Ninety-Four (five!) Degrees

We’ve abandoned ship. I was okay at 84° last week, and even 91° didn’t feel all that bad for the few hours we were home on Saturday, but now, this.


Ninety-four five degrees in my home is not okay.  Ma Ingalls I am not, and until our new air-conditioner is installed and running (hopefully) tomorrow, we’re outta here!

It’s funny how the conveniences of life wrap us up and living in a first-world country in a 1,500 square foot home with running water and ice cubes and the internet just isn’t good enough right now.  How nursing a sweaty baby against my own clammy skin yesterday was enough to bring out the whine.

I’m not pretty when whining.  Not resourceful or gracious or any fun to be around.  The cure (besides making myself at home with relatives for a couple of comfortable nights) for my own whining is only gratitude.  Gratitude and remembering that Somebody Wants What I Have.  Maybe I should write to Imon.  He’d understand, right?

Dear Imon,

How are things in Bangladesh?

It’s pretty rough here.  Ninety-four five hot degrees in our 3-bedroom home.  I’ve had to refill my ice water from the fridge four times in the 3 hours that I’ve been here this afternoon catching up on email, making a few phone calls, and gathering groceries out of the fridge for supper and clean clothing from our dressers and closets for tomorrow.  I’ll then have to load everything into our suburban and drive it 5 miles to where my family is staying with relatives until we can cool off in our own home.

Hopefully we’ll have time for showers before we head to the last  t-ball game tonight, and goodness I hope I don’t forget my makeup.  Wouldn’t want to be seen without that!

We’ll have to pull money from our savings account to pay for a new air-conditioner tomorrow.  Sure could think of funner things to spend that on, but you do what you gotta do, right?




  • The money is there because we Expect the Expected.  (But dang those expensive inconveniences!  *whine whine whine*)
  • We have family close by and a cool place to stay.
  • The air-co place offered to reduce our labor costs if Lance will help install the new system tomorrow.  Yes, please!
  • They actually told us 6 years ago (and 5 years and 4 and…) that we needed a new system.  We babied it until now.
  • My 10yo just sent me a text of her beautiful hair.  Apparently they are killing time by trying new hair styles, God Bless my cousin!
  • It’s so dang hot in here that I got my work done in record time. And now I know how efficient I really can be.  Hmmmmm 😉

ninety five degrees

Ninety-five degrees and whiny grateful.  I’m outta here!


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  1. It IS hot! Especially after the nice break last week!

    We used window air conditioners at our old house and we started out with just one. It went out and we had a few days without one, so I understand! Our old house was a very old farmhouse and the kitchen was low ceilinged and very hot. But it was a house and it was home for fourteen years! However I love my new-to-us house with central air and a nice cool basement. 🙂

    So many things are in the perspective and we truly can find blessings when we look for them! Glad you have a cool place to escape to!

    • I remember growing up with window air-conditioners. One upstairs, one downstairs, fans in every room. Amazing what a WIMP I’ve become. LOL

  2. Thanks for this! We had this last year, and also had family we could go to if needed. My sister and her husband willingly are missionaries in South Africa with no air conditioning. So thankful for our conveniences, but it is a good reminder to stay focused on the positive and all that we have!

  3. Loved your letter to Imon. It’s amazing all that we have that we take for granted.

    I empathize with your temperature troubles. I live in Maine where it rarely hits 90 so not many people have ac in their homes. But we’ve had a few days in a row of 90 degree temps, so it’s been interesting. We’re spending a lot of time in the water! And, I’m trying to focus on how the heat and the sun are helping my garden grow!

  4. We’ve done that before. It was a month before they installed the a/c. It was 98º in the house at night, and up to 101º during the day. I was thankful for insulation (it was 116º outside) and ceiling fans.

    How wonderful that you will have it fixed soon!

    • We are so thankful! I’m told the desert heat isn’t the same as humid Kansas heat, but I don’t care. Hot is hot! LOL

  5. Christy says:

    We have central air and had every intention turning it on and leaving it on for the summer, we did well until last week and the bill was just killing us. We are renting our house with plans to buy it, and found out that last summer 2 months the electricity bill ran around $500.00 a month and now I know why. So although I had it never set lower than 75 and would crank it up to 80, it was killing us and obviously we need a new unit, so right now I am sitting here in front of a window with a hot breeze blowing and a fan blowing around hot air in 98 degree temps, at 6:22 PM…..good thing we have a pool and once my little ones are in bed, I’m off to get in and cool off myself!

    • $500. Ouch! My mom was telling us that their electric bill cut in 1/2 after getting their new unit installed. I’m hoping for the same! 🙂

  6. I can tolerate all manner of whining when it’s served up with a side of awesome perspective. 🙂 (Hope you’re enjoying some cool relief by now!)

  7. I’m getting a lot of that type of perspective myself right now!

    In May, we moved from a 850 sq ft apartment (with a/c) to a 1150 sq ft house (without). It has been in the 90s or higher for over a month now!

    I want to whine (and admit, I do sometimes) but then I remember that this is our first house. This is my kids first backyard, the first garage for my husband, and my first “big” kitchen. After 8 years, we finally have a house. And instead of whining that I don’t have a/c, I remember to be grateful for the things we do have (including the sprinkler we can run through!)

    Thanks for the reminder (again!)

  8. I love this. Perspective. 90% of the time it’s all we need to change.

  9. It’s been hitting 111 and 113 outside here in California! Thank goodness for our window unit and shady trees!

  10. Thank you for the reminder of how very blessed we are! Our a/c blew a fuse last week and our inside was up to 87. Thought our kids’ hamsters weren’t going to make it. 😉 Thankful it was just a fuse, and a reminder not to take it for granted!

  11. Life is SO much about perspective. I’ve been discouraged because I need knee surgery and I can’t get it until after vacation–meaning I won’t be able to walk or hike or much of anything else on vacation. BUT I can go on vacation. I am not housebound or bedridden. Thanks for a great reminder!

  12. Melissa says:

    When we bought our first home, we didn’t have enough money for a fridge or stove. We had to wait 3 months to save up for them. Once we got them, our fridge had an ice maker, and whenever it drops ice, we look at each other and say “ice” in memory and gratitude for all the things we don’t even realize we have!

    • I am so very impressed that you waited and saved! That would have been an easy “we HAVE to have it” charge for many people!

  13. Love the article. Thanks for the great reminder.

    I actually went to Bangladesh for a month to teach at a school. Most rooms just had fans and were open to the outside. I walked into an air-conditioned room and got a bit chilly. I pulled my shawl around me and checked how cold it was. The AIR-CONDITIONED room was a “chilly” 99 degrees!! Yup. I got a bit cold at 99 because it was so much hotter outside the room. Honestly, I loved every minute I was in Bangladesh and would go back again in a heartbeat. It’s a good reminder though how blessed we truly are here in the US!!

    • You did?! Oh, thank you for sharing that! I was wondering what they’re conditions were really like as I wrote the post.

  14. Tim's Wifey says:

    So now you know what it is like for our service men and women to live without the conveniences of central air conditioning in the deserts of Iraq, Kuwait, and Afghanistan with temperatures above 110-118 for 4-5 months straight. I really can’t see complaining and we hit 120 last week in AZ, but I think of my husband and I suck it up knowing what he goes through.

    • Actually, I still can’t fathom what they’re going through but, as always, they have my sincere gratitude and respect.

  15. I can relate. We live in Germany and don’t have air condition

  16. Yes, Amy. That is part of the reason we travel- to maintain our perspective!

    • Ahhh, great point! I really don’t feel ready for long travels with my crew yet, but we should set our sights on that!

  17. Hey I was just happy mine was a fan motor!!! But yeah a HOT house, is not a fun house AT ALL….Amy I don’t think we were cut out to be prairie women!!! 😉

  18. Kathleen says:

    Wow I really needed this today. Its hard when you are going thru hard times to remember how lucky we really are. I am in such a place now and needed that reminder to look to the positive God gives us and let him fix the rest.


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