Most Used Galaxy Apps

Disclosure: I am participating in the Verizon Moms Voices program and have been provided with a wireless device and six months of service in exchange for my honest opinions about the product.

You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone.

Last week my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 froze up for several hours, rendering it useless, and I was shocked. Not shocked that it froze (My theory is that 1) Mr. 3 tapped the screen one too many times, or 2) He just ran the battery down too low. It worked again after it had time to power up.), but shocked with how cranky I got that I couldn’t use it during that time! Apparently I use it more than I realize!

Those of you who are tablet fans are nodding your head (and possibly rolling your eyes) in solidarity. You know these little contraptions are quite handy. Go ahead and tell me again what you love about yours. Here’s what I missed on mine in the 5 hours it was unavailable the other day, mostly during the two times I was nursing Miss 1 and neeeeeeeded my tablet, because that’s what I do while I’m nursing!

The Pinterest App

I’ve been a pinning fool lately. While I still have a love/hate relationship with Pinterest as a consumer (I get overwhelmed easily), it is a fantastic avenue to get my posts to a new audience. (Plus, I can collect things without any clutter, and that’s just fun. Have you seen my All things Pumpkin and All things Apple boards? Love!) As a producer (of blog posts) Pinterest is the bomb.

How to Blog for Profit (read on the Galaxy) gave me the kick in the seat of my pants that I needed, so I’ve been pinning in every spare moment.  The Pinterest App makes it so handy when I can’t be on the computer. (You know what I need? I need a Pinterest scheduling app. Hmmm)

The Laudate App

This is the app I use for Bible reading and reflection, looking up prayers, learning more about the saints, etc.  I try to visit it at least once a day while nursing.

Kindle App

First it was How to Blog for Profit, now I’m reading Sparkly Green Earrings. Total entertainment. I’m loving the ease of having a book with me wherever I go. Yes, I know I could just take an actual book with me wherever I go, but 1) I’m working on my clutter tendencies, and 2) My kindle books are mostly FREE!

Solitaire App

Yes, really. Yes, it totally dates me, but I still enjoy an occasional game of solitare, and have taught Mr. 3 how to play. “An Ace! I found another Ace, mom!” Gotta love him.

Those are my most used apps while at home and mostly while nursing. I still prefer my keyboard and desktop computer while creating blog posts and doing anything that involves a lot of typing, but the tablet is fantastic for consuming. Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter are all super easy to browse with apps, and I am smitten with the wordpress app that is set up to go directly to my blog. I can monitor and reply to comments efficiently while nursing or riding in the car.

It’s growing on me, friends! I still doubt that I’ll pay for a 4G connection after my sponsored trial, but just having the tablet available at home (connected to our wi-fi) is super helpful!


  1. Great update! We have an iPad and do not pay for the connection and have found that between home (connected to wifi) and being out and about (so many places have free wifi now) we don’t notice not having the constant connection.

  2. Many of your posts remind us to be happy with what we have and with what we are blessed with so I am trying not to be jealous. Plus I am not nursing so why would I need a tablet or anything like that:) Glad you are enjoying it.

    • It really has come in handy because of 1) nursing, and 2) blogging. That and the fact that I no longer have a laptop. 🙁 I was so used to nursing while typing away on the laptop, but i can’t do that at my desk.

  3. I’m reading Blog For Profit too 🙂

    • There’s a whole lotta “if I had it to do all over again” things in there. CouldaWouldaShoulda, but I had NO idea I could make a (part-time) income on this blog when I started it. Live and learn!

      • Things have changed so much though in the past couple of years! I’m feeling a little overwhelmed by all the suggestions….and kind of wondering how my little blog “fits” or if it doesn’t fit at all and thats fine too. But I sure would love to be home full time right now, know what I mean? 🙂

  4. I don’t have a tablet, but use my iPhone constantly the same as you use the tablet! Consuming while nursing is fantastic. (And typing this on my iPhone also!)

    • I’m still not a fan of typing much on the tablet, just because I, but it’s handy in a pinch!

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