Menu Plan: Post Baby Edition

While I seriously could spend all day every day doing this (and really, I mostly do!)…

If this child ever grows into his hands, he will be one big boy!

…it seems the rest of my family would still like to eat a few meals a day, baby or no baby.

With the help of my mom and some other friends and family, I’ve cooked very little in the last 10 days.  It’s time I get back in the saddle, though, and simple is definitely the name of my game around here for the next few weeks.  Quite frankly, sometimes the simplest of meals end up being the healthiest and most kid-pleasing, too.

Our little man arrived on the first day of school, abruptly halting the lazy summer days of Breakfast Like a King and light meals in the evening.  Now we’re back to a quick breakfast before school, simple lunch for myself and the littles, and a (usually, mostly, whenever there isn’t a ballgame or other school activity) sit-down supper for whoever isn’t holding the baby.  😉

Here’s the (very flexible, subject to change if mama ever makes it to the store) plan for this week:

Sunday, September 12

  • waffles, sausage links, scrambled eggs
  • chicken enchiladas, broccoli rice casserole, strawberries (provided by family)
  • leftovers, fresh fruit, popcorn

Weekday Breakfast Options

Lunch Fare – leftovers, sandwiches (pb&j, grilled cheese), fresh fruit and veggies, applesauce, cheese quesadillas

Supper Time – served with whatever fruit and veggie I can find or a tossed salad (which I am SOOO craving right now!)

How do you simplify your meals with a schedule change or other big events (like a baby!)??  Any quick and easy recipes I need to know about?

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  1. Wow! His fingers are really long! Maybe he’ll be a basketball player, or a piano player!

    Grilled cheese and tomato soup is always my go-to easy lunch/dinner! You can “dress it up” with Muenster cheese or something fancy.

    I also love Pinto beans in the crock pot with a ham hock. Serve with corn bread- easy and healthy, and basically no work!

  2. Congratulations again and have a yummy week:-)

  3. I love pasta dishes and soup/sandwich combos during those busy “new baby” days! They always come together quickly and seem to hit the spot. (Your baby’s fingers remind me a bit of MINE… and I was a hand model for many years. So… you never know. 😉 )

  4. First of all, he is gorgeous. Congratulations!
    For me, the slow cooker really came in handy after the baby arrived. I was able to throw things together in the morning when things were a bit calmer and it freed me up later in the day when everyone was “grunchier”. Slow cooker meals also work for us since our 3 year old doesn’t eat much so most slow cooker meals will feed us two dinners.

  5. I love my crock pot.

    If you are looking for a super quick method. Place frozen chicken breasts with a bottle of decent bbq sauce or salad dressing in a cold crock pot. Cook on low 6-7 hours.

    You could also toss some cream of mushroom soup, mushrooms, chicken in the crock pot.

    Not the healthiest but better than eating out!

  6. Bobbie Czajka says:

    Super easy, super good dinner. Put chicken breasts (I use boneless, skinless) in the crockpot. Pour a jar of salsa over the top and cook all day. Excellent just like it is or use in tortillas for tacos, burritos, enchiladas or quesadillas.

  7. Congratulations on your little man!!!
    I remember those new baby days well.
    As for fast & easy…
    Use your crockpot!!! Already some good ideas listed here. And is also a fantastic resource.
    Don’t be afraid to ask for help 🙂 and enjoy these moments because they are gone all too quickly.

  8. I realized last night that we have several things every single afternoon/evening this week. My husband and I will frequently be runninig in opposite directions. Dinner should be very interesting. I have been contemplating it and so far I have come up with crockpot chicken with potatoes and carrots, applesauce and rolls, tacos, spaghetti, leftovers, and breakfast for dinner. Thankfully we don’t have weeks like this often.

  9. I love making meals… when I’m in the “mood” (or when I have the time). I love to make chili and I put it in the fridge in my slow cooker bowl. When I need a quick meal I just pop it in the slow cooker and there’s hardly any work required. My super-easy chili recipe goes like this: brown 1 lb. hamburger, add tomato soup, 1 cup water, 1 can pork `n bean, 1 can Heinz chili beans and chili powder. Let simmer for 20 minutes. Seriously, this is the best chili I`ve ever tasted ;).

  10. Meal planning is going to be super important now – it will save you so much time! Congratulations!

  11. God Bless your new bundle of joy. My two little ones, not so little anymore, my daughter is 9, my son will be 5 in two weeks, are both in school now, so now I can get so much done, but I miss when they were that small. Take care & make sure to take your vitamins.

  12. What a cutie!!! Enjoy all of the snuggle time. = )

  13. Congratulations on your adorable baby boy!

    Here’s what I made for dinner tonight. I’ve made it a million times and it’s still one of our favorites. I serve it over rice (and usually double the sauce). Quick, easy, and delicious!

    Glazed Kielbasa

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