Menu Plan, Week of March 3

spinach oven omelet

Earlier this week I had an 11:15 ballgame for our 7 year old on the calendar for Saturday, and that was it.  As the week progressed we ended up adding a few other events to the day.  After we left the house at 9:30 that morning, we didn’t return until 11:40 that night.  Such is life!

This morning begins a(nother) much needed Reset Monday, and I better kick it in gear!  The menu is planned, though, so one thing I don’t have to mess with is figuring out what’s for supper. I’ll take that small victory and run with it!


I scrambled 9 eggs this morning for the whole family.  Ended up having to fry one for myself after everyone went to school!  So thankful for good eaters, but wow!


Anyone have big plans this week?  We have a 2 ½ hour (one way) road trip ahead of us, and I’m hoping to outline the “real food” series while we’re on the road.  Or sooner, if I can get my bathroom cleaned first.  😉


  1. Should I not admit I have to cook at LEAST ten for my family that’s smaller than yours? 😉 Your menu looks yummy! I love eggs and spinach together– so good.

  2. It’s reset monday here too 🙂

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