March Clutter Update

Redemption! After a slow start in January and a dismal February, I began to second-guess my very own challenge.  Thank goodness for a fresh start in March!

On March 6 I got an early start on the month, and took two boxes to our local(ish) consignment store.

  • 8 dresses (including the suit I wore to interview for my very first job right out of college… 13 years ago)
  • 21 pants/shirts
  • 4 pair shoes
  • 8 pants/shirts from hubby

After cleaning out the closets I was able to pitch 37 wire hangers, too!

Over spring break we cleaned out and painted our son’s room.  He helped me decide on a big tub of toys that could be put away in the basement for “later”, and even came up with a WalMart sack of toys he was willing to part with forever.  (Gotta start somewhere, right?)

Throughout the month I added items to the garage sale stash,  and this morning I marked and tallied everything.  While still far, far away from the amount of items I need to have ready to go on April 30 (garage sale, day 1) I’m sensing some progress!

Today I added

  • 6 tote bags
  • a cookbook (definitely need to weed down my cookbook selection some more)
  • 34 little toys
  • 16 toys/puzzles/games
  • 10 baby items 13 pillows and stuffed animals
  • a few other odds and ends.

Add that to my consignment store stash from the beginning of the month, and I’m up to 165 items for March! Ah, that feels good.

My monthly totals so far:

  • January – 51
  • February – 10
  • March – 165

A grand total of 226 fewer items cluttering my my home! Well on my way to a total of 2 items per day this year, or 730 items in 365 days.

Remember, you make your own rules! I’m not keeping track of what comes in my house this year; not stressing about ridding our home of a net 730 items.  I simply want to get rid of the things we don’t need, use, or love because other items of value (like an enormous box of beautiful hand-me-downs my 2yo was recently blessed with) continue to find their way into our home.  I want room for the good stuff!

How did you do in March?  Link up and share your progress.  Feeling behind?  No worries,  there’s plenty of time to catch up!

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  1. Thanks again Amy for such a great challenge!

    I’m really enjoying emptying out the old (old, old, very old) stuff that had been holding me back both emotionally (papers from uni which I’ve barely made a dent in thus far) and spatially (I’m reclaiming my study – yay!).

    Glad your little man is getting in on the decluttering action too.


  2. Hi Amy,
    I was wondering if we can join in the de-cluttering challenge late in the game?

  3. btw, that is Kim not Ki (I think I typed too fast) Blessings!

  4. Great job Amy! I am on a roll too. Hoping it continues in April. Thanks for hosting the challenge Amy- it is just what I needed this year!

  5. Okay, I am not sure what happened to the original comment…. but I was wondering if it is too late to join in on the de-cluttering challenge? Or can we just jump in now?
    Thanks again….

  6. I love this idea! I tried doing Flylady steps once but miserably failed. I got overwhelmed and wimped out. I can so get on board with this! I’m a late-comer but better late than never, right?

    I guess I can count what I got rid of last week, although I didn’t count individual items…I dropped off 2 bags of clothes to a thrift store, sold some at Once Upon a Child (plus 2 large toys), and donated a 1/2 car trunkload to my MIL’s church for a rummage sale. I also threw out a drawer full of expired coupons. Can’t wait to get rid of more!

    I’ll say that was around 35 items. Now, I’m going to load up the boxes full of books in my van right now. 🙂

  7. Thank you for hosting this! It has been a great challenge, and I can see all the great strides in decluttering already! 😀 It has been an inspiration!

  8. Thanks for the motivation to keep at accumulating things for a garage sale. We started a stash last summer, but never had the sale. Now I must press onward. By the way, I started a blog today and would welcome any advice you have on getting it posted different places or read. This is a new world to me. I have read blogs for some time, but have finally ventured into the other side!

    • Congrats on the new blog! I would definitely seek out weekly blog memes (Menu Plan Monday, Do it Yourself, Works for Me Wednesday, Frugal Friday, etc.) and participate as much as possible. Try to be one of the first to link up, and lots of people will visit your link. 🙂 Also, comment on lots of blogs. Get involved with twitter and facebook. Promote others. It all works together. Good luck!

  9. WTG, Amy! Thanks for this great challenge. It’s been very motivating to me!

    158 things found their way out of my house during March, bringing my YTD total to 892.

  10. My March has been like your February! I somehow managed to only get rid of 14 items! (And of course there has been an influx of baby items…but like you said, I’m not keeping track of what comes in!) Hopefully my nesting during these next few days will allow me to get my April numbers up…we’ll see!! 🙂

  11. “. . . room for the good stuff.” I came across your challenge in January and it’s only now that it’s really hitting home. In the past two months we made the final decision to live in our “smaller” house for the long term, rather than in debt ourselves 100K more just for more space. We are going to appreciate the home we have and make it even better–get rid of the stuff so we have “room for the good stuff” and our little home feels larger. It is everything we could need for our family. Thanks for encouraging by example;)

    • So excited for you, Jen! We’re learning every day to appreciate the smallish home we have. I’m just glad I only have to clean one bathroom. 😉

  12. Great job, Amy! Thanks so much for this challenge. I just posted my March totals and I am at 821! It feels great.

  13. Great month for you and me both 🙂 I am so happy you created this declutter project because I really needed it…


  14. Great moving all that stuff.. Just one tip.. Keep a couple of the wire hangers.. they are great for repairs.. we had to fix our patio unbrella last summer.. and needed just a small piece of thick wire to re-wire the top together.. and I had a bear of a time finding a wire hanger. Amazing isn’t it?

    Sue in NJ

    • Pretty sure my hubby has a “stash” in the garage. He tends to cling to a few things like that that he knows I will pitch. 😉

  15. Wow! I keep telling myself I need to de clutter… this totally motivated me. I’ll be back to post my household weightloss 🙂

  16. Keep up the good work!

  17. Amy-

    could you link me please? I cannot seem to make it work 🙁


  18. You’re doing great Amy! Unfortunately March was a fail for me. I was on a roll and kind of lost my momentum. But, I’m ready to ge rid of more for April.

  19. I almost forgot about it this month! Thank goodness we decided to surprise our son with a room makeover (sound’s like you had a similar idea, Amy!). He had things that hadn’t seen the light of day for years. 🙂

    Thanks, Amy for this challenge!

  20. I didn’t start until February, so I have to catch up–plus I’m trying to do 3 items per day! It’s going to be a challenge, but I know it’ll really pay off when we move at the end of the year! Thanks for the motivation!


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