Menu Plan, Spring Break Edition


Last week we had record temp in the 80s, and now that Spring Break has arrived, we’re back to the wind, the clouds, and the 50s.  Ah, well.  Such is life!

Today we’re making our Spring Break Work and Play list, and “spending lots of time in the kitchen” is not included, so we’ll likely keep it as simple as we can around here.  I have no plans to go to the store anytime soon, so use what we have is also happening.

And here’s what we have:

Saturday, March 16

Sunday, March 17

We don’t have school this week, so we will probably go the route of two big meals (late breakfast and early dinner) with a lighter snack in between.  I’m still setting my alarm for 6:00 (which may just kill me during spring break) so maybe the 2yo (since spring break or no spring break, he will still rise and shine early) and I can get some breakfast baking done each morning and fill the freezer.  That would be fabulous!

Recipe for Homemade English Muffins at

Breakfast Options and Ideas

"Take Out" Fried Rice at Home ~ Click for recipe.

Supper Options and Ideas (This is the kind of week when I really appreciate having a big freezer.  I have all of this stuff handy and can make what I want whenever I need to make it.)

  • ham and bean soup (I need to roast a sticky chicken tomorrow so that I can make another batch of chicken stock for this.), cheddar
  • skillet spaghetti (recipe coming), french bread, salad
  • pizza braid, carrot sticks
  • chicken fried rice (Lance has requested that we have this almost weekly.  Frugal, fast, and healthy.  I can do that!), blender ice cream
  • something meatless ~ if we get to the store before Friday, I’ll do fish and chips.

What does your spring break look like?  Big trips?  Day trips?  Fun things at home?  Work at home?  What spring break?  😉


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  1. I was just stopping by to get your fried rice recipe when Lo and behold you’re serving it this week too! Love how it uses up all the odds and ends!

    Oh and yes we are watching The Bible too! We’re loving it! Very intense! I imagine too intense for some of your little ones right?

    • Yes! We would tell them to turn away, then we’d make them leave the room until a more calm part, then we decided that it just wasn’t working. The were out of the room more than they were in. So… we decided we’d watch “What’s in the Bible” instead. 🙂

  2. Oh, I love all the baby chub! How old is she? My daughter just turned one on Friday and I am quite sure your girl is bigger. My son was a chunk so we were quite shocked to have such a peanut this time around!

  3. Our spring break is after Easter. We are planning on going out of state to visit family. I’m not looking forward to the car ride with a 5 and 2 year old though.

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