Menu Plan, Week of February 17

I feel like we went away for the weekend, when really we were only 20 miles from home at a ball tournament.  Five games later, we’re back in action today, and the menu plan is somewhat on “repeat” from last week as I switched and changed things around to meet the ins and outs of the days.  There is much catching up to do around here, and I am most thankful for this Reset Monday!

yogurt parfait

Sunday, 2/17

  • sausage patties, fried eggs, blueberry muffins (requested by my basketball player)
  • fast food, enjoyed at the park on a warm February day ~ craziness!
  • yogurt/granola parfaits

Weekday Breakfast Options

Any combination of homemade granola, oatmeal, parfaits, eggs, muffins (morning glory muffins in the freezer), french toast, omletes

Smothered Beans and Rice Burritos from

Weekday Suppers

Saturday, 2/23

I’m not sure if I have enough tortillas, but I’d really like to make double or triple batches of the pot pie and burritos for the freezer while I’m at it!  Doing any batch cooking/baking at your house this week?


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  1. Thanks for always keeping it real and saying that you had fast food. I read other blogs who are always about planning, homemade, never eat something non whole food and it sometimes gets discouraging. I live in the real world and am so glad that you do too! It makes me love this blog even more knowing that I can see someone living a life like I do. Thanks again for being a great blogger!

  2. I made a batch of morning glory muffins this weekend and they are SO good! I’d never even heard of them until your blog and then I ran across the recipe when I was looking in my King Arthur whole grains cookbook. My first grader doesn’t like sandwiches everyday for lunch so sometimes she gets muffins to mix it up – and we do homemade ‘lunchables’ with meat, real cheese, and triscuits . . . And we were out of muffins! I probably wouldn’t have made them except you’d mentioned them.

  3. I love your blog and thought I would take a second and tell you! Thanks for taking the time out of your day to share snippets with us.

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