Mercy Me, It’s STILL Christmas

Yep. I’m that girl. It’s still Christmas. The tenth day, in fact.


Well, I’m not exactly that girl, but I posted to Instagram yesterday: “We are in a play LATE, go to bed LATE, get up LATE, snuggle LATE habit. I’m loving every minute, but Monday morning is gonna hurt!” Eh, we’ll adjust. It’s still Christmas!

Yes, our tree is still up. (Still standing, even!) Yes, I ate cheese dip with chips and a side of yummy 7-layer bar for breakfast yesterday morning. At 10:30.

Last night while the other kids were busy with a sleepover and movies and such, Lance and I taught our two bigs to play 10-point pitch. After I won 😉 and we cleared the table, he looked at me and grinned, “THIS is what I dreamed about when we were dreaming for kids.”

Yep. We’re living it up.

It’s still Christmas.


I may or may not still be listening to Christmas music (some, busted out on the kids’ new karaoke machine, of course) like MercyMe, It’s Christmas. I can’t help it! While others are “so ready to be done” with Christmas on December 26, we’re just getting started, Christmas music and all!

Christian Christmas music is a great way to center our whole holiday on the Reason for the Season, and I was super pleasantly surprised to hear it playing at the mall when the girls and I took a day trip out a few days ago. What a gift!

Apparently not all businesses have gone secular for the holidays. Who knew?! Have you ever eaten at Pizza Ranch? There’s a fairly new one about an hour from me that we haven’t visited yet, but when I recently heard more about the company, I was instantly in the mood for a good pizza and chalked it up as a Must Try on our next trip to town!

Pizza Ranch was founded in 1981 in Iowa with a vision to glorify God by positively impacting the world and a mission to give every guest a legendary experience. MercyMe worked with Pizza Ranch in December to debut their new Christmas album. Incredible!

To celebrate their partnership and everyone who likes to celebrate all 12 Days of Christmas, I’m giving away a MercyMe, It’s Christmas cd on the blog. (Yes, in January.) To enter, just leave a comment. Any comment will do, but I’d love to hear if you are still celebrating Christmas with me. Or if you are dreading the early morning Monday alarm. Or if your tree was down and packed away on December 26. (We can still be friends!) Or which Christmas songs you could listen to all year long. Anything, really!

Giveaway ends Monday, January 4 at 11:59pm, CST. A winner will be randomly chosen and notified by email.



  1. Yes I am dreading Monday morning….which is why I am reading blogs and procrastinating on everything else since getting back to the real world is going to smack me in the face tomorrow.
    We are very much still celebrating Christmas…. Our tree is still up, but the ornaments may get packed up tonight. I like a few days of a plain tree with just lights.

  2. I took down our tree yesterday. I’m not sure who was more disappointed – the kids or the cats. 🙂 Anyhow, we love Mercy Me, any time of year! Thanks for the giveaway!

  3. We put our Christmas decorations away sooner than we usually do, because we had a day when we were iced in right after Christmas. It was convenient but I wasn’t quite ready!

  4. I agree! Leaving the decorations up, sleeping in, relaxing, but also fighting a cold.

  5. I’m still celebrating! We made Christmas cookies yesterday…but the tree had to go. And we sang Christmas songs at church

  6. It is still the Christmas season…and the tree doesn’t come down until that ends, so it will be up until next weekend! I’m so with you! It actually makes me sad when people take it all down the 26th. I would love have this CD and totally didn’t know that about Pizza Ranch. Makes me happy that we go there once a year to take my grandparents when we visit them in South Dakota. They love it, my kids think it is the best treat and now it turns out we are supporting a great business!

  7. Dana Garry says:

    I’ve never commented on a blog before and just found you while looking for the best way to make homemade hashbrowns. We’re on the same LATE schedule and loving it. I have a daughter named Amy who drove away half an hour ago… back to college….back to reality. We’re not ready yet. Christmas really is the most wonderful time of the year! Keeping it up at least until Tuesday.

  8. Never heard of Pizza Ranch, but it sounds like a place I would like to support. I took the ornaments off our tree but it still stands and we are enjoying the lights. Hate to let it go. 🙂

  9. Our tree is still up and LIT! We love Christmas and we squeeze every drop out of it! <3

  10. Our tree is stil up as is all our decorations. Inside and outside our home. We still turn the outside Christmas lights on at night. And the Christmas movies are still playing on the T.V.

  11. Tree is definitely still up and will stay up for the next week. I enjoy the early morning peacefulness it brings with lights on and everyone else is still in bed. Trying to enjoy the season as long as possible. And YES Monday morning will be rough!

  12. Kara Mayfield says:

    I love the flexible schedule of Christmas but am always so ready for the decorations to be gone. (They came down the 28th)
    I do love Christmas music most especially Casting Crowns, Point of Grace, Chris Tomlin & Rend Collective.
    Tomorrow is going to be brutal.

  13. When I was growing up, my mom would leave the tree up till February or March! Now that I’m married and have my own children, we put ours away sometime in January, no special plan–just whenever we’re mostly done with the decorations. And we love Pizza Ranch! They have a great mix of food–pizza and salad bar, as well as chicken and potatoes! That is where almost all my babies learned to love chicken legs–great to chew on while mom and dad are going back for more from the buffet (after I take off the gristle and extra bone, of course). 🙂 We often go after church on Sundays.

  14. I consider it Christmas time as long as the Christmas cookies last. Still have a few left although my husband may take care of them tonight. Would love to own Mercy Me’s album. Must have been under a rock as I wasn’t aware of their Christmas album. I really didn’t listen to Christmas music this year. Don’t know why, I love it and have quite a few cd’s. Will shape up and get my vocals ready early for this coming year. Happy New Year. Love your blog.

  15. Susan Baughman says:

    Still doing Christmas. Why rush a good thing. Tree still up, gifts still under it, and plenty of Hallmark Christmas movies still waiting to be watched.

  16. Christmas is put away here ( well, the decorations, not the 6 laundry baskets of gifts we brought home from generous family!). But only because it’s much easier to put away when my husband is home to wrangle the kids while I pick up or carry the heavy stuff to the basement. I’ve been listening to Christmas music since Nov 1, so I’m ready to be done. But I always break it out mid summer when it’s really hot

  17. We are still celebrating Christmas… on purpose! We put the tree up only a couple of days before Christmas and plan to leave it up all this next week. I love having it up when my family returns to work, school, etc. Keeps me good company and is cheerful on January mornings. I love the lights, but I am also still wearing Christmas clothes. :o)) We don’t “get tired of Christmas.” No siree, not in our family! :o))

  18. I truly agree Chistmas does not end till we celebrate The Three kings feast which is usually the 6th of Jan but since it is a weekday it will be celebrated on 10th of Jan. So till then it’s Christmas-time in my house. Even though the dining and the wining are done, guests from out of town have gone, the spirit of the season lives on. Till next weekend all the decor, the decorated tree, the lights and the music playing in the background stays on. It gladdens the heart to know that there are more people out there who share the same beliefs.

  19. I LOVE Christmas music!!! I have enjoyed listening to Michael Card’s The Promise album. Would love the Mercy Me Cd. Christmas tree just came down yesterday, but still have my nativity scenes out.

  20. Brenda Fuentes says:

    We love Pizza Ranch! We go to the buffet in Pocahontas, Iowa when we visit our family. My husband is Puerto Rican so the tree stays up until after Epiphany/Three Kings Day.

  21. Connie C. says:

    We are embracing the holidays as long as we can with the sleep late, lounge around attitude. Tomorrow morning is really, really going to hurt but it was worth it!

  22. Our tree is down. Still missing my mom to much to enjoy the holiday this year. I will say that the last present wasn’t opened until yesterday. Since our sixth daughters birthday is the 28th she thinks that the decorations are all up for her.

  23. Tree came down because we needed the space while we remodeled a bedroom during vacation time but your vacation sounds much better.

  24. Tree is going to come down once the kids head to school & I can enjoy some home alone time! Ha! Daughter played ‘Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree’ at church today… a fun song for Epiphany Sunday & I thought fitting for one last blast of holiday cheer before we ‘un-Decked the Halls’ after the service. 😉

  25. We’re still celebrating Christmas! Our kids don’t go back to school until Tuesday, but I think we’d all be ready for them to go back tomorrow! I like listening to the Pentatonix Christmas music. I have two more days to enjoy it!

  26. Mary Johnson says:

    I took my tree down on the first. I’m dreading Monday more than my kids!!

  27. Yes. Still celebrating. Crazy games of Dutch Blitz with the kids. Tomorrow morning is going to hurt.

  28. Normally the tree stays up for another week or so but we spent a few days away from home earlier this week and I didn’t want a dead tree around for when we got back. But the other decorations are still out. Probably about Feb we’ll get them put away. And the kiddos are still watching the Christmas videos so those will stay out a while longer too. Even though we homeschool–I’m not ready for Monday. Maybe one more day…. especially since we finally got snow today here in the Pacific Northwet. Hope it stays a while.

    • I think that would have to make a huge difference. Fake trees can probably stay up longer. (We had a few real trees growing up and I LOVED them! But they were kind of a mess…)

  29. My tree is still up and I am still singing carols! My son was asking when it would come down, but he knows it will stay until Epiphany. I do love Mercy Me! Happy 12 Days of Christmas to you.

  30. Still celebrating here. We celebrate the 12 days after Christmas until Epiphany and then some. Our tree will be up until at least next weekend! Thanks for the giveaway! Thanks for Celebrating!

  31. Tree came down on the 29th….later than I had wanted it but it’s okay. My Christmas village turned into my winter village so I can keep it up for a couple more months. Our outside decorations are still up, lights and all, wreaths, etc., does that count?

  32. I am thankful that we can Celebrate Christmas everyday since Jesus is our Lord and Savior. I would like to leave the tree up longer but since we homeschool in a small area., I took it down for more room.

  33. definitely, the tree and decorations are still up and lit. The best part of the holiday season is the true 12 days of Christmas, not the 12 days before. The real ones are much more relaxing and spiritually fulfilling.

  34. Still have our tree and decorations up, but coming down tomorrow. My hubby is home tomorrow, so it’s so much easier to put away with him here. Back to reality tomorrow! I would love Mercy Me’s cd…always looking for new Christian music!

  35. I felt a little funny turning on my Christmas Cd in the car as I went by myself to church, but I figure that I’m by myself, so there was no one to object. The fact that I put that CD in back in November is irrelevant. Ha!

  36. I take the month of December to slowly put up decorations, a bit every day or two, just to string out the pleasure of it. Then I put it all away slowly over the month of January. The greenery and lights are so comforting, welcoming and beautiful in the bleak mid-winter.

    I taught my children carols in music class at church this fall, and they sing them all day every day. I expect that to last for months . . . And they have gotten a lot of fun out of carting the Timity Scene all over the house, setting up the kings and Mary and Joseph and the stable and of course, Baby Jesus! Tonight our baby through foster care was crawling around, chewing on Jesus’ head. I thought He’d be tickled at the idea.

    (Random note to Amy–I’ll hit 20 Weeks on Friday!!!! Don’t remember if I’d told you. All is going well this time, thanks be to God.)

    • 20 weeks! It’s going fast! (Don’t you love it when friends who are NOT pregnant talk about how “fast” your pregnancy is going? 😉 )

  37. Christmas decor is put away ,but no school until Tuesday here.

  38. I try to keep Christmas in my heart all year long. After all we should be thoughtful of others. A smile, opening a door for someone with their hands full, helping a person put their groceries in their car etc… Someone who is truly stranded and needs gas (Yep I have taken them down to the gas station, purchased gas cans and filled them up-enough to follow them to the gas station so I can fill their tank).
    A neighbor and I fix meals for the elderly who live in our cul du sac, and then deliver them hot and fresh each month. So at least we know they are eating good healthy meals (desserts now that is another story ).
    Yep it feels good to do things all year long with Christmas in the heart ..
    Oh yah my lights are still up .. LOL much to the chagrin of a neighbor across the street … LOL OH well ……

  39. Jennifer Jessee says:

    Still have tree up. Usually take down on new years. However, this year we were celebrating my cousins wedding. Not dreading Monday because hubby and daughter go back to work and school on Tuesday. So one more day of Christmas fun before reality hits. Would love to have mercy me christmas to listen to year around. Love Christmas music anytime.

  40. Our tree is still up, and we’ve been enjoying late mornings and nights as well. Christmas carols still spilling out. Still have Christmas with my husbands family next weekend, so still have Christmas baking to do! 🙂

  41. Jessica Lynn says:

    Hello! We are leisurely around here too! Glad we’re not the only ones! 😉 So funny! We’re ready to “dread” the work week tomorrow! Because isn’t that what we all do? I try to live & love life to the fullest, however. Ready for 2016 & to renew my search for a new job. Hubs is ready to return back to work after a week & a half off during the CAT plant shut-down. So blessed! Tree is still up. Probably will remain up until next year due to its location in the basement man-cave. We still have one more Christmas to celebrate with my sister’s family once time allows. So awesome to share with everyone here! Make it a great year!!! Be the ray of sunshine in your world!

  42. Connie Teasley says:

    Our tree came down Dec 27th this year. Working around a work schedule. Dreaded that alarm this morning.

  43. We’d never heard of Pizza Ranch in VA, but ate at 1 in South Dakota in 2014. Yummy. Now that I know the story, wish there was 1 here. And yes,our tree is down.

  44. Our tree stays up well into January. 🙂

  45. Our tree is down. 🙁 But I’m still listening to Christmas music! Would love to hear this one.

  46. I love Christmas, and would like school to recognize the ENTIRE season, because once we’re back in our daily grind I’m really not feeling it anymore.
    Would love this CD. I currently have a Matthew West CD stuck (really stuck! ) in my car’s CD player. I think God wants me to hear a message, lol. So many messages….

  47. My tree is still up. Not sure when I’m taking it down. I wish they would play Christmas music until New Year’s Day. Would love to win this CD.

  48. Yes! It’s still Christmas at our house!

  49. I waited until after I put the kids on the bus this morning to take down the tree…I hated to take it down, but it’s a bit of a relief to get things back to “normal”. but I love Christmas music any time of year!

  50. Oh we do love Christmas, here. Tree up music on, still in 12 days of Christmas mode. Hard to do when the secular world is done at midnight 12/26.

  51. Cynthia Hutchinson says:

    Yes, tank you–12 days of Christmas!!

  52. Hannah Reid says:

    I dreaded getting back into routine this morning, but everyone survived fairly well!

  53. I was listening to Christmas music all afternoon yesterday while I was working in the kitchen!

  54. I survived Monday. Took down Christmas yesterday and it always makes my house look bigger. 😀

  55. Christmas stuff is put away at our house, only because I have pets, and it is easier on everyone. I LOVE Mercy Me, and would be thrilled to play their new Christmas album if I won!! Also, Monday was dreaded, but we made it through. Now just 4 more days until the weekend! 😉

  56. I always leave my tree and decorations up until after Little Christmas. My wise men travel around the living room, only making it to the manger on the morning of the 6th. In keeping with a tradition my parents kept, we also have a small gift for each of us on Little Christmas. Have never heard Mercy Me, but love Christian music and any Christmas album!

  57. I listen to Christmas music year round. It just makes me happy. While I put all the decorations away on New Years Day. I was already thinking what ornanment Crafts I want the kids to make for next year. May be we will make them for Christmas in July!

  58. I like to have the house clean and dexluttered before the new year starts, so we’re done with Christmas here.