Menu Plan, Week of March 14

Yay for Spring Break!  Forget suntans and travel, we’ve got some lofty plans this week.  With a little bit of hardware, paint, and window treatments (purchased with swagbucks), some long-overdue home improvement projects are slated to keep us busy.

That means, even though the whole family is home and will be expecting to be fed at regular intervals, I’m not going to have a lot of time in the kitchen.  Luckily, our “home all day” mojo usually brings on a big, late breakfast and one other meal when we get around to it.  Other hungry moments will be satisfied with sandwiches, fruit, leftovers and popcorn.

Here’s what our week might look like.

Sunday, 3/14

Monday, 3/15

Tuesday, 3/16

Wednesday, 3/17

Thursday, 3/18

Friday, 3/19

  • waffles, fruit
  • baked fish, homemade mac & cheese (who has the best recipe?!), green beans

Saturday, 3/20

  • We’ll either clean out the fridge, or… surprise the kids with an all-day trip to the zoo.  Shhh, don’t tell!

Do you eat differently when the whole family’s home all day, every day?


  1. We do eat differently when everyone is home. It’s weird. There’s even less structure to our meals if no one has to leave the house. It usually turns into find something for breakfast and lunch on your own, then maybe we’ll throw together dinner for everyone. Everyone at home days are much slower and more casual than scheduled days around here.

    Best of luck with the home improvements! 🙂

  2. Laura over at Heavenly Homemakers has the BEST mac n cheese recipe! You’ll love it! Have a great break, I still have 2 weeks of school until ours. 🙁

  3. You mean your kids actually sleep in and eat a late breakfast? Mine certainly don’t. I wish I could get away with cooking only twice a day. Have a good break.

  4. Looks like a great and yummy week:-)

  5. I have more elaborate and scheduled meals when everyone is home. My husband typically skips breakfast on his work days (I know, I know… you don’t have to tell ME that’s a bad idea!!!) and our lunches are simpler and smaller if he’s not here. Plus, when he’s HOME, I feel more able to indulge in more time-consuming meal prep in my kitchen since he has the littles well under control. I’m not saying we have three huge, fancy meals every day… but I would say that I do more and fancier cookin’ with my man home all day. 🙂

  6. My family IS home all day, every day. We are lucky that my husband works from home – it’s great for our family. It’s not so great for my grocery budget, though. Several years ago when he first started working from home, he announced that he had had enough sandwiches to last him the rest of his life, thank you very much. So now not only do I have to listen to those incessant questions about What’s for Dinner, but also What’s for Lunch. I’m all, You’re 40 years old, figure it out. Which usually means he gobbles the leftovers I have foolishly been saving for dinner… Ah, well. Small price to pay to have Daddy home every day.

    • Ah, yes, that would be a unique challenge! Three full meals a day would cause me to whip some organizational skills back into shape, I do believe!

  7. I love Pioneer Woman’s macaroni and cheese recipe. 🙂

  8. I made the pizza crust you listed above tonight and loved it! So good. Thanks for sharing it makes pizza night so much easier.

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