Menu Plan Sidetrack

I told myself I was going to blog more last week, at least get a menu plan up, and then this happened.

floorAnd this.

progress1And this!!!

progressAnd I ended up completely sidetracked by progress.

We are close, friends. So close. So close that with every interruption and snafu, I end up in tears with All of the Overwhelm. Good thing I can blame pregnancy hormones, huh?

Today the backsplash and floor were both grouted. Tomorrow they clean that up, finish the trim work, and call in the electrician and plumber. I should (optimistic much?) have a kitchen by the weekend!

For now we are still making do in the laundry room, and I’ll just be straightforward that my hubby brought pizzas for supper on his way home from picking up appliances (that we were told are white but decidedly are not). Mama needed to paint. Everyone needed to eat. The end.

Yesterday when I was fixing Sunday brunch, a child sweetly asked if there was “anything kind of sweet” to go with their eggs. My kids miss muffins! We all are ready for an oven again, and I fully plan to whip up some cinnamon rolls and banana/chocolate chip muffins on Day 1! We’re hanging in there, though, and no one is starving.

Eating from the Laundry Room (the final edition. hopefully)

Breakfast Options

  • cereal
  • instant oatmeal (kids’ favorite
  • cinnamon raisin toast, bagels, English muffins
  • bacon/egg/cheese sandwich with toasted English muffins, fresh grapefruit (pregnant mom’s breakfast of champions)
  • fried eggs and toast (when mom gets up early enough)

Lunch Options

  • leftovers
  • sandwiches, fruit, carrots
  • tuna salad (with lettuce, hard-boiled eggs, and chopped dill pickles) in toasted pita pockets <——– mom’s latest craving, apples



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  1. A quick sweet for breakfast is a toasted bagel with butter, sugar cinnamon mixture, and a little icing. As good as a cinnamon roll.

  2. I am so excited for you to have a new kitchen. I gutted my several years ago best
    thing I ever did and it is still in good shape. We added a garden window with a shelf which really opened the kitchen up. I can hardly wait to see the pictures!


  3. I’m so glad you’ll get to cook in your kitchen soon! With being pregnant + having 5 kids, you need to at least have a kitchen :).

  4. Wahoo! That looks awesome!! So excited for you to have that space! Thanks for sharing some progress photos with us! 🙂

  5. I could not visualize how you could gain more space in that kitchen, so it’s fun to see updates. And wow–is that kitchen worth the wait! It’s beautiful! You’ll lose all the baby weight in no time, running from one end of that kitchen to the other.

    What fun–I’m so happy for you, Amy!

    • Ha! You are hilarious. But yes, crazy amazing what 40 square feet will do for a kitchen! Can’t wait til you come home again. Put us on your schedule!

  6. Your kitchen progress looks beautiful and I can only imagine when it’s completely finished. I love your backsplash and those cabinets. You’re very brave to go with a light countertop I always stain those with some sort of juice, food coloring and the like. What a blessing you all were able to get this done early in the pregnancy. I know you’re gonna wanna use your new kitchen to get some meals into the freezer. I’m so happy to be able to see your new kitchen Amy!

  7. Oh my goodness your kitchen is looking amazing!! We’re tearing up yucky carpet and enclosing a space, so we have a crazy mess right now. The messy time is totally worth the outcome! I can’t wait to see a home tour! 😉

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