Menu Plan – Week of May 4


We’re gearing up for a super crazy week.  On Saturday I’m hosting my sister’s baby shower brunch in our home and then a cookout (or cook-in, if it’s raining!) to celebrate our daughter’s 6th birthday, my brother’s birthday, and Mother’s Day.  The way I see it is… if I’m going to all the trouble of cleaning my house, we’re having a full-on party, by golly!

We also have our school athletic banquet tomorrow night, I’m making cinnamon rolls to take to the teacher’s workroom Tuesday morning for Teacher Appreciation Day, taking birthday treats to school on Wednesday, and I want to make a meal for a family whose mom is having minor surgery on Thursday.  Wish me luck!  Oh — did I mention that I really need to clean my house?!

Sunday, May 3

Weeknight Suppers

Saturday, May 9

  • baby shower brunch – I have no idea what’s on the menu I can’t tell you what’s on the menu because the guest of honor and many other guests read this blog!  I’ll tell you all about it next week.
  • afternoon cookout – My generous family is helping me out here, so don’t feel too sorry for me!   😉    We’ll eat hamburgers, bratwurst, hotdogs, potato salad, deviled eggs, corn salad, fruit, baked beans, chips, strawberry cake, birthday cupcakes, and homemade ice cream  Want to join us?!
  • I plan to be fully passed out on my bed by 6:00 Saturday evening.  No supper required!

Head over to OrgJunkie for menu planning inspiration.

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  1. You do have a crazy week ahead–but you can do it!! The smoked sausage w/green beans and rosemary potatoes sounds SOO good.

  2. What a doozy of a week, but looks like you all will be eating good! I need directions so I can join you on Saturday…oh, and my husband and 5 kids too. 😉 What can we bring!? I’m trying to nail down my menu for this week! Better get busy busy! Busy week but hope you enjoy it too!

  3. I have a crazy week too. Hard for me to plan this week! Your cinnamon rolls look wonderful!

  4. Sounds yummy! Those cinnamon rolls look good. I may have to try those out!

  5. Wow!! Your week sounds like mine:-)

  6. what a fun week! Praying it’s not too crazy for you and you get a chance to enjoy the festivities and Mother’s Day!

  7. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! for posting the recipe for the cinnamon rolls! I made them for our teachers Tuesday and they were raved over! Of course I had to pull 6 of them out so we could sample them first and they were delicious! Thanks again, have a great rest of the week!!

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