Mommy, Come Home: What Do You Do All Day?

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You’ve decided to make some sacrifices.  You’re taking a leap of faith and diving into the world of the Stay at Home Mom.

So, what are you going to do all day, every day?  Won’t you be bored?

{Pause for all SAHMs to get control of their laughter.}

Even if you’re not homeschooling (I’m not), and you don’t have any obligations other than those to your family and home… it is quite easy to fill each day to overflowing.

Kudos to you working moms who can live frugally, cook from scratch, keep up with the laundry and housekeeping, and still have time for homework duty, reading books, bath time, and making your children and husband feel like the most important people in your world. You rock!

Sometimes (like after I’ve attempted to remove a blue mystery substance from the carpet for the fourth time in a day) I wish I was you.  But I’m not. I know my limitations, and that is part of the reason I’m home now.

So, what exactly do I do all day?  Hmmmm…

  • I dole out hugs and kisses and punishments and privileges.
  • I make play dough, and take walks, and referee scrimmages (I need a whistle!)
  • I go fish, and your turn, and what color is the duck?
  • I spend lots of time in the kitchen, cooking our meals from scratch and serving my husband by fixing food for his ball teams.
  • I take care of everything financial in our household.  Check balancing, budgeting (or lack thereof), couponing, etc.
  • I return library books, and pay fines, and pick up the mail, and deposit checks.
  • I do all the shopping, and all the non-shopping (which means do-it-yourself so you don’t have to pay for it!)
  • I wash, fold, and put away about 10 loads of laundry a week.
  • I blog, and tweet, and email, and spend way too much time on the computer.  (did I just admit to that?!)
  • I wrangle our calendar and tame our activities so we aren’t late… too often.
  • I pick 276 zucchini plants daily.  (and other gardening-related activities)
  • I (sometimes, kind of, attempt to) keep our home from looking like a talk show intervention set.

Bored?  That’s not a word that enters my vocabulary.

Being home gives me the gift of time. For now, my time is what my family needs.  And nearly everything I do during the day I can do with my children, teaching them and spending quantity time along the way.

I encourage you to visit Katie’s site today.  Katie has embraced her role as a SAHM and uses much of her time to develop excellent Kitchen Stewardship.

I noticed a “note-to-self” sort of sign on my friend’s refrigerator today.  It said something like:

“FORGET what is unnecessary

FOCUS on that which is important – your children’s souls!

NOT checking off the to-do list

NOT a pristine house

NOT a perfect meal

…just three little souls, bound for Heaven someday.”

That little piece of paper not only spoke to me to remind me what I need to remember to focus on during the day, but it also confirmed my suspicion that many of us SAHMs struggle with the tension between the mothering part of our job and the homemaking part.  It’s difficult to balance the cultivation of the children and the care of the house in which they live, develop, and (hopefully) thrive.

…I want to encourage you to embrace the “kitchen” line item in the job description of mother…

…Our kids have many needs, and their bodily health and welfare is certainly one of the important ones. Lesser so than their faith and their emotional development, but still something that “MOM” is more or less in control of…

…I believe that one responsibility that comes with the blessing of coming home is to use the time not spent on a payroll to keep your family healthy, preferably by spending as little money as possible.  This takes more time, but that’s the blessing SAHMs are given to work with…

Please head over to Kitchen Stewardship to read the rest of Katie’s post. You’ll be inspired by her fantastic cooking tips and recipes!

Tell me, how do you fill your day at home?


  1. Loved this post. Right now, with my son still across the country, I’m getting a little bored (even though I have tons of unpacking to do still). But I know that as soon as my 3-year old comes barreling through the door in October, my boring SAHM life will be no more. I can’t wait!

  2. Sitting here reading this post I kept thinking that it sounds so much like my life. I only have 1 child she is 10 and we are getting ready to start our second year of Homeschooling. A friend of mine says I am the busiest, most on the go SAHM she has ever met.
    No my house is not clean, no our laundry seems to never be all caught up and most of the time we don’t do a complete sit down session of school work.

    This is my life, we have raised a garden for the first time in my daugthers life this summer and we are learning the process of canning and preserving everything we have grown, I cook almost everything we eat from scratch, we are very active in our church and do many things there and sometimes she comes and gets in bed with me in the mornings and we lay in bed snuggling and sleeping until 9 a.m.

    We teach her about God and we love her and I am so busy sometimes I feel like I don’t have time to breath, but I would not go back to public work and I would not change a thing now.
    Thank You for this post.

  3. How many zucchini plants was that? 😉 Very well done, Amy. Thank you for including me in this project.

  4. OMG you just spoke to my SOUL…..I am in a continual balance between everything….and it is so hard sometimes AND that on top of the fact that you have given up “working” to be at home makes it even more difficult!!! I love being at home with my little one, made the best decision ever, however, my day is so full, ridiculously full – I do not get time to do it all – EVER. Also, that 10 loads of laundry thingo – yeah right – try about 30 a week…….pulease……now where is my redbull????????

  5. Love this post! Sometimes I wonder if I am doing enough. If I go to bed knowing that my daughter feels love then I have done enough!!

  6. Great post! And kudos to those working moms who do it all! We spend our day:
    -Reading books
    -Playing outside
    -Learning new skills
    -Cleaning up the kitchen
    -Doing laundry
    -Cleaning house
    -Mailing letters, going to the bank
    -Learning how to sew
    -Volunteering at church

    It’s a full day every day! And every night we’re exhausted! It fills up easily, and we’re NEVER bored!

  7. Just reading through that list makes me tired. No wonder us SAHMs are exhausted 99% of the time:-)

  8. Thank you for this post! (now if only my DH would read it and BELIEVE it, lol!) I also started a business so I work from home as well…the housekeeping part always seems to wind up at the bottom of my list. I feel like my kids are the priority, then my customers…I LOVE that verse and I think I am going to make myself a notepad with that on it to keep on my desk 🙂

  9. I just found your blog via the comment you left on My Charming Kids–I love it! Just wanted to let you know you have a new reader.

  10. I’m not a SAHM, I’m a SAH Wife. I resigned from my job about a month ago and have been loving my new life. I do everything, too – the laundry, the bills, the grocery shopping, appointments, cooking from scratch, walking the dogs, coordinating house maintainence, birthday cards and presents, holidays, and on and on! I’ve always have – now it’s just nice that I can go to bed at a reasonable time. My hubby is really busy – me being at home has really enhanced our quality of time. The dogs love it, too.

    • @Amy Green – Simply Sugar & Gluten-Free, I think there should be a series on the SAH wife. People really don’t “get it.” In fact, it was never something I considered, either. Just never knew that people still did that!

      I’m sure many young women could benefit from more information on what that’s like.

      • @Amy, I don’t talk about it much because I don’t think people get it. But, I used to teach elementary school and I wanted to do something different with my life. My husband gave me the opportunity to follow my dreams – so we will see where this journey takes us. I stay really busy with the house, the dogs, cooking, and my blog. I never thought I’d be here either, but I am – and am so grateful.

  11. Whoever said we sit around on our tush all day, watch soap operas and eat bon bons needs to be whipped. LOL!

    We homeschool but we also read, laundry, clean, bake, work on SONday school, help with church things, emails, blogs, cards, grocery shopping, bills, playing games with kids, encouraging others through calls or cards.

    Thank you for sharing this!!


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