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My cyber-friend Phoebe gave us all a little frugal-thinking assignment this week.  Her timing was good, as I’ve had a few questions asked lately about my meal planning strategy.  Here’s the lowdown.

  • How many weeks do you plan at a time? I always make sure I have a full week planned by Sunday evening, but I often pencil in recipes throughout the week as I find ingredients on sale or in the back corner of the pantry. *ahem* The most I’ve ever done at once is 2 weeks, but that didn’t work very well for me.
  • How do you keep track of it all? I write my meal plan on our refrigerator, along with my daily to do list.  I also keep track of it in my post drafts section of my blog.  That way it’s ready to post Sunday night.  As I record a recipe I check for ingredients and add anything I don’t have to my grocery list.
  • How do you decide what to eat? That’s a loaded question!  Our meals are planned based on what we have on hand, what I find on clearance at the store, what our schedule is, and even the weather forecast!  I’m not making soup if it’s over 70° outside.  😉 Oh, and I try to rotate our protein and not have beef every single night.
  • How has it helped you? Menu planning is one thing that is organized at my house!  It has saved me money because I look to what I have and what’s on sale first, and it saves time because I’m not wondering throughout the day what we’re going to eat.  It’s also made us healthier eaters because, by planning ahead, I can make more things from scratch.

Check out how others make their menu plans at Phoebe’s blog, and look for more frugal ideas at Crystal’s blog.

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  1. That’s a great way to do it:-)

  2. Loved this post.

    Your method of planning is very similar to mine. Love that you put it on the fridge … I should do that too so that I don’t get the “what’s for dinner?” question every night !!

  3. I totally agree with you. I also take into account what I have, what my schedule is, and especially the weather. We have things like potato soup and “heavy” foods in the winter and “lighter” foods in the summer. I don’t like to use the oven if it’s that hot out. So we grill or use the crockpot or microwave.

  4. Money saving is a big reason to do menu planning. Have a great weekend.

  5. Dear Amy~
    Thank you for your kind words! Nothing delights me more than to hear that God can use my words to encourage the heart of a momma to keep pressing on in-training up her children in the way they should go and pursuing the disciplines of the faith! Blessings x 10,0000-jean

  6. Meal planning has definitely helped us to rotate our meat/protein. We also put our plan on the fridge–helps with those inquiring minds–and helps me to remember what we are having so I can do any prep work.

    Thanks for linking, Amy!

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