Menu Plan, Week of January 1

We just got home from “Crazy Christmas” weekend at my parents’.  Kids everywhere (ages 9, 8, 8, 6, 6, 4, 3, 2, 2, 1, 8 months, and 7 months), food everywhere, beds everywhere, and no sleep.  😉  So much fun!  After eating like we did, though, I want to go on a cooking strike.  I’m guessing the rest of my family will disagree.

This is week 1 of the Pantry Challenge, and in typical Amy fashion, I’m winging it.  My immediate goal for the challenge is to take inventory of what we have in our freezers and pantry and start implementing that in our meals, but after a weekend away and company tomorrow after an ortho appointment for our oldest, it might take me a few days to start the projects.  This week’s menu is based off of our schedule and what I know we have on hand without even looking.

Sunday, January 1 (nope ~ no black-eyed peas on the menu!)

Monday, January 2

  • Santa Cereal for the kids, eggs and poppy seed dessert bread for mom and dad
  • lunch out with my big girl, daddy’s got a fridge of leftovers to choose from
  • we may go out to eat if our company’s still here, or we may scavenge the fridge and pantry and make out just fine, I’m sure

As for the rest of the week, school starts again on Tuesday, and I’m keeping it simple and focusing on using what we have as much as possible.


  • oatmeal with apples
  • lazy granola
  • eggs with zucchini muffins
  • I may try a breakfast recipe using quinoa; anyone have a good one?


  • leftovers, salads, hard boiled eggs, popcorn, fruit


  • taco soup or chicken noodle soup (fundraiser dinner at the ballgame)
  • baked pork chops, pumpkin pie potatoes, peas
  • something made with sticky chicken (mostly because I need to make more chicken stock!)

And that’s all I know.  We won’t go hungry, but I do need to dig through my stash before I plan too far ahead.  When I’m in town tomorrow I’ll need to grab some fruit and maybe some salad, but I’m hoping to keep it at that and use what we have.  Here goes!

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  1. I’m brand new to quinoa, so I don’t have a recipe to suggest of my own yet … but here is where I’ve been rounding up the ones I want to try –

    • Thanks for the link; I have a bag lurking in my pantry and I’ve never made quinoa before!

      • The one tip I know is that you have to rinse it really well; it has soapy coating on it that you just don’t want to taste! I’m brand new to it, as well … I haven’t decided what recipe will start our quinoa journey, but I’ve heard that anywhere I use rice is a good place to sneak it in if I want to camouflage it with the kids. We are also introducing millet soon.

    • Ooo, thanks for that!

  2. I enjoyed eating quinoa with a little butter & maple syrup. Haven’t had it in years, but that was a nice start to my mornings. God bless!

  3. Crazy christmas sounds like a blast, I can’t imagine that many little ones!! Hope you have a slower week and the menu plan looks lovely. I just may make a sticky chicken too, I am low on stock!

  4. I desparately need to take inventory as well. The depths of my chest freezer are hiding numerous treasures I am sure. For the past month or so we have just been eating whatever is on top. Not the greatest plan long term I think. LOL

  5. Taking inventory is my big reason for doing this challenge as well.

  6. Hey Amy,
    I was reading through some comments from the lazy granola post and how one reader broke her pan trying to break the granola up because it was so hard. Well, my granola smelled great the first two hours and then smelled burned. I thought maybe it would just be the edges, but nope. Woke up to a pan of blackened oats (I think I tried to make it from memory and my oven was too high). So I tossed it and started over (after reading your recipe again). Just about burned that batch too. Thank goodness it was morning and I was watching it closely. It was ready after two hours and had to be removed from the oven. The first two attempts at this Lazy Granola it came out great. The 3rd and 4th attmepts, not so great. I thought maybe because I used butter, when I used to use oil. But you said you’ve use butter right? I have to figure this out though because I want to be able to have granola in the summer months.

    • I do use butter. So strange that you are having trouble! The oven is only on for 10 minutes, so I don’t understand how it’s burning them at all. I made it again last week and checked at the two hour point, and my oven was nearly cool by then. I wish I could help more.

  7. Yum! definitely going to try the lazy granola and sticky chicken- thanks for the ideas!

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