Menu Plan – Week of 10/10/10

It’s published!  Eighty apple recipes and counting.  I’d be happy to add yours; just leave it in the comments.


If our breakfast and lunch options look pretty much the same week to week, that’s because they are… and I like it that way!  While variety is the spice of life, predictability and simplicity create the glue that hold my crazy days together.  During the school year it’s just plain easier to go easy on breakfast and lunch.  Hopefully sometime soon I can carve out a few hours to make batches of pizza pockets, pigs in a blanket and brown bag burritos, but until those hours show themselves… it is what it is.



  • leftovers, pb&j, fresh fruit and veggies, cheese cubes, mini pizzas, hard boiled eggs, quesadillas


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  1. Patti Shannon says:

    Oh my gosh! I’m so glad you mentioned Lazy granola, because I made some last night, and completely forgot about it. It would have been terrible if it had stayed in there until I pre-heated the oven for something later today and burnt it to a crisp! I love that granola, plain or in yogurt.

  2. Great plan:-)

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