Name That Plant

This beautiful plant seems to be no match for my black thumb. Can anyone identify it for me so I can find out what I’m doing wrong?  And… yes… I am watering it!

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  1. Hi! I’m pretty sure that is a fuschia! They are so lovely…one of my favorites.

  2. I agree–I do believe that is a Fuschia. I love them, they are so beautiful!

  3. It is called a fucshia.
    One of my favorites.


  4. I agree, fuschia!!

  5. Hi, I work for a University plant sciences dept. They are right!

  6. Fushia, my mom loves them.

  7. Sorry I guess I can’t spell, it is a fuschia.

  8. Now, see, I was going to say bleeding heart, and that it’s supposed to look like that. Don’t take flower advice from me!

  9. I wonder if it would help to transplant the plant to a bigger pot since you are watering it already. Just thinking. It is gorgeous!

  10. Definitely a fuschia. I love them! My parents have them in MI hanging on a west facing deck and they do beautifully.

  11. Definitely looks like a fuschia to me, too! 😉 I’ve never had good luck with “tropical” types of plants like that, but my mom has always enjoyed growing them (until she moved to Alaska).


  12. Yes, it’s a Fuschia. They prefer shade.

  13. It is definitely a fuchsia. I have never had much success growing them. They are very delicate and I know don’t like direct sunlight.Every time I have had one, it has died!

  14. Yes it is a Fushia,and it looks fine to me.

    My sister and I get some each year..

    We live in Upper Michigan so this is what works for us.

    Morning sun….afternoon shade,deadhead as needed,and feed often,I use Miracle Grow,
    I can’t remember what my sister uses.

    Hope it helps because as this plant matures it will just drip beautiful flowers and leaves
    over the sides if the basket and be STUNNING.

    The color you have can also atract humming birds.

  15. Yes, its a fuschia. They prefer shade, do you have it in the sun? I know from experiance they don’t do well in the hot sun. A nice shady spot should have it very happy.☺

  16. I am giving you a bloggy award today!



  17. I have two fushias and one is under a tree and is doing pretty well. Not as many blooms as I would like but very healthy. The other one gets a little bit of sun in the late afternoon and it is absolutely full of blooms. But as it gets hotter here in Iowa I will need to move it so it only gets morning sun. Try moving it and see how it does after a week or two. You’ll find the right spot and then you’ll know where to put it next year.

  18. Well, your shadow dancer (fuschia) looks better than mine! I have a black thumb as well, but my daughter just loved this plant because it is pink and purple and looks like a little ballerina. Anyway, I’ll have to move mine into a more shady spot and see how it does.

  19. Michelle says:

    Hi, love the site. New here. Yes, of course I agree that it’s a fuschia and I love them too. I have never had one until my kids got my one in a hanging basket this year for mohter’s day. It is with 3 other types of flowers none of which I know the names of. I need to find it a shady spot I guess. thanks for the pointers.


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