Menu Plan, Week of February 10

I came home from a basketball game and grocery run to this in my Facebook newsfeed.

It made me giggle, because on our way home we stopped at Dollar General to grab 3 boxes of Valentines for 3 satisfied school kids who then happily taped Halloween and/or Christmas parade candy on each dollar store card.  And we are ready for Valentine’s Day sooner than 10:00 the night before.  Mom wins with good enough!  (Maybe next year I can make something Pinterest worthy.)  😉

So this week we have Ash Wednesday, Azure co-op drop,Valentine’s Day, a home basketball game Friday night, and basketball games for our two oldest all day Saturday.  Let’s get this show on the road!

Peppers for Fajitas

Saturday, 2/9

  • oatmeal with raisins for the kids, fried eggs and toast for dad, breakfast burrito and oranges (to go) for mom ~ at least I got to eat!
  • leftovers:  some had fajitas, others had layered ham skillet (I very much appreciate having leftovers to turn to for part of the weekend!)
  • nachos/popcorn/apples

Sunday, 2/10

Weekday Breakfasts

granola, oatmeal, french toast, eggs (fried or scrambled), toast, morning glory muffins, fruit

Smothered Beans and Rice Burritos from

Weekday Suppers

Have a fun week!  Are any of you buried under all that snow I keep seeing in photos?  So jealous!  It seems winter is skipping my part of Kansas this year. 

PS ~ Do you make, buy, or skip valentines completely?



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  1. We buy them. (As you may have guessed from my FB status. 😉 ) I love Valentine’s Day! I’m not sure I’d enjoy it as much if I turned it into a complicated affair. (By the way, those burritos look amazing every time I see them. My husband won’t TOUCH beans, but I may have to make them some night when he’ll be working late!)

  2. When I try to open the Aussie Chicken Recipe I get French Bread. French Bread and the burrito recipe both work. :)

  3. We stopped at the Dollar Tree yesterday and bought valentines…then I felt a little guilt pang, so my son made some homemade valentines for his teacher and teacher’s aid. Not quite ready for Pinterest, but yeah, maybe next year :).

  4. We got ours at Target! When I get all that fancy homemade stuff from other kids at school, I say WOW! But that’s where it ends, I do not have the time, patience, not desire to do that for something that is going to get thrown away anyways!

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