Motherhood is Glamorous ~ Giveaways for Mom!

Happy May!  Despite the winter weather advisory for tonight (yes, really) I’m ready to to celebrate spring and celebrate YOU with several giveaways lined up for the next few weeks.  You know, because Motherhood is Glamorous, and you deserve a little pampering.

Motherhood is Glamorous

I’ve got good reads, a baby carrier to free up your arms, a nursing pillow, truly glamorous earrings, a fun family devotional, skin care for mom, and more!

I’ll take care of the gifts.  You check back frequently to enter.  And in the meantime… what would be your one Mother’s Day wish? 

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  1. My wish would be that I could spend the day with all my children and grandchildren.

  2. My one Mothers Day wish… Totally I possible right now, but I would like a full night of sleep! I have a newborn right now…

  3. I would love a quiet, slow day to spend with my babies and hubby. No running errands, cooking or cleaning!

  4. Heather says:

    I asked for a compost bin made from pallets for mother’s day and there are 5 pallets in the garage and a willing husband who is going to put it together this weekend. He’s picking up the rest of the pallets today! I’m a lucky girl :) And according to his pallet source I’m crazy. The guy cannot believe that it is what I wanted for mother’s day!

  5. Sarah W says:

    I would have to echo having a slow quiet day with no cooking or cleaning. My boys are young so there are a lot of messes. I’d love to get down and get dirty with them without having to worry about cleaning up later or leaving the fun to cook!

  6. My one wish would be a huge beautiful planter of flowers to hang in front of the house. :) And my 2 month old to start sleeping through the night…. or at least switch to 1 feeding!

  7. Would love a night off from cooking and/or get my nails done.

  8. I would love a weekend getaway with my husband to relax and refresh. His crazy work schedule and life with a baby can make days feel repetitive so it would be so incredible to get away and “re-boot”

  9. Jennie C. says:

    No dishes……all day!!

  10. Charlotte Brewer says:

    I really really want to do my bedroom. We have NEVER had the money to “do” our bedroom. It is truly a mismatched/unrestful/crazy space and our furniture is broken and our bedspread has holes. I would really love to create a beautiful space and paint and just have a “bedroom/place” for us. It would be awesome.

  11. My Mother’s Day wish is to receive my foster son Scott for adoption. Tomorrow marks a year that he’s been in our home, and it will take a miracle for him to become ours.

    He prays every night–”Mama Daddy bring me home. Amen.” Which being interpreted is, “I want Mama and Daddy to keep me in this home.”

    Reminds me of another little boy who had his little prayer that he prayed every night . . . and eventually he got the little baby he’d prayed for, and then another one after that! I, too, need the faith of a child.

  12. Teressa says:

    I wish I could get a garden started that will grow this year! I’m looking to the square foot garden method…it seems manageable for me! :)

  13. I love a good pedicure. An hour at the spa with a good book does this Mom of 3 wonders!

  14. AnnaMarie says:

    I would love to take a day off from our family buisness with my husband and six kids and spend the day doing somthing fun. We don’t get to do a lot as a family since someone always has to answer the phones or help the guests. We are also expecting baby #7 in the fall so that will limit our going out together for awhile once the baby is born.

  15. Yvonne says:

    My wish would be to have our entire family together, including my hus

    band -long story!

  16. Hippie4ever says:

    My wish is to KNOW how to be the Mom God has called me to be.

  17. My wish is to have one day with no obligations, sports, etc. but to just spend a quality day with my family!

  18. Deborah says:

    My wish would be to spend the day with hubby and kiddos with no distractions.

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