More Than a Game {Finer Things Friday}

It’s that time again!  Football practice starts Monday.  Early mornings.  Late evenings.  Games on Friday.  Breakfast Saturday.  It’s hectic.  It’s chaotic.  It’s so much more than football. 

Tonight we rewarded the guys who busted it all summer in the weight room with a steak dinner.  This is the aftermath.  Such a fun way to kick off the new season!  Yes, really!

Football season does mean long hours and late nights for my husband.  It does mean he’s not at my beck and call quite as much as I’d like him to be.  😉  It does mean 10 weeks of crazy busyness for the whole family.

You know what?  I’m good with that!  Around here, football season is so much more than the game.  Football is family.  It’s ice cream socials in my backyard.  It’s breakfast at o-dark-thirty on Saturday mornings, dedicated young men sprawled out on my living room floor.  It’s linemen and receivers holding my 4 year old’s dolly because she told them to.  It’s my kids squealing that “our friends are here!” when any of the boys show up at the door.

Football season is a Finer Thing!  (Remind me of that when I’m grouchy and grumbly and dog tired in a few weeks, okay?)

What Finer Things are you celebrating this week?  Link up and let us know!

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  1. And this year you’re not having a baby in the middle of football season! : )

  2. How fun! I love football season as well:)

  3. I am not a huge football fan anymore, but growing up, my brother played, my dad coached and my sisters and I cheered. I hold many fond memories of those times and am curious where my own children’s interests will lead me as our family grows. Today, they lead me simply to smile as the kids make tiny steps toward independence.

  4. The Weekend is my Finer Thing!!! I’m working on constructing cupcake stands for my daughters wedding out of mason jars and old enamelware platters! Fun for me 🙂

  5. I totally hear ya on this one Amy! College soccer started Wednesday, which basically means that I say to Matt, “I’ll see you in November!”

    But I LOVE it all. Going to games, supporting the team, feeding the team, feeding the team again…I look forward to it every year. (And then yes, I’m ready for it to be over in a few months.) 😉

    • Little L got up (I was still in bed with baby L) early this morning. I could hear him walking around the house, then heard the back door. He took off across the street to practice all on his own. LOVE living where he can do that and I can lay in bed and not freak out. 🙂

  6. Cook-outs with friends are definitely the finer things! Are you ready for some football????!!!

  7. Agreed – that totally is a fine thing!

  8. I love football, but small town football is amazing. I can’t wait for football season!!!

  9. As the mom of a senior football player (and a freshman) in a very small town…Footballl is a finer thing!

  10. It’s not football for us but soccer and wonderful soccer friends otherwise known as our soccer family. Team camp this week ended at a friend’s house for lunch and an afternoon at the pool.

  11. LOL! We started here yesterday (Friday) as well! Triples start on Monday. And I, too, will be hosting an Ice-cream social in our backyard for all 96 players! Thank goodness I don’t provide a breakfast for them all on Saturday mornings like you do! My 5yo looks forward to seeing “his teammates” on days when he gets to go to practice with Daddy… and each player has their own personal cheerleader in my 8yo. Nothing is finer this time of year…until it’s time for “Friday Night Lights!!” Good luck this season!! Go Cats!

    • Triples?! Whoa… We just have 2-a-days here. My 6yo got up on his own early this morning. I heard him go out the back door and knew he was headed across the street to practice. 🙂


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