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Menu Plan, Week of February 17

I feel like we went away for the weekend, when really we were only 20 miles from home at a ball tournament.  Five games later, we’re back in action today, and the menu plan is somewhat on “repeat” from last week as I switched and changed things around to meet the ins and outs of the days.  There is much catching up to do around here, and I am most thankful for this Reset Monday! [3]

yogurt parfait

Sunday, 2/17

Weekday Breakfast Options

Any combination of homemade granola [5], oatmeal, parfaits, eggs, muffins (morning glory muffins in the freezer), french toast, omletes [6]

Smothered Beans and Rice Burritos from amysfinerthings.com

Weekday Suppers

Saturday, 2/23

I’m not sure if I have enough tortillas, but I’d really like to make double or triple batches of the pot pie and burritos for the freezer while I’m at it!  Doing any batch cooking/baking at your house this week?