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We’re on week 2 of the Summer Pantry Challenge, and I’m intent on discovering what lurks in the depths of my freezers and pantry.  Today, it was bread heels and crusts, left over from a long ago breakfast casserole.  They came in handy, though, as I pulverized them into bread crumbs for a casserole topping.  Free food from the freezer!

In addition to 4 ballgames this week (the end of the season!) and an orthodontist appointment for our oldest (she is so excited, silly girl!), it’s also sweet corn harvest time, so we’ll be gorging on sweet corn on the cob for much of the week.  Now if only I had some garden tomatoes to go with it!

Today we have a family reunion.  I’m taking cheesy summer squash casserole, pineapple zucchini sheet cake, and brownie fruit pizza.  Recipes coming!

Here’s what we’re eating, mostly from the stockpile, the rest of the week.


Snacky Meal Options


“Big” Meal

  • pork fried rice (I’ve never made fried rice, but need something to help use up my pork cutlets.  Anyone have a great recipe for me?), sweet corn
  • turkey burgers (in the freezer) on homemade hamburger buns, sweet corn, grilled squash and zucchini
  • loaded tostadas (hamburger, taco seasoning, and corn tortillas in the freezer), sweet corn
  • toasted meatball subs on homemade french bread (meatballs and sauce in the freezer), fried zucchini, sweet corn
  • grilled zucchini pizza, sweet corn (what else?!)


Got zucchini?  Add your zucchini recipes here!

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  1. There’s a morning show in Utah that had a fantastic fried rice recipe. I thought I’d share. (You can just substitute your pork for the chicken. I love it with diced ham!)
    Chef: Nicea DeGering

    1 to 2 Chicken breasts or 10 Chicken Tenders (cut into small pieces)
    3 Scrambled eggs
    2 Carrots (finely grated)
    1/2 White onion (finely chopped)
    3/4 cup Frozen peas
    1/2 cup Butter
    1 to 2 Garlic cloves (Crushed) or 1 teaspoon of garlic Powder
    2 cups White rice (not instant)

    Marinate chicken in soy sauce, if you do not have much time, mix it with chicken before cooking
    In a large frying pan Cook chicken in small amount of olive oil, add carrots and onions and sauté until clear
    Add frozen peas and cook until soft.
    In a separate pan cook rice then add to the mixture
    In another pan, scramble three eggs, chop finely and add to mixture
    Melt 1/2 cup butter, add crushed garlic cloves to butter, stir and add to mixture
    Mix all together well, add soy sauce to taste and Enjoy.

  2. Hope you enjoy the grilled zucchini pizza!

    • I was thrilled to find it and can’t wait to try it out! Even my “sick of zucchini already” children are anxious to give it a try. 😉

  3. Amy Schaffer says:

    Nony over at has an easy, delicious fried rice recipe.

  4. Not a recipe, but an add in that I really like for fried rice is toasted almonds. Use the already sliced ones, or chop your own. I toast them in a dry skillet on the stovetop. Just heat up a skillet on the stove, and add your almonds. Stir frequently and remove them when they start to brown and smell yummy. Keep a close eye on them because burned almonds are not good in fried rice, or much else. I also like to add strips of scrambled egg to mine.

    Don’t worry too much about a recipe. Fried rice is more a technique to learn than a specific recipe to follow. And it’s a pretty simple technique too, just fry some rice (usually with a little soy sauce), then add some goodies (meat, veggies, nuts, eggs, tofu). It’s also good for a clean-out-the-fridge meal because it is so flexible for ingredients.

  5. I don’t have a fried rice recipe, but I love this dish that came from Good Housekeeping magazine a while back:

    Pork & Nectarines
    4 ripe nectarines cut into wedges
    1 tsp and 2 TBS of olive oil
    2 T Balsalmic Vinegar

    Heat grill pan; Brush nectarines with oil; Place in pan, and cook 10 minutes.

    Grill Pork.

    Wisk vinegar, salt, pepper and oil. Serve over watercress. top with pork and nectarines. Drizzle with remaining dressing.

  6. The zucchini pizza’s look delicous. I will have to try that one!

  7. I have a few Asian cookbooks and they all recommend using day old rice when making fried rice. It’s a great way to use up leftovers!

  8. The zucchini pizza sounds like a great way to get more veggies into my children! Great menu.

  9. I learned to make fried rice using Kate’s recipe:
    Hers is great, but I like to add a couple of diced carrots and some frozen peas. Add the carrots after stirring in the soy sauce, cover and let the carrots soften a little. Add the peas right at the end before you serve. Just toss them in frozen, they will only take a minute or two to thaw as you stir them into the hot steamy rice. I have made this recipe so often that I know it by heart. My family loves it without meat as a side dish or with chicken or pork added in as a light meal. Yum!

  10. i love zuchini! what hreat ways to incorporate it. fried is my favorite or raw in salads..but it has to be shredded! bookmarking the casserole and peach muffins
    i would love if you would come visit my blog and check out my Menu Plan
    Enjoy your week
    From Cristin To Mommy

  11. I had a woman at the Farmer’s Market that was running a stand with lots of big zucchini tell me about a recipe last weekend that sounded fabulous. She said she diced up a big zucchini and a big onion and sauteed them in a pan for a few minutes. She said she added ground beef, pork or whatever meat she had on hand, salt, pepper, a cup of white or brown rice, cream of mushroom soup and broth (she didn’t give me the measurements unfortunately but I assume a can of the soup and a couple of cups of broth). She said she covered it and cooked it until it was done about 25 minutes. She said she’d even made it in the crock pot with good outcome, again no instruction on how long or what temperature. I haven’t made it yet but like another customer and I remarked, it sure sounded much better than what we planned to make with our zucchini. 😉

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