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Rats! I just bought a 6-pack of Skippy Natural Super Chunk last week without a coupon code because we needed it.  The $2.08/jar price was still much better than I could find at Wal-Mart, but there’s a coupon code today!  I’m going to get another 6 pack and stash it in the basement.

Skippy Natural Super Chunk and Skippy Natural Creamy are on sale for $13.32 for the 6 pack.

  • Use the subscribe and save option and it drops the price to $11.32
  • Use the code TOTALUNI to save an additional 15% dropping the price to $9.62

Subscribe and save also gets you free shipping.  Take advantage!  $1.60 for a jar of natural peanut butter is tough to beat, even with a rare coupon.  Snag the deal fast before Amazon changes their prices again.  (But if you miss out, keep your eyes peeled.  This particular deal repeats every few months.)


Thanks for the heads up, Happy Housewife.

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  1. Sugar and palm oil? No, thanks. How about looking for a deal on Adams or a just peanuts house brand?

    • I had to look up Adams. Have never heard of or seen it before. Very interesting! I’ve also tried the brands that separate and have to be refrigerated and stirred (no palm oil or sugar in those) but the texture is difficult to work with and my children can’t get their own peanut butter that way. For now… I’ll compromise with Skippy Natural. 😉

      • Fair enough. I just love plain, nothing but salt, peanut butter and I think everyone should think just like me! 😉

  2. Thanks Amy – if they have creamy on sale too I’m stocking up!

  3. Thanks! I was out until last week when I paid full price at Wal-mart. Was hoping for a deal, but I don’t see deals locally that beats that price. I already ordered!

  4. I’m writing a post about this for Stretching a Buck, linking to you, hope that’s OK.

  5. Thanks so much! I missed out the last time you posted this, but I got it this time! Definitely much cheaper than I’d pay in the store. Are there any other consumable products that you order this way? I already do diaper and wipes. We live out in the middle of nowhere and my choices are very limited so I’ve been trying to do more online.

    • Absolutely! Lots of groceries can be ordered through subscribe and save, I just don’t do a great job keeping up with the deals. I may try to post a few more when I come across them, though.

  6. Just wondering what your thoughts are on using subscribe and save to get the discount when we don’t really intend to stay signed up for subscribe and save? At first I thought it was a good way to save money, but now it seems a bit dishonest… Anyone have any thoughts on this??

    • I’m going to post this question on my Facebook page to see what people say. I honestly haven’t put a lot of thought into it; just know that it’s a widely used practice. I have looked over the terms and conditions on Amazon, and they do make it very easy to cancel subscriptions. We’ll see what others have to say. Thanks for the question!


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