Menu Plan, Week of July 3

July.  Wow.

We’re ushering in this new summer month with a long weekend of celebration in our Tiny Town and the Tiny(er) Town my husband grew up in, started even one day earlier than expected with squeals of surprise when some friends from out of state showed up on our porch!  While there is so little time to eat when there is fun to be had, eat we must… and sno cones can be devoured for only so many meals.

I’ve joined FishMama and some other clever ladies for a Summertime Pantry Challenge in July.  Our meals this week and this month will reflect my goals for the challenge.  Namely:

  1. Organize, take inventory, and use what I have.
  2. Build meals around garden produce.
  3. Spend less at the store, and make room (in our freezer and our wallet) for a cow and pig that are headed my way.

With all that in mind, here’s what we’ll be eating this week.

Snack lunch tray last week.


“Big Meal”

“Snacky Meal” (Three square meals rarely happens with our summer schedule.  We’re good with that!)

Got zucchini? Feel free to link your recipes to this collection!

Look no further than OrgJunkie for hundreds of menu planning ideas.


  1. So many good things on your menu… I espceically love the snack lunch tray and the monterey ranch quesadillas. Will have to try both very soon!

  2. Looks yummy!

  3. the snack trays look fun!!
    i’d love if you visited my blog
    you can check out my Menu Plan here

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