Mr. 2 Turns 3 and “I See Me!” {Giveaway}

We aim to keep birthday gifts simple and meaningful around here.  An I See Me! personalized book does both!


Look who’s growing up!  Mr. 2 turned 3 today.  There goes my heart.

We had a huge family reunion yesterday and will celebrate September birthdays in a couple of weeks, so we kept the partying simple and quiet at home today.  Mr. 3 chose to play many many wii games and got his brother out of some chores in the process.  His other request was chocolate cupcakes and M&Ms.  Simple enough! (especially since I had some leftover homemade ice cream squirreled away from our football ice cream social Friday night.)

He was more concerned with the cupcakes than the gifts, and that’s a good thing since we strive to keep stuff at a minimum around here.  (I said strive.  Go ahead and laugh.  I, too, feel it’s a losing battle, as evidenced in the “pick 20 items that don’t belong” background of this photo.  Ain’t nobody got time for photoshop.  Or cleaning.  Ha!)


But that face.  “That’s my name, Mom!  My name’s in the book!  Look!  There it is again!”  It’s a great gift that is rewarded with an expression like that.

Children love to see their name in print. 

I See Me! provides high-quality personalized children’s books for just about every occasion. Bestsellers include My Very Own NameMy Very Own Fairy Tale, and My Very Happy Birthday.

The God Loves You! personalized children’s book tells your child just how much God loves them… and that they are God’s special creations! It comes personalized with a child’s name on the cover and throughout the text. God Loves You! features beautiful poetry by award-winning children’s author Jennifer Dewing and colorful, whimsical illustrations by award-winning artist Maria Carluccio. The book is perfect for the birth of a baby, baptism, naming ceremony, first communion, Easter, Passover or everyday occasion. It makes a perfect gift for children of the Christian, Jewish or Muslim faith.


I was given the God Loves You book for review, and as you can see, it was well received.  😉  The book is high-quality, has a beautiful design, and is made even more special with a personalized dedication page.  The price point ($29.95) is more than I’m usually willing to spend on books or toys, but the personalization makes this book a true treasure and perfect for special gift-giving occasions.

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Do you have a little one who would delight in seeing their name in a book?  One of my readers will win a certificate for a free personalized I See Me! Children’s Book of their choice!  Simply fill in the form below to enter!

Giveaway ends Friday, September 6.  US residents ages 18 and older, please.  Winner will be randomly drawn and notified by email.  This post will be updated with the winner’s name. 

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  1. My twins turned 3 today as well! :~) Very nice! Happy Birthday to the now-Mr. 3!

  2. Michelle M says:

    Love to see all the posts about your children!! Well loved children usually have smiles on their faces and your’s have big beautiful smiles!! I think your youngest has everyone wrapped around her little finger. Beautiful family!!

  3. I love the cupcake number idea! My little man would love this for his next birthday.

    Is your big girl starting a band instrument? I saw a case on the floor–trumpet, maybe?

    • Isn’t that the best?! Borrowed that idea years ago from one of my very first blogging friends. We use it all.the.time. So easy!

      Miss 10 is playing MY saxophone! It’s crazy!

      • You might know this already, but get her some Fibracell reeds rather than the cheap cane ones. You can use a Fibracell reed for ages and it is dependable, while the cane ones break and usually only about 1 or 2 out of 10 actually work.

        • I did NOT know that. Will look into those. They sound the same?

          • They work better and sound the same to me, only I don’t squeak so much. I think you can order them online, and I know one of the music stores in my old home town has them, too.

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