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I was slow to take the coconut oilplunge.  Didn’t even know about the stuff until almost 3 years ago, but the cost scared me away.  The more I learn about real food and nutrition, though?  Coconut oil has become a must have in my pantry, and I snag some every time I see it on sale.

I use it in place of lotion for my baby’s sensitive, eczema-prone skin.  I also use it for popping stove-popped popcorn and in place of canola oil in Lazy Granola.

Nutiva Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is on sale at for $14 for 2-15 oz. jars.  The price drops to $11.90 with subscribe and save, and shipping is FREE.  (Have I told you before how much I love free shipping?!)

For the ambitious, the 54-Ounce Containers (Pack of 2)are on sale also, and the price actually breaks down to one less cent per ounce for subscribe and save.

I’m not quite brave enough yet to make my own deodorant with coconut oil, but I hear it’s quite effective!  What are your favorite uses for coconut oil?  (Recipe links welcome in the comments.)



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  1. Wow – what a great deal. I have never thought to look to Amazon for items like this. We use coconut oil in everything.

  2. Stephanie says:

    We use coconut oil as diaper rash cream. We cloth diaper and this is the only thing we have found that doesn’t mess with the absorbency in the diapers and helps my son’s diaper rashes so quick!

    • We are so far so good on diaper rash, but I’ll remember this when he starts eating more solid foods. That’s usually when we deal with diaper rash around here.

  3. Like you, I love to use it for popcorn. My other favorite use for it is in place of butter in graham cracker crusts. The little bit of coconut flavor is heavenly in the crust, and goes great with cheesecake. I also just like to open the jar and smell it every once and awhile and imagine I’m somewhere tropical.

  4. Kristen says:

    Does anyone know the difference between plain old Coconut Oil, the organic version, virgin coconut oil, and extra virgin coconut oil? Is any one type really “better” than the others? And what is considered a “good” price for this stuff? I am also just starting to make the switch and am trying to figure it all out!

    • Great questions! I’ve been told that Tropical Traditions and Nutiva are both good brands. And that is the limit to my current coconut oil knowledge. Not helpful… I know.

  5. I’m with Kristen – lots of questions, and I’m working on taking that plunge now, too…slowly.

    With this particular kind (extra virgin), do you taste the coconut flavor? What do you use the extra virgin for? everything? I’m just worried about, say, frying my potatoes in it – and having them taste like coconuts!

    • Yes, there is a hint of coconut flavor in it. I can tell in my popcorn. I can’t taste it specifically in my granola, but I love the flavor and texture of the granola with the coconut oil. Others have said to use expellar-pressed for frying potatoes and such, but I haven’t tried it yet.

  6. The Nutiva extra-virgin you DO taste coconut. The “expeller-pressed” coconut oils have the flavor removed. I use expeller-pressed in stir-fries or other sautes occasionally. I use regular extra-virgin in baking to replace oils. For over a year, I have only used olive oil, butter, and coconut oil and I get by just fine!

    Here are some good coconut oil recipes:
    Chock Full of Healthy Muffins
    Whole Wheat Banana Bread Muffins
    Whole Wheat Sandwich Bread

    Tropical Traditions has all kinds of answers to questions about coconut oil here.

    • Thanks for the recipes. I bought the BIG jars this time. 😉 I need to look into the “expeller-pressed.” Does the health-factor change?

      • I’ve bought Nutiva, Tropical Traditions and Spectrum (found at Publix) and I would go back to Nutiva since it’s cheaper than Tropical but much better than Spectrum.

        The expeller pressed uses a machine to squeeze out the coconut milk. So it has more impurities. The Spectrum brand uses this. It’s not as clear when liquid- kinda yellowish. It’s not as white when solid. It’s not that great!

        The Virgin organic type cracked up my mom. We’re Filipino. She said there’s no other way to grow coconuts. They don’t need any pesticides and you basically leave them alone- so of course it’s going to be organic! Bottom line- they didn’t work hard to make this organic product better for you. The only thing they could mess up is if they grew other plants underneath the trees that needed pesticides.

        If I had coupons or money, I would keep using Tropical Traditions. They get theirs from very small family owned farms in the Philippines who promise to hand grate each ounce of coconut milk the traditional way. So you get the best health benefits this way.

        I love coconut oil! The coconut tree is called Tree of Life in the Philippines because every part of the tree is useful. I use it for cooking (baking, making omelets, stir-fry, butter replacement, grilled cheese, anything!); for cuts and bruises; for hair conditioner; for lotion;; best for massage- one tsp goes a long way.

        It’s antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal! I would never want to go back to olive oil after using coconut.

  7. We’ve used coconut oil as a moisturizer all winter, but haven’t really started cooking with it yet. Have tried it in granola, in breakfast cookies, and with one failed batch of popcorn (my fault).

  8. Thanks for the heads-up; I’ve run out of the coconut oil I got at this price from amazon in the summer, and since then I’ve been buying it one-expensive-jar-at-a-time at Whole Foods.

    I am a fairly new coconut oil fan, and I love it!

  9. I’ve been slow to take the coconut oil plunge too…wondering if I’ll actually use it. It’s about time I find out. 🙂

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