New Swagbucks Features and 5 Bucks Code

Search & Win

They’ve done it again! This time, the Swagbucks guys (gals?) are rolling out some new search-friendly features and Back to School contests.  Don’t miss out!

Do you search and win with Swagbucks?  Quite honestly, I might forget to use this search engine if I didn’t have the toolbar.  Right now I have it set up as my default.  Every internet search I do is done through Swagbucks. My points (you can find them in the right sidebar) are really adding up!

According to Scott, “The big announcement this month is the new toolbar that is not only compatible with Safari, Firefox and IE but also has lots of quick links to all aspects of Swag Nation, as well as fun add-on’s like games and email notifiers. And on top of all of this you can log into your Swag account and track your SwagBucks all from the toolbar!”

I encourage all of you to download the new toolbar because every day in September SwagBucks will release a special Swag Code exclusively through the toolbar (through the new messaging function), providing the opportunity to redeem 30 free bucks this month!  The only way to get these codes is by having the toolbar.

Scott also shares that “We will also be announcing all the details about SWAGO (our version of BINGO and a fun way to have a chance to earn 1000 SB’s) and the BACK TO SCHOOL section of the Swag Store at

***If you are new to SwagBucks, you can use the code amysswagcode to start your account with 5 Swagbucks! With those 5 bucks plus the 30 you can snag throughout September, you’ll be well on your way to your first Amazon gift card.***


  1. I joined SwagBucks after reading about it here a while ago. I always cash mine in! Are you saving all of your points for something in particular?

  2. HELP! I have tried three days in a row to get my bucks with the swagcode through the tool bar and nothing happens. What am I doing wrong? 🙁

    • @Nell, Strange! I look for the white envelope on the red square. To the right of that it says From TSG [0]. When that 0 changes to a 1, I click on it. Then I click on the new message and copy and paste the code.

      Does any of that sound familiar? Let me know what you’re seeing and I’ll try to help.

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