March Menu Plan

In less than 24 hours (hopefully!), Sherry and I will be finished with our very first Once a Month Cooking experience.  I’m all sorts of tired just thinking about the work ahead of us!  But… I’m also all sorts of relieved that many of my meals for March will be prepared in one fell swoop.  Ahhhhh.

Using our meals from the big cooking day (OAMC) and hoping for a few warm grilling breezes during March, here’s what we’ll be eating.


Lunch – sandwiches (pb&j, grilled cheese), leftovers, fresh fruit and veggies, pizza, quesadillas

Supper – Beef

Supper – Chicken/Turkey

Supper – Pork

Supper – Meatless

  • waffles, fried potatoes, scrambled eggs (Love breakfast for dinner!)
  • beans and rice with toppings and chips

Obviously, that doesn’t cover the whole month.  However, our OAMC efforts include doubling some recipes.  Plus, we’ve got Spring Break this month and I know my hubby will be gone to a couple of coaching clinics at some point, so 15 suppers for the month ought to be a good starting point.

Come on warm weather!  I’m ready to pull out the grill!

Visit OrgJunkie for plenty of menu inspiration.

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  1. Thanks for all the OAMC ideas! I’m starting my list to fill my freezer for #3s arrival in April and I’m always looking for new ideas.

  2. I wish I could do the once a month cooking but, we do not function well out of the freezer.

  3. Oh for a bigger freezer. our biggest issue is that we can’t fit a 9X 13 dish in. no matter how empty it is.
    I haven’t done the figuring to decide if having a deep freeze is worth it. And it would have to still besmall, just to fit down our stairs. After the new dryer incident of ’06, I have learned to check out things like width and length.

    • That would be hard! I don’t ever freeze a 9×13 size, though. We stick with 8×8 and 9×9, otherwise we end up eating too many leftovers.

  4. I really hoped to do this with along with you. Can’t do this for another week or so but I am excited to see how things went! And for eggrolls, I love it with fried rice & you can make it with brown rice too. It doesn’t hurt to have sauteed whole green beans or broccoli for a side dish.

  5. Jennifer Davis says:

    I know you can pre-make/cook casseroles but how does it work to do OAMC w/ soups? I have a deep freezer and would love to get into this!

    • The official suggestion is to freeze the soups in a gallon freezer bag. I freeze mine in ice cream buckets if it’s a large batch.

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