October Clutter Update

Yesterday morning I was asked to donate a White Elephant gift for Tiny Town community BINGO night.  If I had anything. Figuring I’d embarrass myself if I showed up with several boxes of items (oh, but I think I could!), I just stuffed a sack full of extras from my “gift stash” in the basement.

Baby boy and I had to come home early from BINGO night, and when the rest of the family arrived, the three-year-old was over the moon about her prize.  “Look what I won, Mom!”  So proud.

Can you guess?

Uh-huh.  It was an item that I had donated just hours before.  Geez, I can’t even give my stuff away!

In addition to 11 BINGO gifts (one of which ended up back in my home, but we won’t count that!), I packed up 30 items for Goodwill and have another box started.  Not stellar, especially after last month’s fail.

October Total: 41

2010 Total: 542

So… I have 2 months to get rid of 188 items and meet my goal of 730 items for the year.  That sounds like a lot, but if I could just spend some time purging in all 3 bedrooms, I’d be set.  Pressure’s on!

How did you do with your decluttering in October?  Link up and we’ll cheer you on!

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  1. Thanks again for hosting this! Sometimes I’m amazed at how much I got done in one month. Sometimes . . . . not so much.

  2. Definitely needing to step it up over at my house in order to meet my goal bu thank you again for this challenge, my house, my husband and I all thank you!

    Well done for keeping up your momentum Amy as you raise up your new family member!


  3. Catherine says:

    I have bags ready to leave the house, but they don’t seem to make it with me! Ooops! I’ve got to make some posts on freecycle as well. Sometimes it seems like life comes before decluttering (as it should be, I suppose).

    I suggest having the kids help purge by selecting old toys to be donated to children in need – kids love helping other kids!

  4. LOL at items coming back in to your home! I’m loving this challenge!

  5. Congratulations on letting go and moving the clutter out! When you can’t seem to get the bags out of the house, put them in the car. That way, you’re ready when you drive past the donation site.

  6. I just started this, but my goal is 100 by Christmas!

  7. my october was bad, 3 things. that leaves me somewhere around 170 for the next 2 months but I am working on the garage!

  8. Have your kids put items to donate in a clothes hamper. If they fill it up, they get to go for ice cream! Come on, didn’t you want to go for ice cream anyway?

  9. Will you be doing the declutter project for 2011?


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