My Husband Rocks

This might just be my favorite t-shirt.  I think it’s my husband’s favorite, too.  😉

For the last several weeks, we’ve explored lots of different ways to Honor the Man They Call Daddy.  Most recently, the acknowledgement that the gift is you!

If we’re to give our husband our best, Mandi says we need to recognize that Marriage is like Thanksgiving Dinner.  Such a great analogy!

When I was in high school, our pastor’s wife spoke about it this way: She said she wanted her marriage to be like Thanksgiving dinner. You know how it is, right? By the time you’re done eating all that Thanksgiving dinner has to offer, you can’t even think about other food.

In the same way, we should be filling our husbands up in our relationship so they will be so full they won’t even want to look at a McDonald’s sundae. Enough said.

JessieLeigh honors her husband by taking good care of herself.

It is critical that I take care of myself if I want to be able to meet the needs of others.  When I’m out-of-shape, I feel lousy and all I want to do is retreat within myself.  Feeling healthy and strong gives me energy and confidence… two things that are true blessings to the man I married.  I need to eat healthy- and adequate– food.  Despite how difficult it can be, I need to schedule those doctors’ appointments to ensure my health is in good stead.  If I’m going to be prepared to take great care of my family, I need to have taken, at the very least, moderately good care of myself.  As wives and mothers, this is an area where many of us consistently fail.

Jessica simplifies the obvious for us all.  Simply being together is critical to every healthy marriage.

One important thing I’ve realized over time is that simply being together is vital to our marriage, to our friendship, to our sense of intimacy with one another. If we go too long without really talking and connecting with one another, there isn’t the sense of unity that we enjoy so much.

The days go by all too quickly and when I’m busy being chef, chauffeur, nanny, and housekeeper, it’s all too easy to let time with my main squeeze fall by the wayside. Date nights are great, but every day interactions can often count more than a night out on the town.

I’ve so enjoyed collaborating with these ladies on a most important topic.  Thank you for joining us!  And… we have a little gift for one of you!  That favorite t-shirt up above?  You can find it at Union 28, along with a host of other family affirming attire.  So much fun!

www.MyHusbandRocks.NET - Union28 Marriage Apparel

For the grand finale of the Honoring Daddy series, Union 28 is offering one of our readers (separate giveaway on each blog) a $25 gift certificate! Want one?  Simply leave a comment:  What is one way you plan to honor your husband this Father’s Day weekend?

As always, feel free to earn a few extra entries by promoting this giveaway on twitter, facebook, or your own blog.  Just leave separate comments that you did!


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  1. Just trying to give him a day of what he wants! (Unfortunately he still has to work in the afternoon, though!)

  2. We are actually going to be at Disney World Sunday! But I hope to take some time to ourselves – just waiting for a ride, just the two of us! – and tell him what an awesome daddy he is.

  3. I shared on fb!

  4. I retweeted this giveaway!

  5. We will be going out to dinner to celebrate hubby.

  6. Melini Dunican says:

    I honor my husband by showing him how much he means to me. It is a second marriage for both of us and I know what a rough time he had. I try to make sure to have his favorite things in the house to drink and snack on. The first time I did that he lit up that someone would think of him. I bought him a new bumper for his truck for fathers day. He needed it for months but wouldn’t do it for himself. He’s so selfless. I honor him by loving him and showing him that everyday. He is my hero and should be treated that way.

  7. I just wrote about something similar at:

    Basically, high school sweethears act madly in love with each other and married people act like they can hardly stand each other. It shouldn’t be this way. We need to act as crazy in love in our 50’s as we did in our teens!

  8. Melini Dunican says:

    Shared on FB

  9. I’m makin hubby his favorite meal! Steak on the grill with some parmesan potatoes as well as Peanut Butter Rice Krispy pie!

  10. Rebecca says:

    I’m making his favorite food and want to give him plenty of time to relax and do what he wants! He is such a great daddy and I sure want to honor him. I would love one of those shirts!

  11. Heather says:

    I have created a collage with for my husband. I need to have it printed still…ran out of ink. But I plan on buying a frame, if I don’t have one laying around here somewhere. He will LOVE It. you are welcome to use my collage and print it for yourself or make your own.

  12. Love the shirt!
    We don’t have any extra money right now, so I asked my DH what he wanted. He wants me to make him chili and give him a massage.
    That’s what he’s getting!

  13. Lisa@Blessedwithgrace says:

    I am giving my husband simple and affirming reminders of what a great father he is, making sure he knows how important he is to us. I never want him to question if he is a good dad. He is the best!

  14. Our oldest son and myself have been busy making him things for the last few weeks that he will absolutely love! Mainly because we made them and they weren’t expensive 🙂 and the other reason will be because of the thought we put behind them. They sure have been tough keeping a secret, though! I’ve also invited his family to come over for the day (they live 3-4 hours away) as a surprise and will make his favorite foods of course. He deserves more than I could ever give, but my goal is to let my efforts reflect just how much I appreciate him and to have him completely surrounded by the people that love him most.

    thanks for the chance to win! LOVE their T-shirts!

  15. I tweeted @nikksworld. thanks again!

  16. Lisa@Blessedwithgrace says:

    I posted this on Facebook. Thanks Amy!

  17. Well, I know what he really wants {ahem} so there is that.

    We’re leaving after he gets off work on Sunday to go to his dad’s house for a week. Beach time with the family. More importantly, I won’t be working, which means I can pay more attention to him, which is his ABSOLUTE favorite.

  18. Jennifer says:

    By building him up in our boys eyes! I love Union 28!

  19. Jennifer says:

    I shared the give away on fb. 🙂

  20. Cyndi S says:

    We’re making dad his favorite food for breakfast and then letting him do whatever he wants for the rest of the day 🙂

  21. I plan to sneak in a date night, since my parents are visiting and can watch our kids!!

  22. Jennifer O. says:

    We are heading for vacation this week and the entire family is looking forward to spending time together, just us. I have one of the union28 t-shirts and I like to wear it on date nights. We had our 15th anniversary a few weeks ago and with three kids, ages 8, 6, and 4, I truly feel blessed by my husband and family. thanks.

  23. Vicki Rocha says:

    I plan on letting him sleep in and the girls and I will make breakfast. Then we will spend the day together as a family.
    Love the shirt:)

  24. We are having steak, baked potatoes, grilled veggies and grilled shrimp and I am going to attempt to make Carrabba’s bread and dipping sauce. We ate at Carrabba’s in FL for the first time in April and we could have just eaten the bread all night.

    Also, for a present, we got him Bear Pepper Spray ($44.99,WHEW), we just moved to Kalispell, and bears are for real here! So, that is our way of showing him that we love him, keeping him alive and safe from bears! =)

  25. Love the shirt! We will be on vacations and spending the day together riding a train from northern California to Santa Barbara. We already gave him his gifts, but have a card from him and some notes that my girls will be hiding in his suitcase for him to find.

  26. Rebecca H says:

    I’m going to let him have his free time to himself, and not try to get him to entertain the baby the whole afternoon!

  27. I will be honoring my husband on Father’s Day by making breakfast and helping him to have a relaxing day 🙂

  28. Making his favorite foods and spending the weekend together.

  29. We’ll be printing out Father’s Day “gift certificates” and customized candy bar wrappers.

  30. This may sound silly, but I plan to spend time with my hubby and his father. We seem to be with my family all the time so I thought it would be special to him to plan a special time with his Dad.

  31. We are going to make his favorite meal – Chicken Fried Steak w/Gravy over Garlic Mashed Potatoes, Salad, and Caramel Pecan Cheesecake for dessert. I also was able to obtain a coveted golf pass for 1/2 price via a Groupon type site. 😀

  32. Posted on Facebook. 😀

  33. Tweeted on @SweetsLady

  34. The kids have cards and I bought a small gift my hubby had his eye on last month.

  35. MichelleH says:

    We are giving him what he asked for … a quiet PJ day at home. The kids are looking forward to cooking him breakfast and I’m making steak for dinner, but other than that it’s just hang out together in our PJs.

  36. Thanks for this series!

    My husband said that his favorite thing now is his new lawnmower! So, we will will be honoring him by allowing him to take it easy this weekend!

  37. karen p. says:

    Just a day of letting him relax & feel special! We will cook his favorite breakfast & be ready for church early so we can all sit down & enjoy it together! Breakfasts on sundays are such a rarity here.

  38. Elizabeth Hall says:

    We already celebrated Father’s Day with my husband’s favorite meal. He’s going to be hiking the appalacian trail this weekend.

  39. Christie says:

    No kids yet, so while I respect my husband greatly, this day is about my dad. We’ll be spending a lot of time with both our dads that day!

  40. ACMommy3 says:

    I have really enjoyed all the Honoring Daddy/Husband posts! This weekend I and our children are honoring Daddy with a bbq cookout with all his favorite foods, and hand crafted items from the children, and a few special things from me. Also, planning on playing his music all weekend, having a clean house, and just relaxing as a family! 🙂 creedamy [at] yahoo[dot]com

  41. Kelly A. says:

    I’ll be giving my husban what he wants most… sleep in past 7 am!

  42. Our babies are all in Heaven, so Father’s Day doesn’t feel very real to us yet. But yesterday and overnight I took care of my 3 and 1 year old nieces. I just ached watching my husband play with them, read to them, help them eat supper, put their jammies on, lie down beside them and sing them to sleep. He’s going to be such a good Daddy if God gives us children of our own.

    I think, no I know, the best way I can honor him this week is to keep Not Eating Sugar, one of the most important things for helping me to recover from all my health issues, especially depression. Also to keep seeking Jesus for healing from the big and little hurts in my past. The more I pray over those things, the more I have freedom and joy and connection to my husband. He wants me well–that’s the best Father’s Day, birthday, anniversary, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day gift I can give him.

    • I want you well, too. Will continue to pray. (Missed the girls today when I went to pick up chickens, but I only had the sleeping baby with me so it may have been better that way. 😉 )

  43. I am honoring my husband by leaving our children and going to a destination wedding. He is a groomsmen in a wedding the beginning of next week and we are taking off this weekend to enjoy sometime together. It is completely out of of my comfort zone to leave our young children but he is super excited. I know they will get lots of love from their grandparents but this stay-at-home, homeschooling mommy is not used to leaving her kids behind. So my gift to my husband is happily following him out of state.

  44. No kids yet, but I still think Father’s Day is a great time to show my husband how much I respect him because someday he will be a great dad. We plan on spending the day salmon fishing….. it’s important to take an interest in his hobbies to.

  45. Kristie says:

    I made him some (I mean a million!) of your monster cookies today, hope to go to the zoo with him and two year old tomorrow, and we got him a “Snack Master” for Father’s day, just like the one he has as a bachelor. I don’t even know how to use the thing??
    Good luck to the family wheat harvest, get that money out of the field before the hail storms hit!!

  46. I’m making his favorite dessert (also is my Dad’s favorite – two birds with one stone!) : homemade ice cream. My Mom and I are joining forces to make a dinner featuring both guys favorite things.

  47. Kirk’s favorite food! Steak on the grill! With teenagers to feed this is a TREAT!

  48. Rebecca P says:

    Well, we don’t normally have steak around our house (actually the only “steak” I make is london broil and that’s rare) because of the cost. So this father’s day my husband went to the butcher and purchased a steak of his choosing, no matter the cost. I am sure he’ll be enjoying every bite!

  49. I Facebooked it.

  50. I tweeted it.

  51. I am going to honor my husband by having the kids make him special gifts and we will have whatever he wants to eat. We also got him an ice cream maker for Father’s Day.

  52. crystal m says:

    Facebooked it!

  53. crystal m says:

    I honor him simply by going with what he says infront of the kids. Not complaining is another way to honor him!

  54. I will listen. I will let him spend the day the way he wants, whether that’s alone time or time spent with family.

  55. My husband is deployed but my girls and I put together a box of some of his favorite snacks, magazines, photos and homemade cards. He is an awesome daddy! We will spoil him extra when he gets home!

  56. Jana Brown says:

    I made a special treat for him that has his all time favorite candy in it. I’m going to honor him by learning to be encouraging.

  57. Jessica says:

    Took pics of my boys holding signs that say ” We ♥ You” & put them in a pic frame….it turned out cute! I’ll have them each make a homemade card & I’ll make him some of his favorite foods for dinner on Sunday. Can’t wait til Sunday! And I’d love to wi

  58. Cherish says:

    I am surprising my husband with tickets to a bull riding event. Plus we will be having our first night out since our baby was born. Night outs are very rare now with a two year old, one year old and a newborn.

  59. Rebecca says:

    We rarely eat out any more so we are going out, thanks to a good deal with Half Off Depot. He got new tennis shoes already, he was really needing them. I will probably make him some crab salad tomorrow, he mentioned wanting some and I have frozen crab in the freezer.

  60. I would LOVE this shirt! For Father’s Day, I ordered a book from Amazon called “Conversations With My Father” which is a fill-in-the-blanks book similar to grandparent books so my husband can write down his history and other thoughts for our kids. We also got a couple of other small things, and we’ll probably take him out to eat.

    My 5-year-old has made a picture of a lion for him. : )

  61. Rebecca says:

    I just shared on Facebook.

  62. Daniele says:

    The night before we will go to church, and then come home for dinner and movies with all our younger kids. He is going flying with one of our daughters in morning and then he and I are going to a ballgame before having dinner with the older children and our only grandchild.

  63. The most important honor will be to pray for him. Prayer coupled with keeping our private lives private and not airing his faults – that’s a winning combination!

  64. My husband is deployed but my girls and I put together a box of some of his favorite snacks, magazines, photos and homemade cards. He is an awesome daddy! We will spoil him extra when he gets home.

  65. Angela Young says:

    My kids and I are going to do whatever it is my husband wants to do. He is quite frugal(read that cheap) so we got him a free card online and did a free collage photo of him and the kids. He’ll love it!

  66. Since we are both tightwads and he wouldn’t want me to buy him anything, I’ve written him a very sincere note about how great of a father he is to our kids and what a great example he sets for our boys to know what it means to be an awesome husband. 🙂

  67. Angela Young says:

    Posted this on facebook!

  68. We’re spending the day as a family with extended family and honoring all the Dads…Uncles, Grandpa and my hubby of course. Monday night we’re going out on a long needed movie and date night!

  69. By letting him do what he wants, which, as of now is a whole, relaxing day of nothing.

  70. Daniele says:

    posted on FB!!

  71. sarah c says:

    By giving him a day off with no responsibilities, too bad it will have to be a week late (he has to work).

  72. Jessica says:

    My daughter and I made my husbands favorite dessert. While we cooked I taught her about making other people’s favorite food instead of our own. I think it honors my husband when I teach my daughter how to be a good wife someday.

  73. Michelle says:

    Breakfast in bed and grilling steaks after church. He’s an awesome family man.

  74. Vanessa says:

    We are planning a fun filled day starting out with his favorite breakfast – southern style, then gifts that he wanted (but within budget), then in the afternoon he is planning some one on one time with the girls. Then of course his favorite dinner to top it all off.

  75. letting him do whatever he wants for a day!

  76. eunice b says:

    We have company this weekend, so it will have to be delayed a day or two…guess I’ll let him choose what he’d like to have…most likely sit and sip coffee together and chat about our day!

    ~eunice b
    tigergal01 @gmail .com

  77. Sarah Palermo says:

    My three children and I are going to make him breakfast. Then we are going to spend time with family after church. The kids and I have prepared a play that we are going to perform for my husband. He really loves the Narnia books so we have picked several scenes from the movie and are going to act them out with costumes and everything. I love my husband so much and I want my children to see that!

  78. By doing what he wants me to do: feed him ribs. 🙂 (Yes, that’s actually what he said he wanted for Father’s Day….)

  79. Jennifer says:

    We’ll be going to church then a relaxing day at home, grilling out and spending time with the kids.

  80. I try each and every day to take care of the kids, house and all his needs, Father’s Day is just an extension to add to thanking him for being such a great husband and Daddy!

  81. Joanna M says:

    My husband is working Sunday, but we have cards and a gift for him and will be making him his favorite dinner

  82. I always whisk the kids away so he can have a full day of quiet and doing whatever he wants. Then we come home to fix him his favorite dinner: his grandma’s lasagna and a chocolate dessert.

  83. I am going to make his favorite breakfast for him and we are going to eat outside. We are going to do what we love best: enjoy the beautiful children God has given us.

  84. For Father’s Day, we are honoring my husband by spending lots of time with him. Since he travels A LOT, he really values stress free time with the kids. We’re planning a picnic and park date for the family.

  85. We’re honoring my husband/their daddy by letting him spend the afternoon doing what he loves best – Grilling and napping! =)

  86. We are honoring my husband, a wonderful father to our 3 little ones, by spoiling him with doing whatever he wants to do, we are going to make him a yummy meal, and we have some special gifts the children made for him. We are also planning some time at the park and hopefully some fun at the local swimming pool.

  87. charity crawford says:

    u look so pretty in your pink shirt!

  88. I’m making a special breakfast that my mother in law used to make for my husband… Codfish and Potatoes. I got the recipe from another relative and am hoping that it turns out.

  89. The Daddy in our house is far away from us in Georgia playing polka music for the kiddos down there so we’ll be celebrating him without him! We’ve already Skyped this morning with him and his card was tucked into his suitcase….and he has ‘permission’ to play golf again today (he played yesterday) if he wants to.

    I love the shirt and it would be a fun surprise for him to see me wearing it!

    Thanks for the giveaway,

  90. My hubby loves it when we make him homemade things, so the kids & I will give him lots of homemade cards, goodies, etc. 🙂

  91. I just posted about the giveaway on Facebook. 🙂

  92. I plan on honoring my hubby by doing the things he wants to do. He’s such a great Daddy!

  93. This year we are celebrating a bit differently, but I think my husband still feels very special. His main gift? His third child born 3 days ago:) I think that’s a pretty special Father’s Day Gift!

  94. I am going to make his favorite…cheesecake! Hopefully he’ll get several pieces this time 😉

  95. I’m making sure he has time to relax and watch the US Open 🙂

  96. Today we did what he has been wanting to do for a while…took our 3 year old and 18-month old out on the lake in the kayaks for the first time. So much fun!

  97. We made a special breakfast and went for a paddleboat ride. My girls also folded some clothes for him today. Despite some squabbles, I think that we tried to make sure he knew how special he was to us today.

  98. This weekend I gave my hubby a bike buggy!! Now we can have family bike rides with our little one. He really loved that the gift put an emphasis on family time.

  99. Today, We honored my husband by visiting his father and grandfather-acknolwedging the line of fathers who came before him, teaching, supporting and loving him. It was great to be in the presence of so much love.

  100. Thanks so much, have really enjoyed this series! Today we loved daddy by good food (ice cream brownie cake, his favorite) and lots of time, just with him!

  101. I’m actually out of town visiting my family and my husband is also on a TDY – separate place from the rest of us…. So, we chose a card and the kids added their sentiments to it and we hid it in his suitcase before he left for his trip!! We also called him and each told him Happy Father’s Day and how much we love and appreciate him!

  102. Deborah says:

    Making a special dinner for him and having a nice family day.

  103. For all our meals I made my hubby’s favorites or asked him what he wanted.

  104. We had a great relaxing father’s day! Hubby wanted hamburgers and I “Let” him grill=)!

  105. For Father’s Day, my hubby went golfing (something he doesn’t get to do nearly often enough) and I made him his favorite chocolate chip cookies (something I don’t do often enough – bake for him rather than the kids).

  106. Shay Brewer says:

    We had a great time this weekend! We had a great time. He had his favorite meal and some fun time with the kids. It was a great day! Thanks for a great chance and a great series!

    Thanks so much,
    Momma to 3
    Shay B.

  107. Grill lots of meat. 🙂

  108. Margaret says:

    Made a special dinner.