Menu Plan, Week of August 9


It’s back to reality after our little vacation last week.  And the reality is, no matter what’s going on in our day… no matter how crazy life is… the people in my house get hungry and I have to feed them.  The other reality is that even though menu planning sometimes seems tedious and time consuming, it pays to have a plan!  Here’s ours:

Sunday, August 9

Monday, August 10

  • scrambled eggs, strawberry zucchini muffins, peaches
  • sack lunch (sandwiches, chips, grapes, Chex Mix, applesauce) for a road trip
  • sloppy joes, cheesy zucchini crisps, veggies and dip

And the rest of the week… is looking rather chaotic.  Between appointments, extra kids here, Lance being gone a day or two — I’m not sure who will be around to eat what meals.  It might be a “play as we go” type of week, but I like to know my options!

Breakfast Options

Lunch/Supper Options

Meal Fillers/Snacks

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  1. I hope you had a nice trip and enjoyed your time away. Your menu looks great. I hope you enjoy the peanut butter baked oatmeal. It is on our plan this week also.

  2. Well, if you really want to make your kids happy try adding in a few chocolate chips to the pb oatmeal. It makes it even better, but less healthy. 🙂

  3. Looks yummy. I LOVE zucchini, but we didn’t plant any this year. However, I bought some to grill this weekend, and have some leftover to baked or oven-fry. Love it. Have a great week!

  4. I still have zucchini coming out my ears! 🙂
    Have you posted the Strawberry Cupcakes that I’ve seen you mention?
    Good to know other people are crazy busy like me.

  5. Great menu. We haven’t had sloppy joes in a while. I am going to add it to a menu soon.
    Happy Cooking!

  6. LOL! What is up with that? Thinking they need food. ;)Great looking menu! Lots more zucchini, huh?! 😀

  7. Yet another great menu:-)

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