Off and Running!

We are already a week into our new school year! It was time, friends. I was under no delusions that the summer chaos would end, of course. I know it just shifts to school year chaos. But school year chaos comes with earlier bedtimes at our house! (If it’s not a game night, that is.) I’m rather certain that the next 18 or so years of my life will be very loud, very busy, and very beautiful. And they’re off!


I have two pre-schoolers this year. She has morning pre-school, he has afternoon. So in an hour in the middle of my day, we walk down to pick her up, walk home to get them all (and their dad) some lunch, and walk back to drop him off. All while keeping the baby awake for an early afternoon nap. Fun times! It actually is kind of fun, though, because as we walk along the sidewalk in front of the school, the junior high is having their “after lunch” break. Big sister runs over for a baby kiss, random kids yell out, “Hi, Baby J! Hi, C! How’s it going, L?” and the kids just eat it up.

Today as we were walking by, my girl grabbed the smoothie that I brought for her (rough day at the orthodontist yesterday) to slug down while I took L to school. I picked up the empty cup on our stroll back. “Thanks, Mom!” I don’t take this for granted.

Also, all of the kids were yelling, “Happy Birthday, L! Have a great birthday, L!”

“Mom, how do they know it’s my birthday?!” with a grin.

“You must be famous, Buddy.”

It’s good to be here.

On the first day of school, the preschool teacher sent me this.


Poor fifth child is so shy and cowers in front of others. Hahaha! “Give me that pointing stick! Thank you very much!” (My words, but I can totally hear it.)


I had to run to get this photo, and it’s blurry, but come on, now. Sweetest ever, right?! Shortly after this shot, Mr. 10 and his best friend took their annual first day shot together… with little sister in front. It was hysterical! She wanted in every single photo.

Great year ahead! Have you started school yet?


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  1. So are you running a daycare or a school?

  2. This post makes me want to move to tony town!!

  3. *tiny town

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