Menu Plan – Pantry Challenge Week 4

Last week of the pantry challenge, coming right up!  Although my shopping habits didn’t change drastically this month, I’m so glad I cleaned out and took inventory of my freezers and pantries.  I’ve also made a few things I otherwise wouldn’t have thought of.  Apple syrup, apple butter, and tomato sauce (from the whole tomatoes I had frozen).  Note to self:  tomato sauce becomes tomato paste rather quickly; watch what you’re doing!

Another thing I’m grateful for is my first ever monthly menu.  Talk about handy!  It’s not a habit yet, and I still like to have “free reign” over last-minute decisions and using what I have, but I do think I’ll try to put together lots of recipe options at the beginning of each month to fall back on.  Do you do a monthly menu plan?

Here’s what we’ll eat to round out the month.

Breakfast rotation: eggs (fried/scrambled/omelets) with toast or muffins, pancakes, waffles, french toast, lazy granola, oatmeal with raisins, and the occasional bowl of cereal with bananas.  I also want to try sourdough pancakes and homemade donuts this week!

Lunch rotation: sandwiches (grilled cheese or pb&j), fresh fruit and veggies with dip, snack lunch tray, smoothies, and leftovers


I realize that’s more than 5 meals, but

  1. we don’t have school Friday so I’ll fix lunch for the whole family and
  2. I want lots of food for leftovers going into the weekend, because I’ll be busy getting ready for Blissdom!

Did you know that today, January 24, is National Compliment Day?  Who have you complimented today?

You can find more menu plans over at OrgJunkie.


  1. I love that you’re making donuts! I’ve never done them, bagels yes, but not donuts. Have fun at Blissdom! 🙂

  2. WooHoo, another monthly menu planner 🙂
    Thanks for the link love on the Tex Mex, hope you like it.

  3. I used to do monthly menu plans, but now I find that “2-week plans” seems to work best for me. I do the next 2-week plan when I start the second week of the current plan. Does that make sense at ALL? 😉 I’m a monthly grocery shopper (with mini fill-in trips for fresh produce and steals) and I find that if I try to plan too far out, I could run low on something.

    Have fun making donuts! The only time I did it, I burned myself so badly… they were delicious though. Hubby still talks about them…

  4. I did not know it was National Compliment Day. I stopped by to tell you thanks for reminding me about Swagbucks. Your post last week prompted me to start using the toolbar. Not sure why I had not used it before. Anyway, I am adding up the points, daily now. It is a good reminder to see the toolbar!!
    So, thanks. My compliment to you:
    You are a great blogger and always have great ideas and tips. Thanks!! So glad you are my blog friend!

  5. What a wonderful menu plan. I hope you guys enjoy the sticky chicken, we have it on our menu as well this week.

  6. Your homemade donuts sound really fun to make, I may have to try that! Have fun at Blissdom!

  7. I’ve seen the “sticky chicken” recipe on several blogs recently, might have to give it a try. I’ve done monthly meal plans for the past two months and love it. I do make some weekly changes periodically but so far so good. It helps me continue to eat from our pantry and stockpile. And no complains from the hubby yet 🙂

  8. You have such a GREAT blog. There, I fulfilled my Compliment Day requirement:-) Hee, hee, hee.

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