My Mom Uniform {And a Giveaway!}

“Here, mom. I’ll take your picture for you.”


Such great help, he is. 😉

So, I’ve read a lot of blog posts over the last several years about how important it is to “dress for success,” even as a mom at home. That dressing for the day is a large step toward productivity and treating your at home job (whatever that may be) as a job.

And I just can’t do it. (Honestly, it’s more about taking the time and money to make nicer clothes a priority. They simply aren’t right now.) Skirts? The last one I bought was for our Disney trip two years ago, and I haven’t worn it since. Dresses? I have a few tucked away… for when we sponsor prom. It’s rather difficult to nurse a baby in a dress. (I’m a “pull the shirt up” nurser, not a “pull it down” nurser, and you won’t be changing my mind on that. Nor will you talk me into any special clothing for nursing. Not interested.)

Dressier pants? I wear them to church. Jeans? I was down to one pair for the longest time, until some teenage friends rescued me with a couple of hand-me-downs that don’t fit my daughter yet. (Yes, really.) I do wear jeans or capris when out and about, and once I’m done nursing babies my dressier wardrobe will likely expand (I want a maxi skirt!) but as for the Mom Uniform?

T-shirt. Yoga/Exercise pants.



And when I’m really on my game? A cute apron.


I wear a LOT of t-shirts in the day to day. Shirts for my kids’ sports teams. Spirit shirts for our Tiny Town. Shirts to share my Oily Love. While I’m still working to make it a habit, I have found that pulling a pretty apron over my head completely dresses up my Mom Uniform. Look! It has ruffles! When the 2yo saw me wear this particular apron for the first time, she asked me if it was my Princess Dress. Close enough!


That’s about as close to a skirt or dress that you’ll ever find me wearing while frying fish on my stove, and it keeps the grease off of my clothes. So, winning!

Because I do several jobs from home with small children needing something at.all.times. I tend to multi-task my way through the day. Tying on an apron helps me transition mentally from my computer work to my housework. It helps me focus and stick with the task at hand for longer than 30 seconds.

How many of you wear aprons on a regular basis? I know you want one of these Princess Dresses 😉 and I know just where you can get one! My friend Amy makes the cutest items for her shop, Amy’s Monkeys. I have one of her Taggie Blankies for the baby, and my littles love the Crayon Roll for coloring on the go. I gave Miss 12 a much-coveted Essential Oil Pouch for her birthday. And, yes. Amy makes the cutest ruffled aprons around!

I appreciate how the apron slides snugly over my head and comes up high on my chest for perfect grease-splatter coverage. When I want to shorten the length a bit, I simply pull up on the tie, folding the front up and over, before tying in the back. It’s cute, practical, and fun, which is exactly what a Mom Uniform should be!

apronsWant to win one? Amy has generously offered an apron of your choice to one of my readers this week! (And truthfully, I was supposed to get this published last week so it could be a Mother’s Day gift. Can we celebrate Mother’s Day a little while longer, please?)

To enter, simply leave a comment. Any comment will do, but I’d love to know if you wear an apron regularly, what your Mom Uniform generally looks like, which items in Amy’s shop you like (I am determined to snag one of her necklace organizers once we get our bedroom done), or anything you want to share.


Giveaway ends Saturday, May 16, at 11:59 pm. Or probably more like sometime Sunday morning when I get around to choosing a winner. Winner will be notified by email.

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  1. I occasionally wear an apron in the kitchen. More often when doing messy projects with the kiddos. I also have a floral shirt-only apron that was my grandma’s for when I pick veggies in the garden (filling the apron plus pockets).

  2. Melissa M says:

    I have a couple aprons I try to wear in the kitchen when cooking or baking. None of them are as cute as yours though.

  3. Christie says:

    i used to wear aprons, but haven’t since we moved (a year ago!) and haven’t found the box they’re in yet

  4. Lyle M. says:

    I try to wear an apron when cooking and baking. My solid red one is not nearly as cute as Amy’s aprons.

  5. Melinda says:

    I usually wear an apron whenever I bake, not so much when cooking.

  6. I generally go to grab an apron AFTER the first splatter. I am smart like that. My kids are older now, but I never really dressed up when we weren’t going anywhere, had a few embarrassing moments along the way, but hey, that’s life. I figured there was no point in ruing clothes that I could wear out in public by getting messes all over them, maybe I am just a klutz and not destined to be June Cleaver. Plus it always keeps the kids in suspense when you do put on jeans and makeup, “are we going somewhere?”

  7. Rochelle says:

    I love to wear an apron while cooking. In fact, I need a new one now!

  8. I love wearing aprons. I don’t have one that I love the fit of though. I love the neckline of these.

  9. I try really hard to remember, because I tend to splatter a lot. So I usually just make sure I’m not wearing a nice shirt. But I did receive one as a give a few years ago. I would love another one, these are adorable!

  10. Jacqueline Ackerman says:

    I love aprons but I don’t have one yet that fits just right. I also do not “dress up”. I wear jeans and a t-shirt everyday.

  11. I wear and apron when I want to feel cute in the kitchen, or when I’m missing “home” because the aprons I have come from my grandmas. So I’d enjoy a non-vintage one to add to the mix! Thanks for the chance.

  12. Lynne Tretow says:

    I don’t wear an apron, don’t even own one but would find it useful especially when cooking a meal for guests.

  13. I *should* wear an apron, but I don’t! I need to get one and remedy that!

  14. Oh my gosh – I’m more and more convinced that we were separated at birth! I can NOT get on board with “dressing up” to homeschool my kids, bake cakes and do housework. Oh and blog. Yeah that. I just CANT. I’m all about the t-shirts, yoga pants, flip flops and jeans if I *must* go somewhere…. But I do own (a dozen or more?) and wear aprons daily… I feel naked in the kitchen without one on. Even if it is only protecting a ratty old t-shirt!

  15. I wear an apron while cooking and cleaning. I would love one this cute.

  16. Everytime I try to dress nice for my SAHM job, my shirt ends up ruined. I totally rock my job in yoga and exercise pants and feel great while doing it. 🙂

  17. cheryl s says:

    I often wear an apron when dealing with grease 🙂

  18. I wear an apron all the time in the kitchen. My favorite one is falling apart, but it is so comfortable I can’t seem to replace it.

  19. I love aprons! I wear them especially during the holidays when I’m hosting, dressed up, and trying to feed a crowd without wearing drips and splatters!

  20. Carol B says:

    Yes, I wear an apron all the time and have for as long as I can remember. I had one from my mother-in-law that I used and passed down to my daughters. I would love the “blue plates” apron! I can see why you like the necklace organizer! My daughter would love one, too! When I last visited her, I had to untangle a bunch and my immediate solution was to cut slits in a piece of cardboard! And she is still using it!

  21. Rebecca says:

    I LOVE wearing an apron and I wear them often. I have several, a couple I’ve bought from Flirty Apron and then I’ve picked up several from yard sales. These are too cute!!

  22. I’m all about the t-shirt and yoga pant uniform. That’s my favorite thing to wear! I’d love to try a cute apron to dress up my “style!”

  23. We love aprons! My girls wear them more than i do, cause usually i forget til after the splatters. Loving the candid shots, life is real, all the time! Enjoy your days 🙂

  24. I wear an apron….a Christmas one but I wear it year round! It’s also not very cute 🙂 On another note when I buy a couple of nice tops I usually mess them up wearing them around the house. I’m worse then the kids. I usually have to layer my clothes just to hide stains. Ha!

  25. Hannah Beth Reid says:

    I practically *never* wear an apron, but I think it would save me a few post-dinner clothing changes. 😉
    Thank you for admitting your mom uniform includes a t-shirt, because so does mine! I sometimes think I get more done because I am not at all concerned about getting dirty around the house.

  26. Robynne says:

    I’m pretty much an apron collecter. I have a couple hooks in my kitchen with five aprons hanging off of them! I love having so many because it means I can wash one after wearing and still have another handy. I often forget, but I try to wear an apron every time I’m in the kitchen. The clothes I wear are too nice to end up splattered in brownie batter, bacon grease, or dirty dish water!

  27. I’m not really an apron wearing person, I find it easier to have a few old t-shirts that I change into when I’m cooking or doing dishes. These aprons sure are cute though, so cute in fact they just might convert me into being an apron wearing person. 🙂

  28. I occasionally wear an apron but only because I really don’t like the apron I have–it’s one my husband brought home from a trade show vender. I’d love to wear one more often. Yours is lovely. Thank you for the give away.

  29. If I didn’t wear an apron I would ruin all my clothes. 😉

  30. Maudie the Maid says:

    My Mom uniform is a t shirt and jeans. I usually wear an apron while working in the kitchen.

  31. cynthia says:

    I use to wear an apron but haven’t in a long time. Although to look at my clothes while I cook you would wonder why! I wear shorts or pants and t shirts most of the time.

  32. Sherri Y. says:

    I do wear an apron, but mostly just for baking. I was thinking recently tho, that if I had a different, more cuter & princess-y looking one, I would definitely wear it more often 😉

  33. I don’t own an apron and never have but I sure do need one. Nothing worse than putting on a “nice” shirt (which would be a plain t shirt that is not advertising a half marathon I did 10 years ago pre kids or last year’s VBS) and splattering something all over it!

  34. I love the neckline/cut of those aprons!

  35. I don’t wear an apron, but I should!! I get food stuff and spatter over all over my clothes. And I’m planning to get my husband a chef jacket for when he’s cooking in the kitchen (he wouldn’t want an apron).

  36. I should wear an apron more often than I do.

  37. I really should. I usually wear a sweatshirt that ends up in the laundry when I am done. Those are cute aprons, thanks for the giveaway.

  38. My “uniform” is a t-shirt (a plain men’s one because I got tired of people commenting on the words on my chest!) and jeans. EASY. And I don’t wear an apron, but I should.

  39. I usually have an apron on since like you I live in tee shirts and don’t want to have to buy new ones. They really are cute aprons!

  40. Roberta Andrada says:

    I work with the very talented Amy and would love an apron from her. Everything she makes is adorable. She is my one stop shop for baby gifts. Taggie blankets and hooded towels are the best!

  41. I don’t wear an apron, but I really should. I’m a messy cook!

  42. Terri S says:

    I love aprons, but don’t wear them much. I would love a frilly ruffled one though! Thanks for the giveaway!

  43. Susan Baughman says:

    Lol. I have the same mom uniform as you do. I love the idea of “dressing” up with an apron. They are adorable.

  44. Dagmar moretti says:

    I love baking and cooking but yet I have never owned an apron!! I need this (: too cute!

  45. i do wear aprons. Not as often as I should hence the grease spots all over my work clothes. But none of mine are as beautiful as what Amy makes. I love the butterfly one!

  46. Thanks for keeping it real and not being a mom who wears pearls and a dress every day and makes the rest of us feel like slobs. 🙂

  47. I have two aprons. They are the “men’s barbeque apron” style. I need them when I use the stove or I ruin my t shirts. My uniform is a t shirt and whatever pants suit the weather. Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  48. Sabrina Dias says:

    I wear an apron while I bake but in need of a new one. My mom out fit around the house is workout shorts and a tank top in summer and sweat capris and t shirt in winter. Amy’s aprons and organizers are my favorites.

  49. I’m a big apron fan when I remember to put one on. I’m past the mom-stage of being home all the time and am on our local school board and have many meetings during the day where I have to “be dressed”, so it’s not unusual at all to don an apron over my dressy clothes and get to work in the kitchen or scrubbing the potty before another commitment.

  50. I do wear aprons when I bake bread. Otherwise I inevitably end up covered in flour.

  51. I wear an apron every Sunday after church. Those are the clothes I really want to protect… otherwise my “mom outfit” consists of thrift store finds.

  52. Nancy Heerema says:

    I wear an apron occasionally…especially for baking. I’d say my favorite mom uniform would be a tshirt and jeans, but I’m trying to morph into at least a solid colored shirt that can be jazzed up with a necklace on the way out the door, instead of my usual screen printed one. I love your idea of using the apron to help me focus on kitchen tasks!

  53. Mary Lou says:

    My dear Mother is no longer with me, but I remember that she always wore an apron…even when she was not cooking. She would have an apron on while watching her favorite Soap Opera (As The World Turns) and peel an orange on her lap. Once finshed she would gather all the peelings in her apron and toss them. Yes Mom always wore her apron while cooking, washing dishes and her mid-time snacks. I wear an apron while I make my candles. Amy makes beautiful Aprons.

  54. Sadly, I wear old clothes…. all…..the…..time…… we are in the middle of home reno so I would love to blame my sloppy apparel on that … but that would just be an excuse. I would love an apron to cuten things up a bit…. 😀 I love the lavender and lime apron… what a cutie!!! Thanks for the chance!!

  55. They are all so pretty. Wouldn’t want to get them to dirty!!

  56. I wear an apron when I want to protect the clothes I’m wearing, but most of the time I just live with the mess I get on my clothes. I love these aprons though – they’re much nicer (and look like they’d protect better) than the one I have. Thank you for the giveaway!

  57. Heidi Hollinger says:

    These aprons remind me of the 50s. Love them!

  58. Love, love, love aprons! They have saved many a mom uniform for me!

  59. Joellyn aldrich says:

    I love aprons but don’t own any

  60. I wish I were in the habit of wearing an apron, my clothes would be so much more spot-free. I love the fact that these aprons are not halter style. Would love to win one!


  62. I love aprons! Me and my girls where them. I think we really got interested after starting to watch Little House On the Praire TV shows and reading the book series. These are so cute!! 🙂

  63. Kelly A. says:

    Can you believe I’ve never worn an apron before? These are really cute….and my dirty clothes will thank you.

  64. Darlene Mitchell says:

    Amy, My Mom uniform is t-shirts and jeans. Never owned an apron but I really could use one! Keep splattering French fry grease on myself. HELP!

  65. Kelly Hess says:

    I truthfully only wear an apron when baking Christmas cookies with my kids. Perhaps its because I do not have a cute one?

  66. I started sewing an apron a few years ago and never finished…I probably would wear a finished one! :/ As for the clothes discussion, I resisted myself because like you mentioned I just didn’t want to spend the money. However, I have recently gotten on the maxi skirt train with some $10 off of $10 coupons from JCP (I was able to get the skirts for $10!!) and actually have one on right now with a T-SHIRT!! My husband said I looked “good” this morning, too. 😉 I wouldn’t just wear it around the house but it is super comfortable for those dressier times when you just want to be on the couch in your yoga pants! And they are super stretchy so they would work if, you know, you just happened to find yourself in a situation where your clothes needed to stretch. 🙂 For all those reasons (and the $10 price tag) I am sold on the maxi skirt!

  67. doreen sowers says:

    I have worn an apron on occasion, but usually I get busy and forget to put it on. These are very cute!

  68. My “uniform” is very similar to yours, except for a couple of things: I don’t have an apron, so I ruin most of my t-shirts cooking, and I’m beyond the nursing stage, so I really don’t have an excuse. Around the house, I have to hurry and put a bra on if anyone knocks on the door. Real life, people. And always barefoot inside. I really need to step up my game. As a matter of fact, I have to go buy something purty today, because we have a party this weekend…….sigh. And I’m gonna have to wear a bra.

  69. Elizabeth says:

    I love aprons! I have a small collection of them and enjoy choosing which one to wear based on coordinating it with my outfit. My favorites in her shop are the Cream Medallion and Paris Navy designs.

  70. Rebecca says:

    The first thing I do every day when I come home from work is to change into comfortable pants and t-shirt/sweatshirt. However a lot of that has to do with the two dogs that lose hair every where. Because I only wear that outfit for a few hours every day, I wear the same outfit almost every day for the week and I hope no one in public sees me! Aprons help me prevent having to throw clothes in the wash that have only been worn for a few hours. These are adorable!

  71. Carolyn says:

    I do have a plain pull-over apron that I wear occasionally. Well, it used to be plain; now it is “well loved.” 😉 It would be fun to have something with a little more color that wasn’t in the grease and/or raw food color range. But yes, aprons do save my t-shirts and sweaters, and I need to be more diligent about wearing them. Thanks for the giveaway!

  72. I LOVE aprons! They always remind me of my precious grandmother. She didn’t consider herself dressed without her apron on and used it for so many things … like carrying veggies in from the garden with it kind of folded up to hold them, using it to wipe the grandkids’ noses or tears away (not in the order! ;o)) She only took it off for Sunday church. A new apron was something to be proud of!! I have one for cooking when I’m a little dressed up. Mother saw to it that I have one, as she knew that every gal needs at least one apron tucked into a kitchen drawer! :o)) Amy looks so cute in hers!

  73. Amanda N says:

    Yes, I wear an apron when cooking. It took me a long time to come around to wearing an apron, but now I love it.

  74. I’ve ruined many shirts so now I wear an apron when I’m cooking anything that might splatter.

  75. I practically live in my apron once my body crosses the threshold from the garage to the kitchen when I get off from work. I literally walk in wash my hands and start cooking, cleaning, anything ending in Some days it’s almost bedtime before I realize I hadn’t stopped to use the restroom! I would love one of those essential oil pouches I want to get into oiling but am kinda overwhelmed by it all.

    • Any time you want to be less overwhelmed about oils, just shoot me an email. We can even chat on the phone if you don’t mind all the background noise from the wild banshees. 🙂

  76. Heather says:

    Can I first say that it is SO GOOD to hear your voice/read your blog again? I love that you put your life and family first! And I am also very happy when I see a post by you…you’ve been missed 🙂

    And I wear an apron when I think of it or am really in the zone cooking or just not wanting to get overly messy. My favorite aprons are the two I had from working at Starbucks! They are not pretty, but they are durable, wash up easily and just all around work horses. I would love something a little more girly though 🙂

    • You’re so kind, Heather. I really will get back here… sometime. This just isn’t the season for regular blogging, but I miss all of YOU!

  77. I don’t wear an apron … probably because I don’t have one. 😉 I love your idea of using it to transition between ‘hats’ that you wear in the home, though.

  78. I slip on a ‘duckcloth’/carpenter’s apron whenever I fry bacon… the same one my hubby borrows when working at the Methodist Men’s annual pancake supper. This one would definitely be a step up in style! 😉

  79. I wear an apron nearly every day since I’m a very messy cook. 🙂 These are very cute ones.

  80. Caitlin says:

    I do wear an apron regularly but I don’t have one I love!

  81. I’m usually wearing jeans, a solid color top, and flats. My only jewelry I wear daily is my wedding band set and maybe some pearl studs in my ears. I would love to try wearing an apron more. I’ve been making myself wear more makeup daily and fix my hair instead of the usual ponytail. Seems to help my mood:)

  82. Barbara Youngren says:

    I used to never wear an apron, but now I love having a couple available. I’m not the neatest baker (at all), and even pull aprons out if I’m going to be scrubbing something messy. These aprons are adorable!

  83. Such cute aprons!

  84. I don’t wear an apron, but I remember my grandmother wearing one all the time. I love the opportunity to win one!

  85. Charity says:

    I’m a jeans, t-shirt and tennis shoes kind of girl. If I had a cute apron, I’d wear it. 🙂

  86. I occasionally wear a plain solid navy apron depending on what I am cooking. Often look at the pretty “princess” aprons, but never get one…not one to spend money on something for me. These look more practically built than others I have seen.

  87. Cheryl V says:

    I need to be better about wearing an apron! If I had a cute one like these, maybe it would be easier. I love the oil zippered pouches. So handy and beautiful!

  88. Heather says:

    I need Amy’s marvel burp cloths! …and a cute apron!

  89. Ashley P says:

    I really should wear an apron everyday. I pulled on a newish tshirt and it has spit up and grease stains. Argh!!! So frustrating when I miss the stains before I wash and DRY them…the worst!

  90. Abigail Gunter says:

    i don’t wear aprons very often, but I think it would be fun to have a cute one to wear while cooking or baking with my girls. It would be fun to get aprons for my girls too.

  91. I have one cute apron that I like to wear when I’m cooking or baking, and my little girl has a matching one 🙂

  92. No aprons in this house —- always wanted one, but never found one I liked; either too short or long, pulled around my neck, irritating fabric, etc. Maybe I’m just too fussy. Either way, still on the hunt for one.

  93. I love aprons, but I usually forget to put mine on till I’ve already gotten a spill on me. I want to get dressed every morning, but I don’t usually get a shower until nap time so that’s when I get out of my pjs

  94. Emily Nielsen says:

    Those are such pretty aprons! 🙂

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