Disclosure: I am participating in the Verizon Moms Voices program and have been provided with a wireless device and six months of service in exchange for my honest opinions about the product.  That doesn’t mean I have any idea what I am doing, which is part of the fun!


Score one for surprise, and some major leans to “yes, Amy needs a phone.” Actually, I’m getting great use of my new Samsung Galaxy Note 3, but it still surprises me at every turn! Case in point, from an actual business email conversation last week:

Amy – Do you have a few seconds to talk to me? I need to brainstorm this – I’m not sure my plan is going to work.

My Reply:

can’t right now. carbon monoxide detector going off (because I need ONE MORE THING!) so the kids and I are headed to the park to escape the fumes for a while.

I have the best life… 😉

OH! But wait! I have a new smart phone! I’m mobile! I’ll call soon…

Maybe that proves nothing but my scattered-brain-ness and that my life is just as crazy as I say it is, but it was revolutionary to me that I could make a business call at the park with my kids! (And after the call, I was able to text a few more thoughts and look up some important emails for a project.)

And then, while at the park, I remembered I have a camera on my phone!


And then, when we stopped by the post office on our way home, I was finally able to capture the “this is my life” image that I’ve wanted for months, but never can get because who takes their camera to the post office?!

post office

They do this every.single.time.

I do, now, when I have my phone! (Well, don’t kid yourself. 98% of the time I’ll never take my phone to the post office.)

I still would never have thought to take my phone with me on a walk to the park if not for that business call.  In doing so, I was reminded of how the smart phone really has helped me out with my virtual assistant work and my blog.

Because I no longer have a laptop (it died a slow summer death, poor thing) I do most of my work via desk top. The problem with that is that Miss 1 now crawls under the desk, stands up, and rolls my chair away from the keyboard when she’s desperate for my attention. True story. She very much helps me prioritize my computer time, and when she’s done, I’m done. 😉 The phone helps when I’m nursing her to sleep because I can do small tasks on it while nursing. One of my favorite apps is Feedly, because I just do not take the time to read other blog posts while sitting at my computer. I can zip through them on the phone while chillin’ with a nursing girl.

As much as I love to stay at home, as our children get older we are more mobile. Also, we’ve been spending lots of weekends on the farm helping Lance’s dad. Being able to stay connected and chip away at my social media goals for the blog while on the go has been a huge help!  The biggest benefit is that when we get home I don’t feel the immediate pull to Pinterest/Facebook/Twitter/Email because I’ve taken care of all that in little spurts throughout the day. I see the light, people!

Yes, I see the light. I’m already benefiting from the phone. But, I also see the negative side and am working to combat that. More on the Smart Phone Vice next time!


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  1. Mom is finally up with the TIMES!!

    I have such mixed feelings with smart phones, I have one, but do I REALLY need one along with that BIG monthly Bill?? UG I thought abt down grading several times to save on the bill, but its so nice to have!

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