Menu Plan, Week of March 16


My menu plan is abbreviated this week.  Lance has a coaching clinic in Nebraska and my parents have agreed to keep the kids so that I can go with him!  Love those rare, spontaneous getaways (and really love those grandparents who make it possible)!

Sunday, 3/15

  • fried eggs, whole wheat pretzels with powdered sugar icing, fruit
  • Lance and the two older kids headed to the farm and ate lunch with Papa and Grammy.  The little one and I had leftovers.
  • supper at the farm after a day of cutting and hauling limbs, feeding and counting cows and working baby calves (sandwich buffet, chips, fruit, etc.)

Weeknight Suppers

  • sloppy joes (recipe coming Tuesday ~ so very good!) on homemade buns, deviled eggs, ranch potato wedges
  • grilled steak, baked potatoes, peas, fresh strawberry limeade slush (I don’t have any great St. Paddy’s day recipes, so we’ll celebrate with 78° weather and steak!)  Oh, and we’ll have green eggs and ham for breakfast.  😉
  • turkey lattice pie (using Kate’s crescent roll recipe for the top), fruit salad
  • taco soup and corn bread muffins (didn’t get to this last week)

We’ll fix a quick breakfast Friday morning and pack snacks for the road, then we’re outta here!

Help!  I need a fun St. Patrick’s-themed after school snack for Tuesday.  Do you have a recipe for me?  Please leave a link in the comments.

Have a great week!  Erin at $5 Dinners is hosting Menu Plan Monday today, where you can find hundereds of meal ideas.

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  1. I read a few St. Patrick’s Day snack ideas at

    *Lucky Lime Drinks
    Put one or two small scoops of lime sherbet in a clear glass ice-cream cup or mug. Pour 7-Up over the sherbet. Add a dollop of whipped cream, green sugar sprinkles and a green maraschino cherry!

    *Go Green – Feeding Your Little Leprechauns
    Green fruit: grapes, kiwi, green apple, and honey dew melon, served with yogurt dip
    Raw green vegetables: green beans, celery and cucumber, served with dip
    Cheese sandwiches or quesadillas cut with a shamrock cookie cutter
    Green Jell-O Jigglers or green gelatin, topped with marshmallows
    Don’t forget to turn your dips green with food coloring.

    By the way, I just recently found your blog through Money Saving Mom and I already appreciate your recipes and love for Finer Things. 🙂 I’m inspired. 🙂

  2. Hey, you aren’t going to be in the middle of NE anywhere, are you? If Lance gets lonely for cows, he can come see ours. :>)

    My little one turns TWO on Tuesday. Where does time go?

  3. Hi Amy! For our parade this past weekend I made green popcorn (mother goose popcorn… here’s the link)
    I just mixed blue and yellow food coloring and it was a hit!! I found it was better to make it ahead of time and leave it so the sugar hardened a bit (I actually made ours the night before and left it overnight…it was delicious!) Another great and genuine Irish treat is Dublin’s finest apple cake. I may just make this for our breakfast that morning. It too is delicious! I don’t make mine with the whiskey and it tastes great. You can sub. almond extract or vanilla. I’ve also used Irish creme liquor for the glaze instead of the whiskey (when I make it for adults, b/c the kids don’t like the taste of it), or just use the cream, powd. sugar, and water if I’m making it for the family . Here’s the link:

    Good luck and Erin go Bragh!!

  4. What about green dye in homemade marshmallow treats?!?

  5. Sounds yummy – hope you have a great trip!

  6. I love Shayla’s suggestions!! I might try one of those:-)

  7. I like to take breadsticks (either homemade or Pillsbury, time permitting!) and shape them into three hearts and a stem. Sprinkle with cinnamon and green sugars and bake as directed. Super easy and yummy! My sister and I both married Irishmen, so we’re learning to make St. Patrick’s Day a bigger deal than we when we were little (Norwegian) girls. 🙂

  8. Heidi in NJ says:

    we’re doing green knox blocks cut with my shamrock cookie cutter.

  9. I am making celery sticks with cream cheese I have added green dye to. Delish!

  10. Great looking meal plan! 😀 I’m making some chocolate mint dream cookies for St. Patty’s day today. I just posted the recipe.

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