New Year’s Activities for the Whole Family

Ah, New Year’s Eve.  High heels, ball gowns, dancing, and… what?!? Let’s try this again.

Ah, New Year’s Eve.  A finger food buffet, family and friends at the house, kids running around eventually crashing in front of a late movie… that’s more like it!

It’s time to Ring in the New Year… with KIDS!

New Year’s plans at our house have always been pretty low-key, even before the kids.  It’s just not my idea of fun to go “out on the town” and spend lots of money to stare at lots of people we don’t know, fight the crowds (I hate crowds… yet another reason to love Tiny Town) and put our safety in jeopardy driving around on the same roads as the not-so-very-responsible.  No thanks.

We prefer family friendly gatherings.  This year we’re hosting Lance’s brother’s family with their three little boys, and maybe his parents and some friends.  The plan is to eat some finger foods and then play cards (five point pitch is the game of choice) while the littlest ones sleep (a big bonus to being home!) and the “big kids” watch movies (and hopefully fall asleep!)

While our kids will be super entertained by their cousins on New Year’s Eve, we do want to celebrate the new year in a meaningful way for them.  Our plan is to create a Family Time Capsule on New Year’s Day.  With three small children, it seems that they are visibly growing and changing right before our eyes.  New skills, new words, and new interests keep us on our toes and in awe of our kids.  It will be so much fun to gather a few things and stash them away for a year.  The kids will have an exciting surprise to open next January 1 and see how much they’ve changed.

Here’s what we might include in our time capsule:

  • current kid drawings and craft projects
  • our kindergarten daughter’s writing (she is constantly writing lately, using all sorts of inventive spelling — so much fun!)
  • this year’s Christmas letter and family picture
  • Lance and I will record a few of their recent antics
  • a pair of shoes or a shirt that they have just outgrown
  • a small toy that they can part with for a year

If you’re looking for New Year’s activities for your family, maybe a couple of these will inspire you:

  • Break out the video camera and interview each family member.
  • Write thank you notes for Christmas gifts.
  • Attend a church service together.
  • It’s all about opening the boxes at Christmas; get some use out of those new toys and games.
  • Remember, New Year’s Day is actually the Eighth Day of Christmas.  If you skipped any much-loved Christmas activities this year, you can still do them.  We still need to make gingerbread houses!
  • A fresh start for a New Year.  Set the timer for 15 minutes and find some things in kids’ bedrooms to donate.  Clear the clutter.

What about you?  What are your New Year’s plans?  Do you have any ideas for my Time Capsule?  I’d love to hear! Whatever your plans, enjoy a safe, happy New Year!  Be sure to visit Life as Mom on January 2 to let us all know how you celebrated (and to enter her giveaway, of course).

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  1. Love the time capsule idea, Amy!

  2. Great idea! I think it would be fun to have older kids write a letter to their future selves. We will have to do that!

    We celebrate New Year’s at home too. It’s much nicer that way.

  3. I’m with you…I’d prefer and evening at home with family and friends. That’s what we have planned for tomorrow…friends and food and games. Great ideas on here, thanks!

  4. When I read your first line I thought……
    yes, we prefer family friendly gatherings too.

    I’ve been wracking my brain how to ‘entertain’ on the off-chance that mine will make it to mid-night this year and those are some fine ideas.
    Best wishes

  5. Now your talking. We do the same thing.

  6. Used your suggestion. Even blogged about it…giving you credit of course…post won’t be up till next week though.


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