Mid-Week Menu Plan

Well, we’ve managed to unpack and wash every.little.thing that belongs in our kitchen. Yay! I also sold a couple of items and took a wagon load to our local thrift store. If I didn’t use it in the old kitchen, I likely won’t use it in the new. Bye bye, clutter!

It was a sunny 78° here on Monday, with no wind (as opposed to our 38mph winds yesterday), so we busted out the grill. I filled it up and we have plenty of meat for the week’s lunches and another supper. My kind of cooking!

Here’s what we’ve eaten and are eating this week.


  • (brunch) biscuits and gravy, scrambled eggs, fruit
  • baked potatoes with chili beans and cheese, sliced apples

Weekday Breakfasts

  • oatmeal with raisins, lazy granola  with yogurt and blueberries, fried eggs and toast, leftovers from Sunday brunch, hashbrowns

Weekday Lunches

Easy Skillet Fajitas

Weekday Suppers

Spring is teasing us in Kansas, making me crave lighter meals and tangy, summery desserts. These lemon bars fit the bill. Give ’em a try!

Lemon Bars



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  1. Jennifer Hoffman says:

    Your menu plan a look great! What is your budget? What do u do for snacks/desserts, and do you always list when you do freezer cooking? When do you post your menu plans?
    Thanks so much and love your new kitchen!

    • All great questions! It will take a full post to talk about the budget and the snacks/desserts, so I’ll add those into my blogging schedule. I don’t always list the freezer cooking, but that’s a great idea! I try to post the menu plans sometime between Monday and Wednesday, but really need to get more consistent with my schedule.

      • Jennifer Hoffman says:

        Thanks so much, really appreciate you taking the time to answer my questions! It means a lot! Looking forward to your blog post!

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