Menu Plan, Week of 5/20


School’s out!  Always trying to look on the positive side of things, our budget cuts (had to cancel the last week of school this year to save some money) have given me an extra week with my family.  Yay for everyone being home!  Well, Lance will be home after his classroom is cleaned up and he’s checked out, and when he’s not organizing football camps or helping with track practice and meets, and when he’s not at the farm getting ready for harvest.  Oh, wait.  I guess everyone’s not home!  😉

I walked away from the grocery store Saturday with another steal.  24 pounds of granny smith apples for $8.72. That’s just 36¢ per pound!  Come on over Monday if you need a sniff of homemade applesauce, because that’s what I’ll be making!

Here’s what we’re eating this week (served with a side applesauce, of course)…

Sunday, 5/17

  • waffles, scrambled eggs
  • leftover Aussie Chicken and garlic mashed potatoes (I made waaaay too many potatoes for the guys last night)
  • graduation cookout/reception for Lance’s cousin

Weekday Breakfast Options – any combination of granola, eggs (fried or scrambled), toast, muffins, smoothies, fruit, applesauce

Weekday Lunch Options – leftovers, pb&j, pizza pockets, carrot sticks (and other veggies) with dip, fruit, smoothies, pigs in a blanket


  • turkey tetrazinni, salad
  • grilled honey mustard chicken, salad (I found two marked down “baby spring mix with herbs” organic salad boxes at the grocery store, also.  Great motivation to eat our greens!) garlic mashed potato patties with cheese
  • lentil brown rice casserole,fruit
  • grilled hamburgers (we’ll fill the grill Tuesday night so that tonight’s supper will be effortless) deviled eggs, garlic oven fries
  • sandwiches and snacks for regional track meet over two hours away (hmmm, grandma… are you available?!)

Saturday, 5/23

  • biscuits and gravy, scrambled eggs, fruit
  • loaded tostadas
  • clean out the fridge

And as for when I’m not in the kitchen this week… we have one more graduation tomorrow night, a garden to finish planting, appointments and garage sale hopping (yipee!), and a track meet.  Just because school’s out doesn’t mean it’s time to slow down!

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  1. Another great and yummy week!!

  2. I always enjoy looking at your menus and getting ideas. I think when my mom visits this summer I’m going to try canning with supervision, and then maybe I can try it on my own after that. The applesauce looks just too yummy to pass up.

    I bookmarked a couple of your other recipes as well. Thanks for sharing them.

  3. That all sounds delicious~

  4. I LOVE garage sales 🙂 Have fun with your family this week… and have fun making applesauce!!

  5. Great bargain on the apples.
    Great menu planned!
    I’m having a blog birthday drawing ~ prize is a $25 gift certificate from vinylvineyard at

  6. Great deal on the apples. Way to go! Thanks for sharing your menu!

  7. Sounds like a yummy plan for a busy week! Enjoy!

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