Menu Plan ~ Blizzard Edition

So.  Our forecast for the next couple of days is slightly troublesome…


Actually, as long as we still have power, it’s all good.  We’ve been praying for moisture for months.  Sometimes God answers prayers in the form of a blizzard, so we’re rolling with it!  (I do hate that it’s gonna mess up the surprise snow removal job that we came home to yesterday.  Thank you, mystery person with a skid-steer!  I owe you a pan of cinnamon rolls!)

Today?  We prepare, just in case we lose power.  I think we’re really pretty good to go, but I’ll be baking a batch of honey whole wheat bread and then stick a pan of homemade granola in the oven.  Just in case.  We’ve got plenty of salad fixins and fresh fruit to go with pb&j sandwiches, granola and yogurt, and cheese.  We won’t starve.  😉

If power remains and Plan A is in tact, this is it:

Sunday, February 24

  • oatmeal or granola parfaits before church
  • biscuits and gravy, fried eggs, clementines
  • leftovers, popcorn, snow ice cream maybe?

Weekday Breakfasts ~ eggs/toast, french toast, oatmeal, granola

***If we get snowed in again we’ll kick breakfast up a notch to a bigger brunch.  Then I just cook one other meal for that day.  Win!

streusel topped sweet potatoes from

Dinners this week:

And… snow ice cream.  🙂






  1. What is your snow ice cream recipe?

    • 1 can sweetened condensed milk and a splash of vanilla. Pour it over a gallon (ice cream bucket) full of snow. 🙂 I sometimes have to add a little regular milk. Are you buried?!

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